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    Sunday, November 15, 2009

    Anny Celsi Interview on The Time Machine

    Singer-songwriter Anny Celsi was a guest on The Time Machine last week. We've enjoyed playing her latest album "Tangle-Free World" on the air the past few weeks and it was a pleasure having Anny on the broadcast to discuss her music . Her album is filled with talented artists that have been a part of our playlists over the years like; Robbie Rist, Evie Sands, Teresa Cowles, Adam Marsland, Rick Gallego and Nelson Bragg. Nelson also produced the album and even does a duet with Anny on the 1967 classic Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra song "Some Velvet Morning". Steve Refling joins the mix as well as Probyn Gregory and Nick Walusko. Phil Parlapiano, Amy Farris, Carl Byron, Shawn Bryant, Dave Sutton and Jonny DuFresne are just a few more gifted musicians that put their craft on the album. Other musicians add to the sound of this incredible listening experience.

    Paul McCartney's brand new song for the upcoming film "Everybody's Fine" with Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Katherine Moennig, Melissa Leo and Sam Rockwell is also heard on this Maui afternoon FM broadcast. The film will be released this December. Songs from other artists also heard on this radio broadcast include both Rachael Yamagata and Eytan Mirsky, who are not strangers to having their music fill the soundtracks of motion pictures. Rounding out the radio show are songs from Trooper, Ben Lee and the latest from the prolific Jonathan Coulton.

    The photography at the top was taken by Mieke Kramer and the two photographs directly below were taken by Michelle Philpot

    Singer-songwriter Laurie Biagini's music has been a part of our broadcast the past few years and she was so taken away with Anny Celsi's album that she decided to share a review of "Tangle-Free World":

    Every once in awhile, an album comes along that impacts me such to a point that I simply have to write about it. I purchased Anny Celsi's album "Tangle-Free World" through iTunes on the weekend and after the first few bars of the title track, this album grabbed my attention, and I turned the volume, up - way up! By the time I got to the third track I decided that it's time to put on my writer hat and review this gem of a record.

    Ever hear a song that literally makes you feel electric? Something so beautiful and moving that you feel kind of numb and awe-struck? Put on the title track of "Tangle Free World" and if you're like me, expect a wonderful auditory experience. Beautiful melody, catchy, exquisite harmonies, and a rhythm track that would make for perfect driving music. This song will head to the front of the list of my favorites to listen to while driving fast along scenic highways.

    "Thanksgiving in Hollywood" is another favorite on this album. Starts out with a bit of a melancholy introduction then picks up the pace with plenty of jangly guitars (which I love) and some very cool organ and lead guitar contributing to a wonderful folk-pop sound. The mood is a bit dark and mysterious, yet uplifting at the same time. One of my favorite tracks on the album.

    Another favorite is "First Love Freezes", a beautiful melody and Anny's soft and haunting vocal is perfect for this very pretty ballad. Again, complemented by lush harmony vocals and I absolutely love the guitar work in this one.

    "The Night She Learned to Drive" is a wonderful tune that has such heartfelt lyrics, and is performed with a vibe of re-assurance and hope. The song has the perfect feel to match the theme of the lyrics. It's another song that features a traveling rhythm that would be great to listen to on a road trip. A beautiful example of classic Americana in its most perfect form.

    Also add "Piece of Heaven" to my list of favorite tracks on this album - a fun, upbeat jangly pop tune with a classic Monkee-esque sound from my favorite pop era. This one will not only get your toes-tapping, but you may easily find yourself singing along to this very catchy track.

    "Sally Go Round the Roses", a fantastic cover of the Jaynetts 1963 hit, is pure fun. Pop music legend Evie Sands and Teresa Cowles provide backing vocals which add another dimension to the overall girl-group feel of this great song. The sixties vibe is well-preserved in the production, but with a cleaner, fresher sound. The "tangle-free" outtro at the end was quite a pleasant surprise as well!

    I previously had somewhat limited interest in Lee Hazelwood and Nancy Sinatra's "Some Velvet Morning", but the version on this album so beautifully performed by Anny Celsi and Nelson Bragg, has garnered repeated listens. Their flawless soulful vocals, combined with a beautifully performed instrumental track have resulted in a new interest in this classic for this listener.

    This album has so many dimensions to it that really give the record an overall dynamic of several moods and vibes that intertwine together so well, yet keeping a smooth path or 'tangle-free' experience for the listener. Anny really shines in this album. A must-have for your collection, this album has been added to my favorites and will inevitably get extensive play from this fan.
    10 out of 10!

    ~ Laurie Biagini

    Click here to listen or download the interview with Anny Celsi on The Time Machine

    Below photograph: Anny Celsi, Michael McCartney and Nelson Bragg

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