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    Monday, March 12, 2007

    Britney Spears

    Singer-songwriter Sabrina Taylor chimes in with her take on Britney Spears and the media.

    So, I was thinking today about all the controversy going on about Britney Spears and her shaving her head. IT'S EVERYWHERE I TURN!!

    One reason I heard was "Kevin threatened to test her hair for drugs" to gain custody of their children.

    Another one was "She was tired of having people touch her"...maybe hair people?

    I could give two F@*KS about the reasoning.
    I say LET THE GIRL BE!!!
    She is human. So she goes out, drinks, plays with drugs. (I'm not into drugs)
    But it's HER life. If she wants to shave her head. POWER TO YA!
    I definitely do not have the balls to do such a thing. I WOULD CRY!!! :D

    I don't agree with constant partying ESPECIALLY when you have children. (My mom is an alcoholic and would go out for weeks and leave us home.) But the occasional drink and "letting loose" once in a while is DEFINITELY needed.

    Just think for a second. Put your self in HER shoes.
    Imagine your every day stress X 10,0000 and hung out on the line for the ENTIRE world to know. I WOULD LOOSE IT TOO!!!

    Now, I do agree she needs to learn to be more DISCRETE. Hanging out with Paris and a group of people who FEED off the press isn't going to give you privacy.

    I'm trying to say, I'm sure postpartum depression has set in on top of EVERYTHING else. She needs a break and should really seek help. Maybe Dr. Phil should step in :D

    Anyway, that's my thought for the day :D

    xx ST

    Posted by Sabrina Taylor

    "Can't Go Home" by Sabrina Taylor has been heavily played the past year on "The Time Machine" and Sabrina was a wonderful guest on the radio show. With her new release coming out we hope to have this talented artist return to the program.

    Official Website for Sabrina Taylor

    Sabrina Taylor on MySpace Music

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