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    Wednesday, April 30, 2008

    Great Buildings - "Dream That Never Dies" (1981)

    After the demise of The Quick, bandmembers Danny Wilde and Ian Ainsworth teamed up with Richard Sandford and Phil Solem to form the band Great Buildings. A marvelous album released in 1981 on Columbia Records called "Apart From The Crowd" was the result. This album has been a staple of our radio broadcast for almost three decades and it is a shame that the album has never been released in the digital age. No compact disc release and no digital download release. A crying shame...

    There was no second album but Danny Wilde went on to record three albums of his own and with Phil Solem, released a fantastic set of musical gems as that powerhouse group, The Rembrandts.

    Fellow MOGger Dermahrk also shares our love for the musical output of these guys. Check out his posts:

    The Rembrandts, new masters - the duo comes together for the 1st time – in Great Buildings

    The Rembrandts, new masters - it all began in '76 with The Quick

    The Rembrandts, new masters - Big Hit #2 - the theme song from "Friends"

    The Rembrandts, new masters : Big Hit #1 (Power Pop wonders #8a)

    The Rembrandts, new masters - Danny Wilde goes solo (kind of)

    The Rembrandts, new masters - Danny Wilde solo '88-'89

    The Rembrandts, new masters: their first CD hits the streets, and my ears!

    The Rembrandts, new masters - – their second album “Untitled” – 1992

    The Rembrandts, new masters – their third album “L.P.” – 1995

    The Rembrandts, new masters - cover "Money" - done by the Miracles and 255 others!

    Here now, for your listening pleasure, is "Dream That Never Dies" from Great Buildings.

    The tongue.JPG

    dermahrk says:

    Thank you. Now the Rembrandts and Great Buildings MOG pages are forevermore linked.
    Together, vee shall rool ZE VORLD !


    Sturgell says:

    props to Dermahrk!

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