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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Lindi Ortega and a note on rejection...

    Singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega drops by with a note on rejection.

    Well hello there...

    I have come to give a little speech about music.

    What prompted this little speech was watching "American Idol" one night: When a talented girl is rejected, she is seen sobbing in the elevator as though her life is over and her one and only chance at making her dreams come true are all but shot to hell....

    Let's talk about the word REJECTED for a moment shall we. What does it mean exactly?

    Well firstly let me tell you I have been rejected from lots of things my whole life. Most recently I was rejected from Canadian Music Week. I'm not so sad about it because I've played CMW three times before and I suppose it was someone else's turn to get in, however, I am smarting a wee bit about paying $50 to apply for nothing, but that's another story. So I was rejected and have been rejected for many other things before, be it, grant applications, festivals, labels, managers, etc. I suppose I could have cried and threatened giving up on music... but if I did that the first time I got rejected from something, then I would never have released two records, played some really awesome shows, met some really amazing people and continue to be met with amazing opportunities.

    The thing is, the music industry is not easy. Canada is especially difficult to try and conquer. This is something most independent musicians learn rather quickly. But really, anywhere you go, to have significant success in the music industry is a very difficult feat.

    One thing is for sure ... if you give up you are guaranteed to go nowhere.

    A lot of wonderful musicians have struggled immensely to get to where they are. Some have no lime light or glory for what they do, but they achieve their own standard of success and they are content with it.

    At the end of the day, why do we want to be musicians, singers, songwriters... is it because we want to make lots of money? Is it because we want people to recognize us on the streets and ask for our autograph? Is it because we want to be shown on MTV Cribs with our 12 cars and 20 room mansions? Or is it because if we think about not doing music we suddenly feel like we cannot breathe and realize that half the reason our hearts beat is because of the love we have for what we do.

    Validation for that thing we love does not come from a reality TV show, it does not come from a record label, it does not come from radio airplay, it does not come from a five star review in Rolling Stone, and it does not come from winning a Grammy...Validation comes from within.

    So to all who find themselves in pieces on the floor after they've been rejected, do yourselves a huge favor and get yourself together!!! The great thing about life is you don't have to rely on people to make you happy, to make your dreams come true. You can do all that yourself. NO really!! You can! It's #$&%@*$ hard as hell and sometimes times you get all beat up and broke down on the side of the road..........but when you finally achieve something that you busted your ass for all by yourself, then you are hit with the biggest most euphoric high you've ever known.

    Let me tell you something; you don't really want to be famous like Britney Spears... look what's happening to her? Learn to enjoy meager success in small won't have to give up your private life forever...and you can still do what you love and live it every day!

    I am proud to say that next month it will be one year since I decided I would no longer work a full time job. I knew I wanted my life to be music. I am not famous, most of Toronto still doesn't know I exist even though I've been playing this city for almost ten years. But that's okay...because I get to do what I love every day, I make very little money, but I survive and that makes me so unbelievably happy....I find great joy in truckin along, fighting the good fight...I am proud of my struggle, I wouldn't want it to be easy because that's friggin boring and the best part is when little opportunities come knocking at my door I get so very excited about them. I don't take the feeling for granted.

    So at the end of the day, when you're a rejected idol hopeful and you're dropping tears on elevator floors....then get the $#&@ over it, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU can do ANYTHING!

    Posted by Lindi Ortega

    Lindi's follow up to her 2002 album "The Taste Of Forbidden Fruit" is now available. You can listen to some of the songs from this talented artist's latest album "Fall From Grace" at her official website and at MySpace Music.


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