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    Thursday, September 11, 2008

    Kristin Hoffmann - "29" - Countdown To 30 - Thirty Songs In Thirty Days - 29 Days To 30

    We are into DAY #2 of singer-songwriter Kristin Hoffman's "Countdown To 30". A little back story from the previous post is that Kristin has her 30th birthday coming up on October 10th. She always like to do things to inspire herself on and around her birthday. She has decided to do something special for this birthday milestone and decided to enter into the next decade with a fun and creative musical challenge. For thirty days, starting yesterday (September 10th), Kristin will write, record and produce a new song every day - finishing on her birhday!

    Kristin is excited about this and for those of you who sign up, she will be sending a daily MP3 straight to your email box, along with lyrics and an explanation about the song and how it came about. Pretty cool huh? You can sign up for 30 songs for $30 and the money that she raises from this project will hopefully be enough to finish and package her next album on CD, "The Waking", which Kristin has been working on for a year now with friend and composer Michael Whalen.

    October 9th will be her official COUNTDOWN TO 3Oth BIRTHDAY CONCERT at a venue to be announced. This afternoon at 2PM for September 11th, she performed at Washington Square Park in New York City.

    We've been playing Kristin on the radio for a few years now and are excited to play a new song every day on the Hawaiian airwaves. We'll also be sharing some of the songs on our radio website and here on MOG.

    Let's check out Kristin's second day challenge. This song is called "29" with lyrics and personal commentary from Kristin below:


    Step back and take in the view
    Of this moment
    Deep breath, the answer's in front of you
    Got to own in
    'Cause the voices can drive you crazy
    If you let yourself believe

    29, and life is an open door
    I finally found what I'm looking for
    Never let them tell you there is no more
    'Cause life is an open door

    Hold on to what you know is real
    It will guide you
    Creativity's the jewel growing inside you
    When they say you're out of time
    And your dream will never shine…It's a lie

    Repeat Chorus:

    Keep shining, keep climbing, keep diving into you
    Keep growing, keep knowing, keep finding the light
    In each moment, be calm and just breathe in
    Your answers will open, unfolding, a new kind of truth in you
    See what is born, every morning, the flowers are
    Reaching and teaching you how to be beautiful
    Color me, I am free, dancing infinity
    Smiling in starlight, connecting the pieces

    Repeat Chorus:

    I wrote "29" in response to an old music industry myth, "that as a female singer/songwriter, your chance to 'make it' is over at 30." I have been hearing this for as long as I can remember, actually someone just said it to me the other day, and so have most of my other beautiful and talented female musician friends who work so hard everyday at their craft. I know many women nearing the 30 mark who are getting nervous and feeling like a total failure because they have allowed themselves to believe this powerful rumor. Well, guess what?! This statement is not true, and was undoubtedly made up and programmed into our brains by the men of the biz. I don't hear this being told to all the guitar strumming guys out there in the world!

    My truth is that in the past two years I have just begun to really find myself, much more so than in my early twenties. I feel like the full spectrum of life and possibility is opening to me, because I have chosen to see what MY path is instead of trying to fit into other's molds for me. "30," and any age that I will ever be is only a number. It is my awareness and openness that guides my experience. Time is irrelevant. The only boundaries in life are those that we choose to accept.

    Have fun! Talk to you tomorrow...big love,

    Official Website for Kristin Hoffmann

    and you can check out

    Kristin Hoffmann on MySpace Music

    If you don't want to miss out on this daily musical challenge and support Kristin on her fun project you can sign up for 30 songs for $30 by clicking here. You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay with your credit card, and it is completely secure.

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