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    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Happy New Year from Rocker Brian Ray

    The Time Machine was honored to have Brian Ray as a guest artist last week. It was a great way to bring in the new year with this rocking singer-songwriter. Brian shares his ringing in of the new year.

    All good things to my dear friends in 2007!

    My New Years Eve....

    It was all about being invited to Mike Campbell's [guitarist for Tom Petty] house by him for Mike and Marci's NY party.. So, there I was hanging with some of the Heartbreakers and it's 11:50. I had heard that Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers played a set there last year.. but so far, no TP...

    THEN, he walks in... Tom Petty.. and I notice the whole band is there now.. so, we all toast in the new year and I thought maybe they were just gonna hang and party.. so cool!! Then I see Mike motion the bass player and drummer to the living room, where they have a set up for a band.

    So I walk into the next room.. I'm standing there talking to a woman and Tom walks by me.... stops, turns and says, "hi I'm Tom... I just wanted to introduce myself to you and tell I you I'm a big fan.. I've watched your work and you're a great player"... I'm freakin! So, I say "Man, I've been listening to you for a long time.. I got into this thing where I put on your new CD every morning... If it were made of vinyl, I would have worn that sucker out!!" He let out a big laugh... then he walks straight over, puts on a guitar and they played for 1 1/2 hrs straight! SO ****'in cool!!

    They played all the songs that influenced them, not the hits.. All Mike's son's friends crowded and screamed, danced and fell over as I watched from the big winding stairwell in his giant living room. He was telling the kids to back up or he couldn't keep playin'.. just like they did at Woodstock! It was heaven.

    Then after, Mike asked me back into his studio to show me his new guitars.. As we're talking, Tom Petty comes in and says it all again!! Wow.. what a great way to bring in the NY! I'm still all glowing from it.

    You know, it's really surprising to me whenever a star tells me he's been watching me and is a fan of my playing/writing. I guess I don't go around thinking about my exposure to the world, being in this cool band with Paul McCartney. I never consider that all the other great artists look to him just as I did, and that they all notice me too.. it feels really good to be considered a peer.. It's such a cool side benefit to the music... just amazing.. I'll never forget it.

    All the best to you in 2007.
    May all of your dreams come true.


    Brian's music has had a home on our playlists with his debut release for the last year and his song "Vinyl" was one of our most played songs of 2006! Be sure to pick up a copy of his album, "Mondo Magneto" and keep an eye out for him touring with Paul McCartney this year too! You can get a sampling of what he's been up to lately at his website


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