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    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    Rachael Yamagata and Sare Bareilles - Chicago and Louisville

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata continues her stretch across the country performing with Sara Bareilles for music fans. Rachael shares about the day between gigs.

    ...Chicago and Louisville

    April 19, 2008

    We be in Ohio now, driving and driving and driving. Had a brief obligatory run to Target after Cracker Barrel breakfast and finished the morning off with some parking lot touch football with one near traffic accident. All of these things are staples of this road life of course and I'm a happy camper because not only do we now have paper towels, but I've got some new paper clips, a mini stapler, and a copy of "Atonement" for girl night. Boys are screaming at top of their lungs (new video game) and since we don't have a show tonight I will spend the rest of the day meditating or mediating or just drinking...tbd.

    Chicago was a blast and the crowd was delicious and last night's show at Bellarmine College in KY was sweet, outside, and full of "she's too young for you so don't even try it" gals. The students were enthusiastic hosts and I particularly enjoyed the after show radio interview with my new dj buds. Shout out to Bellarmine University radio yo! There is nothing like young eager minds actually wanting to know what you think about music and writing – it's quite disarming really, but self inflating and I got to be slightly pretentious for 15 minutes before taking out the trash from the rv.

    Bareilles was on fire and I could not stop laughing during her dialogue with the audience. She's a master one line quipper (real word?) and then can slay you with a her voice and give you shivers. I was in a darker mood for various reasons that I cannot interject into happy blogs, but I do wish sometimes I could let out a primal scream and demand to know if anyone around me is seeing it the way I do and shite if I can't get a witness. I thank the heavens again for sending us Raining Jane, the gals who seem to have never been tainted by anything but beauty and white angelic light goodness guaranteed to cheer anyone and everyone. In the words of another sweet gal of my vida – they are REDUNKULOUS.

    And as I think of that same quotable girl, I remember her other words about a relationship that I might as well apply to my days right now. 'It didn't mean as much if you don't shed some tears over it.' So there.

    P.S. – Kerry – it's an ELEPHANT!!!!!! I love love love it.

    Samantha – so nice to meet you in person..xoxo your biggest fan in philly.


    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    So jealous...Adam from Pop Garden Radio introduced me to Cracker Barrel a couple of days after your show last year in Orlando and it's all I can think about when heading back to the part of the country. Good eats!


    Tour Schedule

    April 20th

    Toronto, CAN
    Opera House
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 22nd

    Boston, MA
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 23rd

    New York, NY
    Irving Plaza
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 24th

    Philadelphia, PA
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 28th

    Washington, DC
    9:30 Club
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 29th

    Charlotte, NC
    Neighborhood Theatre
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    April 30th

    Atlanta, GA
    w/ Sara Bareilles

    Official Website for Rachael Yamagata

    and you can check out

    Rachael Yamagata on MySpace Music

    An added bonus if you'd like to listen to Rachael's segment from The Time Machine Christmas Show The Time Machine radio show - click here.

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