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    Wednesday, March 22, 2006


    The above photograph is from the final days of WNBC in New York. The same station in the eighties that brought us; DON IMUS in the morning, SOUPY SALES in the middays, HOWARD STERN in the afternoons, WOLFMAN JACK in the evenings and JOEY REYNOLDS overnights, gave us a wonderful show on the weekends that looked back with fondness and the mania of what a radio show sounded like back in the sixties. At the controls from left to right were JACK SCOTT, JIM COLLINS, DAN TAYLOR, JAY SORENSON and DALE PARSONS.

    When WNBC was sold and the format changed, DALE PARSONS found himself married and owning a radio station on the island of Maui. Quite a change from the largest radio market in America with the country's most powerful forces behind the microphone. This is where we come in. DALE AND GINNY PARSONS placed the show in all of it's glory on the weekends at KLHI 101.1 FM. THE TIME MACHINE was very much the same as its east coast counterpart with the addition of the great sounds of "The Hit Parade" of the fifties tossed in for flavor. Michael McCartney was brought on board and had the time of his life. With instinctual musical gusto and offbeat humor mixed with callers on the air...Michael lost all abandon.

    Always comfortable at any format, there was something very magical about this station run by the Parsons. It may have been that it was really only five minutes from home that appealed to Michael McCartney but that would be too easy an answer.

    This is were it all began. It wouldn't have been possible without DALE PARSONS and KMVI's PAUL DOUGLAS who actually let Michael McCartney work at two different radio stations at the same time. Two different companies competing against each other for the almighty sales dollar. This may be common in today's government deregulated airwaves where several radio stations in a single market are all under one roof and air talent are often expected to be on more than one station. Back then, this was a pretty big deal and for this reason, THE TIME MACHINE CREW will always be grateful to both of these men.

    As time passed, scenarios changed, THE TIME MACHINE found itself expanding it's parameters of the radio show. It's influence began with an oldies feel but became this monster that played everything under the sun. We took advantage of the concept of musical time travel and played music from several decades including the present. It didn't matter if it was Hard Rock or Big Band. The comedy elements were always there but the guests on the program took the show to another level. It was like non commercial radio in a commercial setting and it was a morning show! Formats went out the door. Most professional programmers would not let this sort of thing happen. It is often referred to as "bad radio". How could it "bad" when it "felt so good"?

    KPMW WILD 105.5 FM made it so easy. No one imagined that you could have this much fun. Again, just like DALE PARSONS from KLHI and PAUL DOUGLAS from KMVI earlier, KPMW's CECILLE and REY PIROS had no problem sharing the show with KONI 104.7 FM owner IVAN DIXON. Mornings and afternoons? Two different stations with two different formats. Film and television director IVAN DIXON (and a great actor to boot) was very supportive in all aspects of such a program on his radio station. Toss in the wonderful world of MANA'O RADIO at KEAO and the menage a troi has been set in motion. Can someone turn out the lights? This is a lot of work.

    None of this could have happened without these wonderful people. There are so many other supportive people that need to be acknowledged. As this site grows, we will do everything we can to recognize those at the forefront and behind the scenes. If you were missed please email us. Mahalo nui loa.


    At 7:36 PM, Blogger sanDy said...

    Elvis Costello's symphony show has to be one of the best shows I've ever been to. He is truly one of the greatest singer/songwriters around! "River in Reverse" was my favorite of the night. That song was beyond AMAZING. Now I wish I had gone to both nights! Next up...Pat Benatar with the symphony!


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