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    Monday, April 16, 2007

    Nashville artists. Tico Torres. MySpace spam. Don Ho. "The Office"...there's alot going on today.

    Singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye returns as a guest to "The Time Machine" this week. There's nothing nicer than when an artist comes back on the radio show. She's scheduled for an on-air appearence in the afternoon later this week. While we look forward to Courtney's return, she's here to let us know what she's been up to.

    Hello my dears out there. How goes it for you on this fine day?
    Well, I have been lame. Not writing. Busy as a bee. It's been nuts round here. It's no excuse. Just call me lame-o.

    So much to talk about, where shall we start?

    First of all, what is up with all of the spam on myspace? It's spamtastically out of hand, no? No, I don't want a weight loss pill (I eat alot andIi like it), no I don't need a new ringtone (I'll stick with Astrud Gilberto's "The Gentle Rain", thank you very much;), no I don't need a new handbag(my hobo wallet will do just fine;), and no I do not want to check to see who is visiting my profile page (even though I am slightly curious if the ex is checking in on me...but I'm such a girl like that, who wouldn't want to know that?).
    So, just in case you think myspace is one giant advertisement...I say, don't waste your precious time...I delete and don't think twice about it.

    So I have been traveling a bunch...went to the beautiful and sophisticated city of Montreal for some meetings, then to NYC for some more meetings and to visit with my friends whom I haven't seen in ages. NYC is like Vegas for me...I have no business being there for more than 3 days max...I ate so much good food, drank a wine that tasted like I was drinking a big red rose and adopted what I call the "vampire schedule"...which pretty much means what it says. I slept alot during the day because people go out in NYC til the wee hours of the morning and I gotta say, I'm a wuss anymore when it comes to the party circuit. Nashville has made me soft and I like it.

    Since I have been back, I have been writing a bunch with some really awesome and fantastic Nashville talents...ok, here's the list ya'll, check these folks out now!

    1. Thad Cockrell - my brotha from anotha mutha. Wow, what a talent. One of the finest songwriters I have ever met with the biggest heart in the world. Good human.

    2. Seth Kauffman - ok, he is not from Nashville, he's from ASHE-ville but that's close enough right? He was here last week and we were working together, so that makes him an honorary member of the Nashville music community. Ok, his music is like Beck and the Rolling Stones go to jamaica in the early 1960's and make a record at Johnny Cash's house with Willie Nelson hanging out and smoking weed in the control room just for fun. Wow. It's brilliant.

    3. Jeremy Lister - he's gonna be huge, just signed with Warner Bros ya'll...go JL.

    4. Trent Dabbs - I love your moves and your boots buddy, one of my favorite shows I've seen since I moved here.

    5. Sam Ashworth - we write the hits, ya know? Astronaut pushers-all star band.

    6. Kyle Andrews-out on tour with Josh Rouse right this SECOND! Go look now, he might be in your!

    7. Bill Demain of Swandive - aaahhh, Swandive. I like to swandive into the ocean from big cliffs. Well, not THAT big. In fact, if I was a bird, I might be a swan. Or a hummingbird. Or a flamingo. Ok, I'm indecisive today...obviously.

    8. The Bee's - oh, The Bee's. My little beelet's.

    Been seeing some great live shows lately...saw Autovaughn about a month back and they rocked my face off. Saw Citizen Cope on Friday and I danced like a hippie. saw Jessie Baylin and James Morrison last night and it was lovely. She is lovely. He is lovely. It was a lovely affair. In fact, James made me weep like a child. Seriously, weep. I couldn't help it...the tears just would not stop...for like, 2 songs! PLUS, the guy with the curly hair from Bon Jovi was there...I can't remember his name, and it wasn't Tico Torres even though I just like saying that name. Tico Torres. Tico Torres. In fact, I'm gonna name my next cat Tico Torres. It's official.

    Been listeing to all kinds of really old music lately...a ton of early, early Rolling Stones, still listening to Thad Cockrell and Caitlin Cary's "Begonias" like it is going out of, what else...alot of Martin Denny early exotica style music, just got introduced to Skeeter Davis and Chico Hamilton and I am hooked...alot of really old, old Hawaiian records that I don't know the names of because they are THAT old...which reminds me...a moment of silence in remembrance of Don Ho.............................................................................. shucks, he was the Hawaiian Elvis...the king...gotta pay respects where respects are due, ya know?

    Ok, well I am officially addicted to "The Office"...the American version. Sometimes I live under a rock and don't hear about or catch on to things until like, YEARS after they have been a big cultural phenomenon...but yes, I did just get into it and I am loving it. But I really want Pam and Jim to hook up and every episode that they do not hook up makes me sad. Pam can be such a wimp sometimes, it drives me batty. I'm all like, "you know you want him Pam! Admit it homegirl, your life would be so much better!" but now Jim has a girlfriend and Pam's gotta back off and it's obviously killing her but geez man, girl had her chance.

    Ok, enough bout that. thanks for letting me vent.

    I am talking to some record labels at the moment and things are looking good, so I am hoping to be in the studio by summer making a new record. Since I have been in Nashville I have written 46 songs and the record is almost written. Out of those 46, there are about 9 that will make up the next record and it's gonna be stupid cool. I am so focused on putting the BEST songs on this record and it may very well take another year til those perfect songs come but I am not gonna compromise just to put a record out. The thoughts will be complete, the hooks will be off the chart and the production will be really cool...I'm on a roll.

    Allright, I gotta stop talking now...I'm hungry and need a cup of joe...or if joe is not available, a coconut latte will do just fine.

    I heart you. stay tuned ya'll. I'm working hard and I promise the wait will be worth it .

    Hugs not drugs,

    Posted by Courtney Jaye

    Courtney's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Traveling Light" and keep an eye peeled out for CJ's upcoming release "Bamboo Moon". Sample "Are You With Me?", available at iTunes, you can also get a sampling of what she's been up to lately (including both "Til It Bleeds" and "The Sweetest Tune" which are getting some positive response from our radio listeners on the studio lines) at her website and also Courtney Jaye's MySpace Music Profile

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