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    Thursday, July 17, 2008

    The Bangles - "I'm In Line" and "Want You" (1982)

    The Bangles self titled debut EP from 1982 was recorded in less than a week. The band’s urgency can be found in their sixties garage rock sound. The EP has yet to see a digital release but the demand of fans will keep this on a wish list for years to come.

    “I’m In Line” is sung by drummer Debbi Peterson. Rhythm guitar is Susanna Hoffs with Vicki Peterson on lead guitar and Annette Zilinskas on bass. Annette also plays harmonica elsewhere on the EP. The record was produced by Craig Leon who played piano on both “Mary Street” and “The Real World”. Ethan James also played piano on “The Real World”.

    “Want You” is sung by lead guitarist Vicki Peterson. Rhythm guitar is Susanna Hoffs with Debbi Peterson on drums and Annette Zilinskas on bass.

    The tongue.JPG

    dermahrk says:

    Woo-HOO! Thanks again. As you know, this is "new" Bangles material to me.

    Wow! I love the Bangles, and I thought I had all of their releases. I have never heard of this E.P., nor heard this song. I really liked it. Since the new MOG appears to have posts with songs posted by popularity, I got tired of scrolling through pages and just found your page.

    Thanks so much for this. Now, if you could just post the other tracks - I guess you burned this off of vinyl? I will have to look for that E.P. eBay, here I come!


    Bangles how did ya know? Love the "Taxman" styled bassline. Spaghetti Zilinskas!!! First time I've heard this!

    Are the Beatles one of their influences? Ya think?
    Thanks for the post people!

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