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    Nushu's Lisa Mychols and Tom Richards from The Waking Hours welcome you to The Time Machine

    Sunday, August 03, 2008

    Wake Up Tired In Paradise

    Summer Blue, Jenny Leong and Michael McCartney returned to The Time Machine studios after a brief vacation which featured guest DJ Ed Lynn goes into detail on this afternoon FM aircheck. Ed Lynn is the host of the podcast "Suitcase Full Of Dimes" which is one of the finest indie music podcasts online today.

    Some of the artists heard on this broadcast were also part of the concert line-up for the International Pop Overthrow in Los Angeles which is still going on. If you're in Southern California this week be sure to check it out. One of our most played artists, Emitt Rhodes, came to see rocker Ken Sharp perform his latest batch of songs.

    Ken Sharp (who is pictured above hoisted into the air by Rob Bonfiglio from The Skies Of America and Michael McCartney from The Time Machine) opens up this radio aircheck with a song off of his critically acclaimed album "Sonic Crayons" (Four stars from the hard to please MOJO no less). Other artists from the International Pop Overthrow heard on this broadcast include: The Liking Strikes, Michael Ubaldini, Blake Jones and The Trike Shop, Poplord (it is their song "Wake Up Tired" that this episode lifted for a radio podcast title) and Nushu.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck WAKE UP TIRED IN PARADISE from THE TIME MACHINE

    Some rare songs from the vaults were aired from The Spectrum, Don Scardino, Lee Dorsey, Sidewalk Skipper Band and The Cufflinks with a big mahalo to Jeffrey Glenn for his kokua.

    Adding to the musical fun are new songs from Zach Gill (with Hawaii's Jack Johnson on the drums), Brian Ray, She & Him, Tristan Prettyman and The Major Labels (the latest project from Bleu, Ducky Carlisle and Mike Viola) plus Jeff Lynne, Karla DeVito, Trooper, Butch Walker, Rachel Sweet, Kim Stockwood, The Red Button and Rachael Yamagata.

    *Below photograph cleary demonstates the fun that radio folk can get into. The Time Machine and Pop Garden Radio hit Disneyland's Splash Mountain and GET SOAKED.

    Ken Sharp on MySpace Music

    The Liking Strikes on MySpace Music

    Poplord on MySpace Music

    Official Website for Nushu

    Nushu on MySpace Music

    Official Website for Blake Jones and The Trike Shop

    Official Website for Michael Ubaldini

    Michael Ubaldini on MySpace Music

    Official Fansite for Emitt Rhodes

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    At 7:10 AM, Anonymous blake said...

    Hello again Michael and all the good people of the Time Machine. It was great meeting you during your Southern California journey.
    Thanks so much for playing us on your program. We'll definately be tuning in digitally to enjoy your shows and keeping you posted as we release new music.
    best to you all,
    Blake from
    Blake Jones & the Trike Shop


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