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    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Lacey-Lee Evin and "Hawaii"

    Lacey-Lee Evin has a super cool song titled "Hawaii" which is a no brainer for our playlists considering that we are broadcasting from Maui. Lacey is a member of the band Lillix who have been on our playlists since their debut release. That first album was a great rockin' album meant to be played at high volume. Lillix has now unleashed their sophomore album "Inside The Hollow" after almost four years and it was worth the wait!

    The Time Machine was very pleased that Lacey let us play her demo on the Hawaiian airwaves in addition to our online broadcast "The Best and The Worst of The Time Machine" which can also be heard on TiVo's Live365 radio broadcasts. Just in case you are nowhere near us and can't reach our broadcast, Lacey has her demo of "Hawaii" on her MySpace Music Profile.

    Lacey-Lee Evin at MySpace Music

    Official Website for Lillix


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