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    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Kurt Jo Featured In Maxim Magazine and Maxim Radio with "DeVore and Diana"

    Our very own Kurt Jo has been making quite a splash since last fall when he was approached...okay...woken up from a deep sleep on a subway train in the Big Apple. In addition to his his daily musical duties on the air with us in Hawaii, DJ Kurt Jo has been spinning music around NYC and enjoying his additional career as a model with Ugly New York. He's had quite a number of photo shoots and appearences on the television screen including "Nightline" and "Rachel Ray". Kurt's latest triumph can be seen in this month's issue of MAXIM Magazine. You can't miss it on the magazine racks as Avril Lavigne is on the cover. Be sure to pick up a copy.

    Kurt was on "DeVore and Diana" today. Their daily show is heard all over the country on Maxim Radio via SIRIUS Satellite weeknights from 7PM to 11PM EST. Hosts Diana Falzone and former Maxim editor John DeVore had a fun time on the broadcast with their guests. Ugly NY founder Simon Rogers was on the air with Kurt as well as model Brigette Hagerman

    Above Photo: Kurt with Mareva and Michael from The Time Machine

    Click here for Simon Rogers with Kurt Jo and Brigette Hagerman being interviewed on the "DeVore and Diana" program heard on Maxim Radio

    Click here for Maxim Radio at SIRIUS Satellite Radio

    Click here for hosts John DeVore and Diana Falzone

    Click here for the official website for John DeVore and Diana Falzone

    Click here for Maxim Online

    Click here for UGLY NY Talent

    Above Photo: Kurt with Michael and Summer from The Time Machine

    Below Photo: Our favorite photograph with Mareva and Kurt

    Official Website for DJ Kurt Jo

    and you can check out

    Kurt Jo on MySpace Music

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