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    Sunday, March 26, 2006

    Dave Stephens

    Dave Stephens is just the kind of artist that fits perfectly into our radio show. He would fit nicely on anyone's stereo. This Canadian artist struck us as an artist who falls into the Emitt Rhodes school of pop. We don't like to compare one artist to another and although he does't actually sound like Emitt Rhodes or Paul McCartney or Ali Thomson for that matter - either way - Dave Stephens is the real deal. His songs are infectious!

    Watching him perform is like seeing either Jeff Lynne or Arlo Guthrie singing with a higher voice that results in your toes tapping and legs shaking to an irrestible beat. It's not the best analogy but his music is the "bees knees". Listen for yourself:

    Dave Stephens Official Website -

    Dave Stephens on MySpace

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    Saturday, March 25, 2006

    Colin Blunstone - One Year...over ten years

    Paula Kelley in a grateful mood:

    One year...over ten years

    It's funny how things happen and you don't realize their significance until years later. I'm in again on a Saturday night working on a string quartet arrangement. I'm not at all bitter about it, frankly I'd rather be in my cozy apartment listening to great music for inspiration or creating something new to put into the world than just about anything else. Working on a Saturday night's great because everyone else is out doing something and it's likely you'll be distraction-free. (except for god damn MySpace. It's always looming...check my on meeeeeee....) Anyway. About ten (or so) years ago when I lived in Boston and was in the Drop Nineteens, I was hanging around Mystery Train records. I'm not sure if it's still there- the Newbury street location, that is. My friend Dave Gibbs worked there and I would stop by often to get edumacated. He'd show me all these wonderful obscure records I'd never listen to if I didn't know. There was one instance in which I snottily started making fun of what I thought was a silly band name/album cover (God, what was it??) and Dave was like, "Actually, that's a great record, it has blah blah on it and blah blah blah...

    I think it was that very day, he shoved a record at me- it didn't have it's original sleeve- just plastic covering the white inner sleeve. (Nothing for me to snot at!) I asked what it was and he said "Just listen to it. It's great."

    Turns out is was "One Year," a solo record by Colin Blunstone, the lead singer from the Zombies. At that time in my life I had been exposed to the genius that is Odyssey and Oracle, so I was most interested. Upon first listen, though, it seemed a little strange to me. I shelved it for a while. A few months later at a party I asked the host what the music was, "it's fabulous!" It was, in fact, One Year.
    Damn! I went back home and listened to it immediately. Fucking brilliant. "Caroline Goodbye" is prefect. If you're on the verge of tears it will render you a veritable Angel Falls. I still thought some of the tunes were a little strange- the strings were dissonant at times and I wasn't used to that. But still, the more "band-like" numbers really did it for me.

    Now, more years later still, as I mentioned, I am working on an arrangement. I was stuck for inspiration. My draft was okay, but lacking...oh...the je ne c'est qois. I need it to be different sounding, dissonant, but still palatable.

    Now, when Aaron and I moved to LA we put almost our entire music collection on our hard drive and left the physical records and CDs in various relatives' basements. The only collection we didn't completely get into the digital realm were some of the LPs. One Year included. I felt I just HAD to listen to it NOW. When Aaron was on tour and passed through Boston, he grabbed some records to bring back. (Oh please oh please oh pleaseplease ohplease)I dug through the stack of records like a freakin' prarie dog and...le voiila! There it was, thank FUCK! I put it on and nearly cried, it's so perfect. The arrangements are brilliant. I'm not sure who did them- Tony Visconti, maybe? But he gets so much out of a quartet, really rich chords, dissonance that isn't just meant to be jarring. GOD it's GORGEOUS!

    So...this has happened to me before. Sometimes you're just not ready for a record. It took me a couple years to think "Exile on Main Street" was a masterpiece. Sloan's "One Chord to Another" also took years to grow on me.

    What I really need to say, though, is, Thank you, Dave.
    This record has been a significant part of my life. A tiny thing you did really impacted me.

    Posted by Paula Kelley.

    Paula's music is always gracing our playlist so be sure to check out the latest release "Some Sucker's Life, Part 1" from The Paula Kelley Orchestra. The single "Burnin' For You" is available exclusively on iTunes, featuring two more rare Paula tracks not available on the CD!

    Friday, March 24, 2006

    “I’ve got a dog like Lassie!”

    We had a chance to have Starr Saunders from The Starr Saunders Project as a guest on the show. It was a fun interview and below is an entry in her journal from her official website where she always features an MP3 download every month.

    “I’ve got a dog like Lassie!” 9/23/05

    I just got done checking my voicemail and all I have to say is my friends make me laugh! I really am surrounded by just good people! last night after practice at 10:30pm I had a last minute radio Interview with a station in Hawaii (Wild 105.5FM/The Time Machine). It was a blast! The guys (Sandy, Blake, and Eric...our new bass player...bios coming soon!) and I were all at Aaron’s studio (Aaron our drummer) around the phone; it was about a 15 minute interview and they played three of our songs in between (“This Is Not My Time,” “Pedestals,” and “I Could Ruin You”)...well, I have to say the funniest and “stand-out” moment of the interview was when Michael McCartney (the DJ) was asking me about how long music has been in my life...etc...and I told him how one of the first songs I wrote was called “I’ve Got a Dog Like Lassie” when I was in the second grade...(I had a Sheltie when I was little...her name was Jamie and she looked like probably got that know, actually I remember there were episodes on Nick at Nite of Lassie that used to make me cry....maybe I shouldn’t admit that:)...anyway.....)....well....he then asked me to sing it! ... It was hilarious!!! It was like the R&B rendition and the guys couldn’t stop laughing at me!

    The radio station is going to send me a copy of the interview and I will see if I can make it available for download on the know you are excited! :)...Oh, and we are actually going to have another interview with the station next month when our new CD comes out...I don’t want to even know what I will end up singing on the radio for that interview. (Maybe I could do a Jem and the Holograms cover?:) )

    Well that’s it for now guys! Looking forward to the Long Beach Hurricane Katrina Benefit this weekend! Sending you guys so much love and I hope everyone is doing awesome!

    Hugs, love and candy corn (Halloween season always get me hooked on those things!!!)

    “OK, so what’s the speed of dark?”

    The Starr Saunders Project

    The Starr Saunders Project on My Space Music

    Music can be purchased at:

    The Starr Saunders Project on CD Baby

    Apple's iTunes



    April 14, 2005 12:57 PM


    Can I trade places with you? You lucky, lucky man. :-)


    April 16, 2005 10:09 PM

    At first, I thought this was some sort of strange photoshopped picture. (blame it on the fact that I ALWAYS have adobe photoshop, illustrator and indesign open). Then, I realized that it was just the Fantasy Twins. :) Looks like you had fun!


    April 18, 2005 4:24 PM

    Funny pix!!!! hehehe...
    We had so much fun at Maui with you and eveyone!!!

    Thank you so much for having us at your radio station!!! That was so so nice of you all!!! You've played our songs almost every 30 minutes!!! Waoooooo@@@@!!

    I want to go back to Maui!!! I wanted to stay a little longerrrrrrrr!! !! !! !! !! !!

    I love your station!!
    And I can't wait to perform at Maui!!!

    lots kiss and hugs from L.A.,

    Sasha the Infamous™

    April 18, 2005 4:25 PM

    Look at you, you little stud you... Those girls are hot... wish I were back on Maui!


    April 18, 2005 4:25 PM

    Mike is sandwiched between two hot girls...lucky man!

    The Fantasy Twins

    April 18, 2005 11:24 PM

    Uahahahhaha!! You have not seen all of it!! We took many funny pictures!! It was amazing how we heard our music on your station all through out the day.. THANK YOU!!!


    April 19, 2005 2:02 AM

    That's hot!!! Wish I could have been there to meet the girls and have dinner... Maybe next time... Hey, who's the guy in the pic? lol... Great pic Mike. :)


    May 12, 2005 5:17 PM

    HEY MIKE!!! You're one lucky guy, TWINS!!!

    The Starr Saunders Project

    September 23, 2005 4:39 PM

    We want YOU! ....

    Just Megan

    October 23, 2005 10:00 PM

    Charlie's Angels? The NEWEST version?!


    Pop Slavery

    October 26, 2005 8:38 PM

    Once again, it's a dirty job but Michael's got to do it. By the way, your hair looks great in this picture.

    Sabrina Taylor

    November 11, 2005 1:44 AM

    This pic is HOT!


    December 1, 2005 1:53 PM

    Can we be the one in between the twins? Oh, you liked it didn't you? Ha ha.

    Alisa Apps

    January 30, 2006 8:44 PM

    You lucky guy you!!


    February 1, 2006 6:15 AM

    He did it! He killed Laura Palmer!

    "Don't you know who I am?" - RYAN's private radio joke.


    January 1, 2006 4:24 PM

    OMG!!! I know who you are!!! You're Ryan P.!!!

    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    THE TIME MACHINE's MIKE MANTEL met a former Soviet Spetznaz / Hind Pilot tonight and more...

    This story is a once in a lifetime event. My brother opened a nightclub last month and I help him out whenever I can.

    Tonight I was hanging out and a couple came in and sat at the bar.

    They seemed very nice and we started talking. Come to find out, they are from the former Soviet Union, now living in SanFran.

    Our conversation led to the cold war and the husband and I told each other we were in the military.

    I told him I was Special Forces, and he told me he was Spetznaz and he flew Hind D gunships.

    This almost made me leap for joy since I am a HUGE Hind D afficianado.

    I told of my face to face meeting with a Hind D on the Honduras / Nicaraguan border back in 1986 and how the pilot (Soviet) inched his way just feet above the ground towards our patrol moving his nose gun towards us at the same time, and just about when we all expected to be blown away, the pilot gave us a thumbs up and took off......

    He then said he heard of that story and knew the pilot who did it!!!!!!!! He too was stationed in Nicaragua training the Sandinistas and readying the entire region for a Soviet invasion. He said he and the pilot talked about the incident over beers that evening, wondering what would have happened if he would have fired his nose gun at us. He said they laughed that it would have probably caused WWIII!

    Talk about a coincidence. What are the chances of something like this happening?

    We then talked for hours and shared several drinks together. We talked about what we thought of each other and how we were lied to. In fact, he used to believe that Americans were blood thirsty cowboys that carried guns everywhere and killed at will. He also thought everyone was poor and stood in food lines. He said it wasn't until he migrated to the US and saw footage of the depression that made him realize that his government used depression era footage to psyop the Soviet population!! Amazing.

    He said he used to have to listen to American pilot radio communication and he had to record everything they said. One night he said two US Pilots were talking about eating McDonald french fries before they flew and for some reason, he said he keyed his mic and said "F**K!" because he was cold, hungry and wanted to try something from McDonalds!!

    He said he was pulled from duty, then humiliated in front of his company, then put in solitary confinement for 10 days just for saying "F**K" to the Americans and breaking radio silence!

    He said when he uttered the word, one of the pilots said "Who the hell was that"?!!!

    What blew me away was his comments about the late President Reagan. He said that if it weren't for President Reagan, the Soviet Union would have taken over the entire region of Central and South America. He and his wife thought that President Reagan was one of the greatest human beings of all time. President Reagan helped them realize the evils of Communism and embrace freedom American style.

    He also said some other things and the comments were quite amazing, considering who they were coming from.

    Anyway. It was a most amazing night. Two former enemies, coming together in friendship.

    Amazing how a few individuals can tell entire countries who to hate.

    The Time Machine's Mike Mantel posted this on August 25th, 2004.

    Wednesday, March 22, 2006

    Tutorial helps iTunes users save favorite internet radio stations easily.

    From a posting at MacObserver: "iTunes has a large selection of Internet-based radio stations that you can listen to, but what if your favorite isn't on the list? No problem: As long as you know what the URL is for the radio station's MP3 streaming content, just add it yourself.

    "Here's how:

    • While iTunes is running, choose Advanced > Open Stream.

    • Enter the URL for the Internet radio station's stream in the Open Stream window's URL field.

    • Click the OK button.

    "iTunes automatically adds the radio station to your Library, so you can listen to it any time you like by Double-Clicking the station's name."

    Read the entire posting at the MacObserver.


    Image Hosted by

    THE TIME MACHINE is a radio program that uses a nonsense name as an excuse in order to play music from all over the musical spectrum. The show plays a lot of new stuff in addition to covering over 70 years of POP sounds.

    THE TIME MACHINE crew has been made up of all sorts of talented individuals who bring a lot to the table. The show kicked off with tremendous success at Maui's KLHI FM 101. It moved to "Maui's Rock" KMVI 98.3 FM before ending up as the morning show at WILD 105 - KPMW 105.5 FM. The show continued later in the day at "Maui's Heartbeat" KONI 104.7 FM in the afternoons. If that isn't enough - PUBLIC RADIO listeners have been dealt a blow on Saturday afternoons as the show goes nuts with no commercial interests driving the flow of music.

    At the forefront is host Michael McCartney, who in addition to offering offbeat humor alongside the music, hands over the microphone to many talented musical artists, actors and authors.

    I guess that this is where I come in and introduce myself. Aloha. I'm Michael and since the rest of the crew claim that I need to be online more often, here I am. As this site gets going...I'll be sure to cover the entire Time Machine Crew - past and present.

    Here's the current air schedule:


    Monday thru Friday 7 PM to 10 PM

    Tues thru Thurs ** 2 AM to 3 AM **we all need to unwind for an hour**

    Saturday 10 PM to 3 AM

    Sunday 4 PM to 3 AM

    Image Hosted by

    KONI 104.7 FM

    Monday thru Friday 2 PM to 7 PM

    Saturday 9 AM to 2 PM

    Sunday 2 PM to 6 PM


    Saturday 2 PM to 5 PM

    In addition to Maui's broadcasting facilities - check out the afternoon drive show on HITS 99.9 FM KTOH on the island of Kauai - MON-FRI 2PM to 7PM.

    Image Hosted by

    It's very humbling that both KEAO and KONI came in number one in the ratings for our little rinky dink afternoon radio show. There's nowhere else to go but down. Thanks for putting up with us the last few years. Remember that we don't intend to offend but merely entertain and inform...feel free to change the dial when bored but remember to check back every so often. There's always some song that will reach you emotionally at some level.

    Image Hosted by


    The above photograph is from the final days of WNBC in New York. The same station in the eighties that brought us; DON IMUS in the morning, SOUPY SALES in the middays, HOWARD STERN in the afternoons, WOLFMAN JACK in the evenings and JOEY REYNOLDS overnights, gave us a wonderful show on the weekends that looked back with fondness and the mania of what a radio show sounded like back in the sixties. At the controls from left to right were JACK SCOTT, JIM COLLINS, DAN TAYLOR, JAY SORENSON and DALE PARSONS.

    When WNBC was sold and the format changed, DALE PARSONS found himself married and owning a radio station on the island of Maui. Quite a change from the largest radio market in America with the country's most powerful forces behind the microphone. This is where we come in. DALE AND GINNY PARSONS placed the show in all of it's glory on the weekends at KLHI 101.1 FM. THE TIME MACHINE was very much the same as its east coast counterpart with the addition of the great sounds of "The Hit Parade" of the fifties tossed in for flavor. Michael McCartney was brought on board and had the time of his life. With instinctual musical gusto and offbeat humor mixed with callers on the air...Michael lost all abandon.

    Always comfortable at any format, there was something very magical about this station run by the Parsons. It may have been that it was really only five minutes from home that appealed to Michael McCartney but that would be too easy an answer.

    This is were it all began. It wouldn't have been possible without DALE PARSONS and KMVI's PAUL DOUGLAS who actually let Michael McCartney work at two different radio stations at the same time. Two different companies competing against each other for the almighty sales dollar. This may be common in today's government deregulated airwaves where several radio stations in a single market are all under one roof and air talent are often expected to be on more than one station. Back then, this was a pretty big deal and for this reason, THE TIME MACHINE CREW will always be grateful to both of these men.

    As time passed, scenarios changed, THE TIME MACHINE found itself expanding it's parameters of the radio show. It's influence began with an oldies feel but became this monster that played everything under the sun. We took advantage of the concept of musical time travel and played music from several decades including the present. It didn't matter if it was Hard Rock or Big Band. The comedy elements were always there but the guests on the program took the show to another level. It was like non commercial radio in a commercial setting and it was a morning show! Formats went out the door. Most professional programmers would not let this sort of thing happen. It is often referred to as "bad radio". How could it "bad" when it "felt so good"?

    KPMW WILD 105.5 FM made it so easy. No one imagined that you could have this much fun. Again, just like DALE PARSONS from KLHI and PAUL DOUGLAS from KMVI earlier, KPMW's CECILLE and REY PIROS had no problem sharing the show with KONI 104.7 FM owner IVAN DIXON. Mornings and afternoons? Two different stations with two different formats. Film and television director IVAN DIXON (and a great actor to boot) was very supportive in all aspects of such a program on his radio station. Toss in the wonderful world of MANA'O RADIO at KEAO and the menage a troi has been set in motion. Can someone turn out the lights? This is a lot of work.

    None of this could have happened without these wonderful people. There are so many other supportive people that need to be acknowledged. As this site grows, we will do everything we can to recognize those at the forefront and behind the scenes. If you were missed please email us. Mahalo nui loa.

    Still one of the finest screen kisses in the history of cinema.

    The Skies of America

    Mar 23, 2006 8:46 AM

    I actually had a crush on Zira way back isolated lad I was!

    The Time Machine

    Mar 23, 2006 3:42 PM

    Oh my did too? Here I was thinking that I had some serious issues and lo and behold, I find out that I wasn't alone. You can almost understand how ticked off Cornelius must have felt watching this moment unfold right before him on the beach.

    WILD 105.5 FM

    March 24, 2006 9:51 PM


    This Nails Us

    Which motion picture character portrayed by John Cusak is THE TIME MACHINE?



    Posted by Andrew Gold on October 11, 2004 at 22:57:18:

    I know this is a bit off topic...but i thought you may be interested to read what i wrote to Brian Wilson re: the recent release of SMILE, the long lost masterpiece of the 60's.


    Dear Brian (and Van Dyke)-

    You and I have met a few times, briefly, but I doubt you'd remember as both times it was very brief. Van Dyke will know me. I am a singer songwriter etc etc..and has some success in the 70's and 80's as an artist (lonely boy, thank you for being a friend, etc) and am still working as an artist, and as a producer, and am a pretty creative guy. I am also a very good friend of Jeff, Nelson and Probyn, Brad Gilderman and Mark Linnet, and in fact, when Jeff and the lads are not playing in your band, they often play in my band when I do 60's homages, especially for Byrds songs. I also did most of the background vocals and scratch vocals for you with Don Was on your "Just Wasn't Made For These Times" special, and you and I even sang together, though not at the same time, on a Ringo album Don and Peter Asher produced. I was also Linda Ronstadt's bandleader/arranger for much of the 70's (along with others in the give them proper credit. I also had a band, WAX, with Graham Gouldman in the 80's (he of "bus stop", "for your love" and 10cc fame.) I even was the voice of Alvin in the chipmunks on a few albums. (For more about me, go to

    From the sixties on, my favorite groups were The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and The Byrds. I also have a strong affinity for high harmony singers such as yourself, Paul M, David Crosby, Art Garfunkel...etc...I come from a very musical background. Mother is Marni Nixon, who did many famous movie voices way back when (Natalie Wood's voice- West Side Story; Audrey Hepburn, My Fair Lady etc...and my Dad, Ernest Gold, won an academy award for his score to Exodus. I am self taught, cannot read music, but could write a symphony...not that it would be as good as any serious composer I love, like Debussy, Chopin, Gershwin or Bach,,,,but just to brag about my musical talent to give the following compliments as much weight as possible.

    I just bought and listened to SMILE and I felt a need to send you a message of some sort. It's not just that I loved this new recording and completed at last SMILE (I adore it, more than you may ever know). It's something more, and I will try, as briefly as possible, to impart my intense experience and thoughts about it's place in pop music or any music, really), and why it means so much to the world of music, and I shall partial guess what it probably means to you personally.).

    I have been enough of a fan of the Beach Boys, and, of course, you in particular for so many years, I'm quite aware of your life, and actually suffer some of the same type anguish and pain your depressions have made you endure over the years. I am often very happy, and I do not have auditory hallucinations or hear voices (except sometimes my ex-wife and accountant yelling at me, but, alas, those are real... usually, ha), but I do have SOME idea of what you must go through, if may be so ridiculously bold as to say such an audacious thing.

    What makes this new recording all the more astounding is that it must have been something that has been a seriously crushing pressure on you for years, both too negative AND too intensely positive, and must have unpleasant memories attached no doubt, as well that period being an astonishing creative period for you, what with Pet Sounds and all preceding it. The Beach Boys not being that supportive of you and poor Van Dyke; The record companies; The myth itself of this long lost album; whatever your marital state was, your fears and worries. Your father. Life must've seemed like a huge mountain before you when you woke up each morning, I imagine. I know the feeling. But it's bad enough feeling weak and scared, alone, yet afraid of people, feelings AND having all the expectations heaped on you everyday...My God.

    Judging from the showtime special, the first few days of rehearsing must've been particularly tough. What if it isn't as good as everyone expects? All that stuff and more. Drug memories, confusion and the downside of being creative and bright. All of these things can be tough if you are gifted. Comes with the territory I believe.

    Anyway, the album is simply remarkable. Just nothing short of being, I believe, one of the best, like, 3 albums in pop history. And the attention to musical and sonic detail, with your remarkable band is simply the most wonderful surprise in recent memory for me. I bought the album 2 days ago and have heard it now 8 times all the way through. (I must admit, I felt highly jealous and left out, thinking about Jeff and Probyn et all being in your band- I would give up so much to be in your band and play THAT music..( Ask Jeff....he knows how i feel, and what I can do...if you ever need a replacement.

    I hope to God you find that doing this album puts to rest some old demons and that you can have more days when you feel carefree and relaxed..that "safe at home feeling" because of summoning the strength and resolve to make this happen. I know exactly what Paul means. The music makes me cry. Even the happy music...For Joy, For Pain, For Life.

    Hopefully without sounding too stupid or cloying or anything, I have to say I basically just love you. You have made my and SO many others in the world happy, all the while being tortured by aspects of your life. It's it's purest form to do such a thing...and you may feel, at times, weak...not strong enough, but in fact, all this over achievement, deserve peace of mind, and if I could wave a magic wand, I would give it to you. Your music is so beautiful. So warm, so interesting, and so...well...musical. You TRULY are like a modern day pop Bach.

    That's all I want to say. Simply to thank you from the bottom of heart for the magic you've given us. I've even heard much of this stuff. from various Beach Boy/ Brian fans and all the collector people, sweet though they are...but STILL....the sequencing and recording...the beautiful complexity...the eloquent simplicity...yet, the classical brilliance to beyond compare to anything in the current music scene. I can't even begin to impart the grandeur of how impressed I am, ESPECIALLY in this age, at our ages, and with so many personal and intimate obstacles you must have come across.

    You really did it, and I thank you, thank you thank you.

    PLEASE, if you ever need an extra guy in your band, or a replacement, think of me. I can sing like you, Mike, Carl...even can sing high or very low, pretty damn in tune too...and play pretty much any instrument you can throw at me, keys, bass, drums, and guitar. And, I am generally an affable and funny man. So....

    THANK you for SMILE. You may now rest on your laurels if you'd like, lol. My sincere congratulations. Please enjoy the rest of your life now! Give your wife a hello. We met at an auction thing in Benedict canyon that Jeff Foskett presided over a few months ago. She was very nice.

    Andrew Gold

    PS. Wait, did I tell you I liked the CD? lol

    Here's another view of the musical experience that we call "Smile" posted by musician and guitar builder Mike Conklin on November 16th, 2004:

    Guess what? I'm obsessing! It's wonderful!

    I have, over the years, been casually aquanited with
    the legend of Brian
    Wilson's "Smile". The lamentation and wailing about
    the masterpiece that
    never was. The "American Sgt. Pepper". Etc.

    I just really didn't get it.

    First off, to me the Beach Boys were no Beatles.
    There was no comparison.
    Sure, they both had this foundation of infectious pop
    that propelled them
    into the heart and minds of anybody with a sense of
    music, but the Beatles
    progressed and took pop music to a new art form that
    few have managed to
    even come close to.

    They (the Van Pattens?) said "Well, look to 'Pet
    Sounds' as proof that the
    Beach Boys (Wilson) were every bit the equal artists".
    Frankly, I did and I
    still didn't get it. I listened to Pet Sounds a dozen
    times or so and it
    just didn't sink in.

    Then I read about Wilson resurrecting the myth and
    sure enough he did.
    Well, I HAD to buy it because that's what geeks like
    me do. I had to see
    what the hub bub was about. I didn't expect much
    because of my inability to
    catch on to Pet Sounds. And, to be frank, the first
    few listens of SMiLE
    left me nearly in the same state, but there was enough
    hook there to keep me
    listening. And then it all sunk in and NOW I can't
    get the damn thing out
    of my head.

    I think SMiLE is a real gift from Wilson to the world.
    Knowledgables seem
    to agree, for the most part, not that that matters,
    but they've been
    thinking about it much longer than I have. For me,
    I'm not sure if it's the
    music alone or the accompanying knowledge of the whole
    40 year SMiLE saga.
    I mean, if it had been released as just another record
    from Brian Wilson,
    without the fanfare and myth and lore, would I feel
    the same? I truly don't
    know, but I do know that it is one of the most
    beautiful pieces I've ever

    NOW I am obsessed as I find that there have been many
    attempts over the past
    40 years where fans and/or industry insiders tried to
    finish Wilson's work
    for him. There is "Smiley Smile", which I have
    purchased, the 30 year box
    set which has many pieces of the puzzle (which I
    likely will purchase) and
    now I find that there are volumes of bootlegs.
    Complete with the original
    artwork designed for the album that never was, etc.

    Now, besides wanting to know how this whole thing has
    impacted you (if at
    all, but I find that hard to imagine) I wanted to know
    if you have a good
    source for bootlegs and rarities. A good website that
    specializes in the
    rare and hard to find? I'm particularly interested in
    the Vigotone and Luna
    Records bootlegs as they seem to be the most
    painstakingly compiled. I just
    find it fascinating to hear the original versions.
    The weird thing is I'm
    doing it completely backwards! The true BB fans knew
    all of the modular
    pieces that were destined for SMiLE, and then they
    were able to compare what
    SMiLE was to them with Wilson's completed project. I,
    on the other hand,
    heard SMiLE in the complete, "authorized" version
    first and now am digging
    in the attic for the pieces that floated around for
    nearly 40 years. God, I
    love music when it takes hold of you like this!

    Mike Conklin

    Artist Too Slim from Too Slim and the Taildraggers with Mike Conklin who built Too Slim's latest guitar.

    ***Feel free to drop us a line if you know where we can send Mike to find the bootlegs that will piece his musical puzzle together.

    The address:

    Tuesday, March 21, 2006

    The Bangles Give The Time Machine An Online Plug

    Monday, March 20, 2006


    Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs' new album "Under The Covers" hits stores this April, but you can be first to hear tracks from it online at the Time Machine Radio streaming at THE TIME MACHINE RADIO.

    The Time Machine also plays great Bangles tracks, so tune in and don't miss out !

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to "The Best And The Worst Of The Time Machine"

    You can learn more about The Time Machine on their MySpace website at:

    Lady And The Tramp

    The most romantic scene in the history of American cinema.


    March 14, 2006 9:02 PM

    aw. i agree. :) they just re-released this DVD.

    i would buy all new DVD disney classics if i didn't have such a huge VHS collection. i heart disney movies!

    The Time Machine

    3/14/2006 9:06 PM

    Yeah...I am surrounded by a lifetime of VHS so I know exactly how you feel. I even had the new one in my hand the other night and asked myself, "Do I pay for it again when I already have it?"


    May 5, 2006 5:41 PM

    You just happened to choose my absolute favorite Disney movie of all time! I love Lady. :)

    Lisa Mychols

    May 6, 2006 12:14 PM
    Oh yes! And in 102 Dalmations they show this very's soooo cute! :)


    Jasmine Trias
    Last Updated:Nov 20, 2005


    Thanks to Michael McCartney & The Time Machine and Wild 105.5 FM KPMW


    We had such a blast with you hanging out on the air with us that we decided to have a non stop JASMINE TRIAS MARATHON for the next three days to let anyone who wants to check out your two interviews with JAY J and MICHAEL McCARTNEY on THE TIME MACHINE on both WILD 105.5 FM KPMW and KEAO FM MANA'O RADIO by clicking the link below:

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to "The Best And The Worst Of The Time Machine"

    Much Love And Aloha,

    Jay J, Jenny, Michael and Summer

    ---Jazzified Street Team Staff

    The Time Machine

    We've been getting so many hits online to listen to Jasmine's two interviews with us that we will be rebroadcasting both segments for the whole week! Thanks for the support! Enjoy!

    Posted by The Time Machine on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 at 4:33 PM

    It Figures

    Your 2005 Song Is

    Since You've Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

    "But since you've been gone

    I can breathe for the first time

    I'm so moving on"

    In 2005, you moved on.

    JASMINE TRIAS celebrates her debut album release

    JASMINE TRIAS celebrates her debut album release

    Recording artist Jasmine Trias stopped by this past Aloha Friday and on Saturday afternoon to "talk story" as we say in Hawaii. It was her first time on Maui and she was enjoying her "neighbor island time" with her mom and sister who hung out with us in the studio. Her album was released this past summer and we got to visit with her during her west coast trip in Las Vegas. Jasmine is a very genuine person and a fine singer who is still very humbled by her exposure from Fox's "American Idol".

    Look for her to play opposite Hilary Duff in an upcoming film about a band. She will be portraying a drummer. She's practicing with her sticks and the film is scheduled to start shooting next Spring.

    Feel free to check out the link below to listen to "The Best And The Worst Of The Time Machine". In addition to music we have some of our guest interviews plus a few extras to share with you online 24/7. The link is below. Enjoy.

    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to "The Best And The Worst Of The Time Machine"