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    Sunday, November 01, 2009

    Brian Ray Performance and Interview on The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Brian Ray was our guest DJ on The Time Machine this past month. Not only did he spin some cool songs from a variety of artists while sitting in for Summer Blue (who was having a well deserved vacation in China), he also brought along a guitar to perform a couple of songs on the air. Bassist Rich Ray joined the musical festivities.

    Since the release of Brian's first solo debut album "Mondo Magneto" back in 2006, we've been spinning his rocker "Vinyl" in heavy rotation. We've played it so much on the radio that it's sort of become The Time Machine's unofficial theme song. We may have actually started playing the song back in 2005...but that will be our little secret.

    Brian performed a stripped down acoustic version of "Vinyl" for the broadcast in addition to performing a song titled "I Found You" from his upcoming album "This Way Up".

    Brian also played a few of his new songs from his forthcoming release that are pure pop bliss. Those songs made their worldwide broadcast debut which is a treat for us since Brian just got off a monster tour playing both guitar and bass for Paul McCartney.

    In addition to playing some cool tunes from Paul McCartney, Brian also played some classics from The Beatles on the radio show. He also featured brand new music from Harper Simon (Paul Simon's son) and MGMT.

    As guest DJ, Brian also brought wonderful music to the radio show from his former boss and musical legend, Etta James, along with artists as diverse as Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Badfinger, Smokey Robinson, Wings, The Bangles, Lewis Taylor, John Lennon, Conrad Korsch, George Harrison, Them with Van Morrison, The Beach Boys, Ringo Starr, and Shakira. Summer Blue's radio co-host, Michael McCartney, added to the music mix with the latest from Brian's band mate in Paul McCartney's band, guitarist Rusty Anderson. Rusty's song "Julia Roberts" was featured along with songs from Jeff Lynne, The Smith Bros., Heart and Rachael Yamagata.

    Photos below: Bassist Rich Ray and air talent Michael McCartney plus shave ice after a Maui sunset

    Special thanks to our producer Jenny Leong for dealing with our shave ice addiction and Brittany Rice for lighting and keeping the room at a cool temperature. Mahalo to KEAO's Don Lopez, KPMW's Ryan Piros and singer-songwriter Dave Stephens for making it all possible.

    Click here to listen or download the interview and performance with Brian Ray on The Time Machine

    Photo below: Michael McCartney lays down background vocals that will be deleted without hesitation from the new album while Brian plays guitar.

    Above photo: Summer Blue in Shanghai, China

    Below photo: Shave ice consumption continues on The Time Machine.

    Below: Performance videos of Brian Ray on The Time Machine

    Below: Brian Ray recording "This Way Up"

    Below: Brian Ray's music video for "I Liked You Better"

    Official Website for Brian Ray

    Brian Ray on MySpace Music

    Brian Ray on Twitter

    Above photo: Charlie in the studio with Michael McCartney and Brian Ray (*the cat at the very top photograph is named Trumpet)

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    Official Website for Rusty Anderson

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    Official Website for Bobby "Boris" Pickett

    Official Website for Harper Simon

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    Official Website for MGMT

    Lewis Taylor on MySpace Music

    Official Website for Ringo Starr

    Official Website for George Harrison

    Official Website for John Lennon

    Official Website for The Beatles

    Official Website for Conrad Korsch

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