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    Wednesday, November 12, 2008

    Evie Sands Interview on The Time Machine

    Singer-songwriter Evie Sands was a guest on The Time Machine. The talented artist shared her thoughts on her music with our radio audience. From her early days to the present, with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band, Evie's songs have been a part of our playlists and our lives. It was an honor to have her on the air.

    Other artists heard on this Maui FM aircheck include: Linda Ronstadt, Adam Marsland's Chaos Band and The Hollies.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck for Evie Sands' interview

    Evie Sands on MySpace Music

    "Take Me For A Little While" from Evie Sands

    "Anyway That You Want Me" from Evie Sands

    "I Can't Let Go" from Evie Sands

    Evie Sands on "The Johnny Cash Show" (1969)

    "Picture Me Gone" from Evie Sands (1999)

    "Don't Look Back (Don't Look Down)" from Evie Sands with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band

    Just when you can't get enough of "Don't Look Back (Don't Look Down)" from Evie Sands with Adam Marsland's Chaos Band - here's another live performance from the Maui Sugar Mill

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    At 3:58 PM, Blogger B_4 said...

    Thank You SO much for the Evie Sands awesome interview and for collecting all these Evie Sands vids in one place...You guys ROCK!

    Evie is SO amazing!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year--Lets hope for lots of NEW Evie in 2009

    At 4:00 PM, Blogger B_4 said...

    Thank you SO much for the Evie Sands interview...I loved it!
    And another thank you for harvesting all these ES vids here in one place!

    Evie is amazing!

    Let's hope for some new Evie tunes in 2009!


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