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    Sunday, February 04, 2007

    Rachael Yamagata finally finishes...the new record

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata drops by with some news that she needs to get off her shoulders today.

    the new record....

    Well, it's done.

    The music part that is...Mixed, mastered, ordered, spaced – done.

    If I hadn't recently lost my hearing out of my right ear, I'd be able to comment on how it sounds, however, whatever I'm listening back to at top volume in car stereo is really coming through left ear only. No worries on this front – apparently, I should be repaired in a week or two more according to 2 specialists who have now told me I shouldn't free dive in ocean at depths of pain.

    I've started on all post album rituals – sighing, crying, drinking, wanting to burn it, forcing myself not to burn it, praising it, loving it, hating it, forgiving myself for it, writing new songs with crap lyrics, rearranging apt furniture to set up play space to relearn new songs for performance, giving up and watching movies, reading self help motivational books, and taking very unmotivated naps.

    Travels are finished, snow covers ground, cat has stopped shitting outside the box letting me know he does not appreciate my vacation away and I am onto things like artwork. In fact, I've discovered I own about 200 colored pencils sharpened and ready to go should I turn out to be one of those multi talents that design album cover with poignant sketch giving light to some new facet of undiscovered personal depth. That, or I'll start a fashion line catering to upstate New Yorkers – overalls, tank tops, winter boots and ratty hair. My fav outfit of late shows that I have indeed thought nothing of photoshoot world yet.

    What can I tell you about the new record…Hmm. Well, it's different. It's a growth.. Not a growth as in a leechy kind of infection that will kill you growth (that's for my relationships), but more .. a step beyond where I was. Touring gave me a thirst for edgy in your face survival. I'm not making any sense here...I know it. You know it...I mean – I started to love guitar...So I wrote a lot on guitar...I got a little weathered, grittier, feistier. These songs are like that. They may surprise some from that last record because we didn't shy away from letting it all hang out. Gritty, scruffy, biting, hypnotic PJ Harvey, Zepplin meets Buckley meets Pulp Fiction eerie vibaliscious rockin out. If you've seen the live show, you will get what I mean and be happy that we got some of it down on record. For those who haven't – it's "Letter Read" and "Paper Doll" taken to the next level.

    The "beautiful" tunes are nostalgic and heartwrenching and more poetic lyrically than I've ever been. The strings are haunting and lush and you'll even find a French horn and some woodwinds on a couple. I found a soundscape in anything eclectic and texturally interesting for the song – marimba, melatron, moog, the sound of tape running in the background, wind or rain howling from the day, stomps, claps – I think we even have Jack Daniel bottles clanking away in one. A nice compliment I've received was a comparison to Tom Wait's 'Raindogs'… others are gospel backed calling out cards to past straying loves, or whisper sung lullabies with nothing crowding them but honesty. Hahahh! I had to write that...I'm on a pretentious who does this muthaf...think she is streak.

    Having just gotten off the phone with my drummer – I asked him to comment on the record saying I was in the midst of a blog about it.. I quote…

    "Yo yo bitches – this album is off the hizzy. Holla back. True dat. Represent ildelph 215."

    I have no idea what this means, but I know he lives in Phily and the area code there is 215 so I'm thinking at least that part is what is known as a shout out.

    Anyway, I'm planning on a deluxe edition for you – superfans / myspace addicts / my peeps. The additional disc will have 5 songs that are drenched in mood and sadness and all those good things and seemed to fit nicely together as it's own piece.

    It's a drive record. An active listen record – it won't satisfy your dinner parties, but it may just dig into you in a way that will spur you on. That's pretentious too, but you have to forgive me this one blog because I will soon be faced with size 0 fashion stylists telling me some designer dud "just isn't working on her" and we all know that what I write in these blogs has the potential to be very influenced by cabernet and dark woods and well now, the imbalance caused by hearing out of one ear only.

    So stay tuned folks. The first bit will draw you in, the next will rough you up, you'll descend into some ethereal journey for awhile and the last moments will break your heart.

    I love you all. I love this record. It's time to go start a fire.

    I kill me.


    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Sunday, February 04, 2007 at 2:01 PM

    Sa-weeeet! You know that we got your back and we'll be spinning that puppy! Musically salivating just thinking about it. Waiting to press "play".

    = )

    Luv Ya and Other Sentiments...

    Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and keep an eye peeled out for Rachael's upcoming release. You can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately at her website


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