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    Monday, October 27, 2008

    Mike Viola Interview on The Time Machine

    Singer-songwriter Mike Viola was a guest on The Time Machine last week. Mike's music has long been on our playlists since the nineties. From his own Candy Butchers to film soundtrack work on "That Thing You Do!" and "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" to his involvement with L.E.O. and The Major Labels, Viola has continued to win our audience over with catchy melodies and killer hooks.

    Mike's emotive voice on albums under his own name continues that tradition. His recent album "Lurch" released in late 2007 is an album that needs to be in the collection of every music lover. Outside of his recent work with Bleu and Ducky Carlisle as the rocking trio The Major Labels this year, Mike recently produced and arranged the third album from Kelly Jones titled "SheBANG!", which saw a September release and has filled our airwaves with songs that are simply pure pop bliss. Adam Schlesinger from Ivy and Fountains Of Wayne also co-wrote a song with Kelly for the album. Along with her original songs and a batch of songs written with Mike Viola, this album is already getting some heavy airplay here on the Maui airwaves. The album clocks in at just under 28 minutes and all ten songs are fantastic. So catchy and melodic as if early eighties Marshall Crenshaw and The Bangles decided to work together might give you an idea of what this album full of pop gems sounds like. The album "SheBANG!" can be found at CD Baby and will most likely be one of our most played albums on the air this year joining releases from Rachael Yamagata, The Pretenders, She & Him, Rick Springfield, Randy Newman and of course - The Major Labels.

    Since Kelly Jones was a guest on The Time Machine a few weeks ago, it only made sense that we finally get a chance to have Mike Viola on the FM dial to discuss his music, his thoughts and life. He also shared some exciting news about our most played artist from last year with radio host Michael McCartney. He has composed some songs with fellow singer-songwriter Mandy Moore and will be producing her next album in a couple of weeks.

    Other artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM broadcast include; The Major Labels, The Bangles, The Candy Butchers and Kelly Jones.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck for The Time Machine interview with Mike Viola

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    At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Michael McCartney has the BEST interviews in radio history!! The interview with Mike Viola was especially entertaining. Thanks for always doing a great job.


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