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    Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Rachael Yamagata and the Mandy Moore tour extravaganza...

    It's been a long haul and yet ended up being extremely short. Various members of The Time Machine Crew caught a number of shows during the past two months or so of Mandy Moore's tour for her latest album "Wild Hope". As listeners to our broadcast and readers of this website know - we play a great deal of Mandy's latest release. It seems only appropriate that another one of our most played artists reveal her candid thoughts about the tour. Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata opened for Mandy since August and now that the tour finished last week - here's some behind the scenes insight.

    I'm having post tour traumatic syndrome. I've been told it's best to go on vacation directly after a tour so one can slowly readjust to the normalcy of life. It takes a minute to fall asleep again in a bed not on wheels and realize that there are in fact separate days of the week, closets and full bathroom counters just waiting for you to leave lotions and potions instead of a toiletry bag at the foot of your bunk. It is perhaps unusual to wake up with 10 great groggy friends every day and hit the streets of each new town as a pack. One doesn't necessarily have to purchase fish painted paperweights and metallic dresses or drink like a fish and listen to metal, wondering did we actually meet baton twirlers last night and go roller skating and what is that faint memory of standing under a dart board egging on folks to hit the above bullseye and not my head? Where is my little book telling me where we are and when to be there and the city map showing how to navigate the streets from the organic juice bar to the venue? And why are my nights not filled with new crowds and killer music from my buds who weren't afraid to sport fake mustaches and plaid dresses, new Orleans feathered masks and babies on their feet? Why am I now sitting in my garden, chainsmoking, designing websites and thinking / but not going to the gym while the neighboring handyman of the building next door keeps whistling for attention.

    I tell you...It takes a minute.

    I will leave the details of this latest adventure to www.myspace/browntidalwave because Kenny Bloggins (aka Michael Chavez) did a fabulous job of marking every moment of this Mandy Moore, Ben Lee, Chris Stills and moi tour. I will say that not every tour leaves you feeling like you will know these people forever or consider them friends you can lean on, but this one WAS one of those tours and I cannot say enough about the beauty of these folk and of course their supreme musical talent that I got to witness night after night. Mandy is astounding live and she killed it. She is a damn good leader of the band and can work a crowd like the best of them, isn't afraid of experimenting with her songs or giving of herself in the most vulnerable of moments, picking up the guitar, letting her fans get a feel for soundcheck and basically being a rock. ( A rock who can shop, of course.) Her new record performed live was an inspiration and the crowd ate it up every night. Thank you to them and to my own that were stellar audiences night after night. The pin drops and roars kept us knowing we were on the right track.

    Chris Stills and Ben Lee – stars. You are and your music and performances were magical. Ben commands a crowd in a way that can only be described as "in the palm of his hand" and Stillsy – if there is heaven in a voice, it surely is in yours. O'Reaaally, Weatherman, Allaaagia, Louboutin, Queen Bee, and MC Hammered – where have you been all my life and how do you do it? Thank you for rocking out with me and giving me shivers. Your musical genius, time and encouragement was a blessing. Clifster, Adrian and Chef Sean – you made us sound so good and damn those burgers were tasty. John, I still want to come to your ranch so save me a mare and Linnnndaaa – you kept me going girl. Muchos gracias for settling me up, down and out – you have become my new style icon btw.

    So from Dallas to St. Petersburg, Boston to L.A. I say thanks to everyone who came out to see these shows. I am newly inspired to get back on the road and see you all again with a new record in tow. It will happen, I promise you for I'm not yet meant for a life without swims in a cold NY river, naked parades of New Orleans, alligators of Florida, Vegas' instant spin, bowling with the beasties, Easton power outage recording storms, 3am border crossing raids, hurricaines and peanut butter shakes and coffee and cigs with my friends in the perfect parking lot all dressed up in our pjs scaring hotel staff from coast to coast. Until next time...

    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 8:33 AM

    It was a tour that I'll never forget. I've seen a number of shows over the years but the energy from these performances were amazing. Orlando still blew me away with almost everyone singing to every single song. Wow! A brand new album and the audience knew the lyrics by heart.

    Orlando will be filled with many memories that would take too much space to fill but will always be remembered for many personal moments.

    Someone forwarded us this from Mandy's Facebook page about the Orlando show and I busted out laughing when I saw this comment from Shelly A. from Jacksonville, Florida who wrote:

    "the orlando show was amazing, and your band drunk at 2am was quite interesting".

    I thought we were all quite well behaved. It's all perception. :=)

    Thanks for the birthday celebration.

    Great show in Las Vegas too! Loved the addition of "Big Shot"! A night view from atop the Mandalay Bay, milk shakes, burgers and penny slots were gravy that wasn't expected at all. So cool! Not so emptied out my wallet when you set Mandy and I in front of your lucky machine...Mandy walked away the winner and I didn't even have enough for the drive-thru. *LOL

    The last two shows were sooooooo much fun! The final show in Scottsdale was intimate and casual. Thanks for the musical memories! Keep us posted for the next Brown Tidal Wave tour.

    Both Mandy and Rachael have been guests on The Time Machine radio show. Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut EP release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and keep an eye peeled out for Rachael's upcoming release. You can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately at her website Mandy Moore's latest album "Wild Hope" is a wonderful follow-up to her "Coverage" album and is her finest and most personal album to date. Her album "Wild Hope" is in the running for our most played album on the air for 2007. Check out her website

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