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    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    James Deem Interview On The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter James Deem was a guest on The Time Machine. He shared his thoughts behind two of his songs and discussed the upcoming Charlotte Pop Fest.

    Click here for James Deem on The Time Machine

    Official website for James Deem

    James Deem on MySpace Music

    Also on the radio program:

    Singer-songwriter Micah Wolf was a return guest giving our audience a quick update on two upcoming concert performances in Hawaii double billed with Matt Costa who has been touring like a whirlwind with his second release "Unfamiliar Faces" on Jack Johnson's label Brushfire Records. Micah also discussed the finishing touches on his second album with the help of Rick Tyner on bass and Rick Tyner and Chava Godinez on the drums.

    Chiming in are radio hosts Summer Blue and Michael McCartney discussing Summer's training for an upcoming triathlon.

    Official website for Micah Wolf

    Micah Wolf on MySpace Music

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