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    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Kristin Hoffmann continues her musical Countdown To 30

    Wow! She has finished up one week and is into her second week as we listen in to DAY #3 thru DAY #9 of singer-songwriter Kristin Hoffman's "Countdown To 30". A little back story from an earlier post is that Kristin has her 30th birthday coming up on October 10th. She always like to do things to inspire herself on and around her birthday. She has decided to do something special for this birthday milestone and decided to enter into the next decade with a fun and creative musical challenge. For thirty days, which started September 10th, Kristin will write, record and produce a new song every day - finishing on her birhday!

    Kristin is excited about this and for those of you who sign up, she will be sending a daily MP3 straight to your email box, along with lyrics and an explanation about the song and how it came about. Pretty cool huh? You can sign up for 30 songs for $30 and the money that she raises from this project will hopefully be enough to finish and package her next album on CD, "The Waking", which Kristin has been working on for a year now with friend and composer Michael Whalen.

    October 9th will be her official COUNTDOWN TO 3Oth BIRTHDAY CONCERT at a venue to be announced.

    We've been playing Kristin on the radio for a few years now and are excited to play a new song every day on the Hawaiian airwaves. We'll also be sharing some of the songs on our radio website and here on MOG.

    *Let's check out Kristin's third day challenge. This song is called "Blue Moon Maya" with lyrics and personal commentary from Kristin below:

    Blue Moon Maya

    Blue Moon Maya
    She opened up her eyes
    It was early
    But the full moon in the sky
    Started calling
    For her first breath
    Life was dancing
    Deep within her chest

    May People love and call out your name
    And may the truth within you always reign
    And may you laugh and dance through every day
    Blue Moon Maya, sing your melody

    Take it easy
    Each moment has it's plan
    Oh there'll be times
    When you don't understand
    A little patience
    You'll find the gold within
    The full moon rising
    Up in you again

    Repeat Chorus:

    Maya, voices are calling out
    Maya, a song on the wind to carry
    Up to the highest mountain
    Sing! Blue Moon, Sing!

    Repeat Chorus:

    I wrote "Blue Moon Maya" for my God Daughter, or as I like to say, "My Fairy God Daughter," Maya. She came into this world 3 months early, this past May, on the night of a Blue Moon. The past few months have been a real battle, but she was so strong through it all and finally got to go home from the hospital a few weeks ago and is so happy to be with her mom and dad! Even though this was a really challenging time for all involved, there were some beautiful and deep lessons of life learned in the process, which ultimately, I believe, have led to greater understanding. Maya has shown us all that if we stick through the hard times, and choose to grow, we will once again experience the happiness and joy that life has to offer.

    I looked up the definition of Blue Moon, and I am sure that there is no coincidence that this little soul chose that very rare day to be born for a reason. "Folklore gave each moon a name according to its time of year. A moon which came too early had no folk name - and was called a blue moon!" That is AMAZING! The poetry of Maya's birth and the parallel to the Blue Moon…wow! To me, this is a sign, once again, that there is so much more to our existence that we can even imagine! I am grateful to her for sending the message.

    Love and Truth,

    Blue moon
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    This article is about the astronomical phenomenon. For other uses, see Blue Moon (disambiguation).

    A blue moon is a name given to an irregularly timed full moon. Most years have twelve full moons which occur approximately monthly, but each calendar year contains those twelve full lunar cycles plus about eleven days to spare. The extra days accumulate, so that every two or three years there is an extra full moon (this happens every 2.72 years). Different definitions place the extra moon at different times - the extra moon is called a "blue moon".

    The term blue moon is commonly used metaphorically to describe a rare event, as in the saying "once in a blue moon".

    ∑ Folklore gave each moon a name according to its time of year. A moon which came too early had no folk name - and was called a blue moon.

    Maya (pronounced, "My-a"): A Mesoamerican civilization that reached from southern Mexico, through Guatemala, and into Belize. The Maya kingdom emerged around 1000 B.C. and lasted until around 1200 A.D.

    Illusion; in Hindu philosophy Maya is the divine power which has created the cosmos

    *Song from DAY #4 is titled "The Story Goes On"

    The Story Goes On

    Eyes open, eyes close
    A day is born, a sunset glows
    The story goes on and on
    People laugh, people cry
    She screams out, "Why oh why?!"
    The story goes on and on

    The story goes on and on and on
    And on and on and on
    The story goes on and on

    The world turns, the sun burns
    A new creation, devastation
    The story goes on and on
    Love shines, love dies
    Hearts mend in their own time
    The story goes on and on

    Repeat Chorus:

    And life flows
    Life flows
    Yes, life flows

    Paths cross and move away
    We walk together, we change
    The story goes on and on
    We are strangers, we are friends
    Trust is earned, trust ends
    The story goes on and on

    Repeat Chorus:

    The poor rise up, the rich fall down
    An empire reigns, a king is crowned
    The story goes on and on
    I am lost, I am found
    I learn to fly, I hit the ground
    The story goes on and on

    Repeat Chorus:

    And life flows
    Life flows
    Yes, life flows

    Repeat Chorus:

    The idea of this song and melody actually came to me a while back in a moment of deep connection to self. Ever since, I've been carrying it somewhere inside and wanting to let it out, to give it form. Finally, the time came! As the title implies, this song is an observation of the cycle of life, which keeps turning and turning. If you look around you, you can begin to identify common themes going on wherever there is animated life. They have existed throughout history and are present all around us. If we look at the big picture, and see that change is always in effect and inevitable, maybe we can be a bit easier on ourselves and know that whatever challenges we are facing in the now will also pass when the time is right. Same is true in the opposite direction; just because you are enamored and in love in this moment, don't expect that exact experience in future willing to roll with change. When we try to hold on to the illusion of being able to "freeze" a sensation, we usually end up stunting our growth overall.

    I really like the way this song turned out. First one of the Countdown on guitar! When I listen, I feel a bit reminiscent of Nick Drake...a little compliment to myself!!! Ha!

    Enjoy, my friends! I need to take a nap! Big love,

    *Kristin's fifth day challenge brought the song "Any Road".

    Any Road

    Any road you take
    Will lead you back to you
    You can try to run away
    But there's no running from your truth
    So open up that door
    And walk right through
    Into light that only lives where you do
    Into light that only lives where you do

    "Any Road" is all about facing yourself and taking a good look at the truth of who you are. It doesn't matter what path you may take in life…there is no "correct" path, and any that you choose will ultimately lead you back to the same core issues that you are working with in life. We may experience the illusion for a moment, a day, a few years, of being able to run away from some of our key challenges, but eventually, as I think we all know from experience, they find their way back into your "now," and you find yourself facing what you ran away from all over again. BUT, thankfully there is a choice, and once practiced and put into effect, we can completely rebalance and move beyond the blocks that once seemed like un-scaleable walls. What is the choice? Well, basically I think it is to look at the parts of life that we continuously avoid and face them, plain and simple. Do what you most fear. We may experience discomfort in the mind and body for a limited period of time, but ultimately, there is a total release and peace that results. "Open up that door and walk right through!" How good have you felt in the moments that you have finally faced situations that were built up and blown out of proportion in your mind? "Into light that only lives where you do"…This line to me means that we each hold perfect beauty and light within…you may call it whatever you like, God, Spirit, Source…we are a living manifestation of this Energy. Wherever you are, exists ALL…you are a hologram, a small piece containing the full picture!

    I know this all sounds like a lot! Even though I can see this, I still battle with myself every day as I contemplate facing "me." Happily, I report that it is getting a little easier, with each baby step taken…and the journey when I step back and observe, is really quite beautiful!

    I would LOVE to hear your comments on this and your own experience! I think we can all help each other but sharing and understanding that we aren't alone in this journey.

    Much love…talk tomorrow,

    *DAY #6 of Kristin Hoffmann's Countdown To 30 resulted in this wonderful song titled "The Burg".

    The Burg

    Everyone wants to change the world
    With their Mac Book Pros and their bed head curls
    Blackbird wants to fly away
    But they'll still be here going down The Rabbit Hole

    There's a place where music plays
    Dancing with the clinking plates
    Where cigarettes take one more breath
    For inspiration's sake
    "Hey man, your moustashio
    reminds me of the late Van Gogh!"
    Painting lines across my mind
    As colors taking shape

    Repeat Chorus:

    Stripes and ruffles, polka dots
    Recycled closets, old Culottes
    Mismatched romance, warehouse dreams
    Fresh old ink on the new L train
    Red brick walls and picture frames
    Kitchen sinks and candle rays
    Shadows move across her face
    Ideas fall into place

    Repeat Chorus:

    Oh…hipsters take control
    Oh…hipsters take control

    Repeat Chorus:

    "The Burg," otherwise known as Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is where I live! It is quite a place, and if you have yet to spend a day here, I definitely recommend it! Just go sit at a café for a while and observe…I am pretty sure you will be entertained! Williamsburg is where most of the artists from the Classic East Village scene picked up and moved to when things got too pricey in the city. They took a gray and industrial warehouse area and transformed it into a big art project…full of murals, cool restaurants, and creative edge. Along with the artistic surroundings, come a lot of characters! I think that the style rule in The Burg, is that if it hasn't been worn in at least 20 years, it's in! You also get many extra style points IF: 1) you have lots of facial hair, the more the merrier! 2) You have lots of tattoos…as many as you can possibly fit on your body 3) You don't brush or wash your hair for long periods of time 4) You walk down the street playing some kind of small and obscure instrument

    Almost everyday I go and sit in one of my favorite cafes for a while to either read or write. I always think it's funny, because the cafes are filled with all of these characters in retro gear, typing on new Macs…it seems like an ironic contradiction to me….it would make a great Mac commercial! Anyway, this amusing site is what triggered "The Burg" to come out!

    You'll notice some ambient street sounds in this song. Great story! I wanted to use the sound of an ice cream truck, because they are EVERYWHERE here! They can drive you a bit nuts:) On my journey back home, after finding and recording an ice cream truck, I suddenly heard a beat in the distance. When I finally got to where it was, I saw a boy, about 7yrs, outside on his own, drumming on a bucket with two sticks! He seemed like he was determined to drum, it was in him. I got excited and asked him if I could record him. He started playing again and I recorded him for a bit. I happened to have $1 in my hand, and when he was done, I gave him the money and he was so surprised and happy!…I really felt like it somehow changed his life, which made me feel great! It was a beautiful exchange:) I ended up looping his drum sound as the rhythm for the song…it worked out perfectly and really captures the energy of this neighborhood.

    I'm not sure where life is all going, but at this point in time, I'm loving my life in "The Burg" and appreciate it's ability to put a smile on my face and laughter in my heart every single day!

    Hope you enjoy this fun one! Thanks so much for all the great comments you've been leaving me…they have been the best kind of creative fuel:)


    *Kristin finished up her first week with this song for the seventh day - "Painter Of Light"

    Painters of Light

    They came to me in a dream
    I was asking questions
    To reveal a part of me
    Give me direction
    They showed me how to see the lines
    I was already painting
    Just the way a flower grows
    A kite is flying
    Or the dance of particles
    A river winding
    Laying down the pathways
    For a new connection

    Painters of Light
    They're telling a story
    Into the night
    The energy is spun
    Painters of Light
    Came to ease the burden
    Just like a kite
    You're flying with the sun

    I was taken underground
    Into the darkness
    Through the invisible eye,
    Became a witness
    Of a plan, by younger hands,
    To break the paths of light, erase them
    It's time to save them

    Repeat Chorus:

    Waves of new beginning
    Guiding us to one, oh

    Repeat Chorus:

    A few months ago I had a dream where I was introduced to the "Painters of Light," a group of people who are on the Earth who have learned to use a very specific energy pattern to heal a lot of the out of balance frequencies here. I was told that I am a Painter of Light and shown how to send my own energy, or chi, outward, to form these patterns. I was then shown all different examples of this energy, both occurring in nature, such as the weaving dance that plants do as they are reaching towards the sun, as well as different art forms that have been created as physical manifestations of this energy, such as kite flying. This new understanding was so exhilarating! Once I had a good grasp on the energy and the use, I was then led to a dark underground tunnel, and found myself invisible and watching a few kids who were doing something that I immediately felt was dark. As I watched further, I became aware that they were sending out counter frequencies to break the pathways of light that the Painters had created…the effect was something like rerouting a train track to send a train off course.

    I definitely feel like this message was brought to me for a reason…at the most basic level, as an encouragement to send healing light out into the world every day, with my mind, with my spirit, and with my actions. I believe that we all are "Painters of Light!" With the power of our own energy we can change the environment around us, our experiences, and as a collective, the world. In every moment and action, we are choosing to send out either supportive energy or destructive energy. Acting with awareness is the key to our growth.

    So, this ends week #1 of The Countdown! Wow, it's been quite a journey so far! I'm definitely learning to live in the moment!
    Sending you all big love and gratitude for your awesome support!

    *Let's check out Kristin's eighth day challenge as she begins her second week. This song is called "The Golden Rule"

    Hey Countdowners!

    I had an idea yesterday to add a new twist to The Countdown experience and since it's the first day of week 2, I think the timing is perfect! Seeing that you are all so creative too, in so many different and awesome ways, I thought it would be super cool to invite you, not only to make comments, but to manifest any feelings or emotions about a song into your own creative form. I've already been sent some beautiful poems inspired by the music, which I loved!

    So, if you love taking pictures, drawing, painting, writing, building sand structures at the beach, making chopstick sculptures etc, and are inspired to do so by one of these songs or the theme of a all means, get your creative groove on!

    I thought it would be fun to make a slideshow of your pictures for my Countdown to 30 Birthday Bash on Oct 9th at Caffe Vivaldi! So, if you create something, make sure to send it to me (a picture of it:))

    This is only a joyful invitation! No pressure:)

    Much love,

    The Golden Rule


    I used to think there was a limit
    Only a fighting chance
    Everyday, a new competition
    The silent wars of friends
    You opened my sight, saw my reflection
    In all eyes of man
    Now I hold oneness within me
    Now I understand…

    When I rise, you rise
    You're my mirror
    When I cry, you cry
    You feel my pain
    When you fly, I fly
    I'm your mirror
    "What I want for myself
    I want for everybody"

    Now when I see the beauty around me
    I can truly love
    Knowing that life is growing inside me
    And you are my freedom dove

    Repeat Chorus:

    Competition, you can play the game
    But it's an illusion of power and fame
    On the road to becoming great
    We all move to a higher state

    Repeat Chorus:

    I'm sure you have heard it before, most likely countless times in your life so far. "The Golden Rule" ( has been an important teaching of almost all religions and, I believe, is one of the main "keys" to understanding and navigating life on this plane. Basically, it says, "Treat others as you would like to be treated." The opposite is also addressed, "when others suffer, you suffer." Unfortunately, we live in a time and space where this value is vastly overlooked, where competition and separation are being encouraged…where we fear that if we do or create something great, it will be taken from us. Or where if someone else achieves greatness, it means that there is less for you. I used to believe this too. I remember many times where I got upset by watching other musicians succeed, feeling an array of emotions: that they were less talented, they hadn't worked very hard and had it easy, that they made it because of looks or willingness to "sell out." I had many excuses to make myself feel better about not being the one in the spotlight. But underneath, I was scared and asking myself, "what am I doing wrong?" Well, the only thing I was doing wrong was spending all my time comparing myself to others rather than focusing on being in alignment with my own path.

    Finally, somewhere along the way, it clicked, and when it did, I freed up a ton of new space and creative energy to develop myself. I even formed a little mantra for myself, "There is no ahead or behind when you're walking your own line." So true! It's not until you glance over to your neighbor's line, that you start to "place" yourself in where you think you "should" be. You might be asking, "well…how does this all fit with together with The Golden Rule!?" I think that is the true beauty of it all; When you finally begin to value your own unique path, and feel your own joy, suddenly it becomes much easier and natural to feel joy for the growth of those around you, knowing that they are working with their own set of life circumstances. So, when you can truly feel joy for another's success, it is a sign that you are in fact growing on your own path. And rather than getting happy when someone else has a challenge and seeing it as an opportunity to scramble ahead, you now send them love, because you know how it feels to be in that place yourself.

    Now, you can stop there, but I like to take it a step further, hence "the mirror" aspect of the song. I believe that EVERYONE and every situation is a mirror of me, in many ways, all, existing in my consciousness. I now look to those around me to "see how I am doing." What is the energy surrounding me? Is it positive, negative? How does it reflect the way I am treating myself on the inside? You will be surprised at what you see when you choose to approach life this way…it becomes a whole new game! This "reflection" process is completely different from "comparing," which is what leads to unhealthy competitive energy…so try not to get them confused. The next time you are talking to someone, consciously put "The Golden Rule" into effect and see how it feels! It very well may change your life!

    I really love how this one turned out! Hope you enjoy and feel like sharing comments:) Much love,

    *Finally her ninth song that she released today with 22 days left to 30 is called "When The Wind Blows".

    When The Wind Blows

    When the wind blows
    Hold fast your dreams
    Moments feel, eternity
    One bright morning
    You will see
    The Spring, a new beginning

    And hold my love deep in your heart
    Wherever the road may take you
    And hold my love deep in your heart
    Wherever the road may take you

    When the wind blows
    Hold fast my love
    Will carry you to skies above
    Where moonbeams call
    To guide your way
    A bright new beginning

    Repeat Chorus:

    I woke up this-morning with this melody in my head and when I sat down in my studio, it came out quickly, the words to follow. I've always been drawn to Celtic songs and melodies…they flow deep within me, as if I am remembering some other time through sound. Very possible.

    Finally, after recording all the voices for the track, I went outside for a walk and was happily surprised to feel the winds greet me the moment I left my building. As they continued to carry me through the streets, I smiled and thought to myself that they had sent me their song.

    Much love to you tomorrow!

    Official Website for Kristin Hoffmann

    and you can check out

    Kristin Hoffmann on MySpace Music

    If you don't want to miss out on this daily musical challenge and support Kristin on her fun project you can sign up for 30 songs for $30 by clicking here. You do not need a Pay Pal account to pay with your credit card, and it is completely secure.

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