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    Friday, April 13, 2007

    Irina Voronina Returns To The Homeland

    Actress Irina Voronina drops by this week with a note from Russia.

    Hello everyone,

    As many of you know I am in Russia right now, visiting my family.

    My family is very supportive of my achievments here in the States. And they are very modest, so they still don't believe someone in the US may even know my name.

    I showed them a DVD of 3 episodes of "Saul of the Mole Men". My brother said I must've gotten a part of Fallopia because no one else would agree to do it. My Mom casually asked me not to show it to any friends and relatives. They just need a little more time to accept my new venture in their hearts, they are very nice people.

    I think it took my Mom a few years to actually start beleiving that I am getting paid good money for what I do. She finally beleived me when they started accepting VISA in Russian supermarkets.

    My brother Roman (he's 38) hasn't changed a bit. He still thinks I am ugly, which is great research material for Fallopia's character in case if we'll get picked up for a 2nd season.

    Other than that people in Russia start recognizing me. Thanks to "Epic Movie" which is playing here in the theatres. The more famous I get here the more long time lost relatives seem to contact us out of the blue. So our extended family constantly keeps expanding.

    Now I have a new uncle who lives in Kamchatka. He read an article in a paper about me and located me thru MySpace. It turns out he's a scientist (volcanologist to be exact) . My Mom was thrilled to welcome someone who has a real job to our family. Finally someone she can be proud of. Uncle's wife has 9 brothers and sisters and now they all want to come visit me in Hollywood. They say it's closer to get to LA from Kamchatka then to fly to Moscow.

    My husband stayed home this time, but he seems to be very happy too. He never knew he could be related to so many white people.

    Russia seems to be developing faster then ever. My parents slowly take on American traditions. My Mom suggested we celebrate Easter by christening a newly built shopping mall that also features international world phenomenon of IKEA.

    I will let you know if I see a KFC or a 7-11.

    I am here for another 3 days. I am having a wonderful time with my family. Trips like this make me appreciate my life in the US a lot. Can't wait to get back!

    From Russia with love,

    Irina Voronina

    Irina was a recent guest on "The Time Machine" and can currently be seen on the television series "Saul Of The Mole Men" on the Cartoon Network's "Adult Swim" on Sunday evenings.

    Irina has quite a slate of films under her belt including "Reno 911: Miami", "Epic Movie", and Snoop Dogg's "Hood Of Horror". Her upcoming films this year include; "7-10 Split", "The Casino Job", Alan Ball's (screenwriter for "American Beauty") "Nothing Is Private" (Based on Alicia Erian's novel "Towelhead" with Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello and Toni Collette) and "Balls Of Fury" featuring Christopher Walken, Dan Folger, George Lopez, Aisha Tyler, Thomas Lennon, Jason Scott Lee, James Wong and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa.

    Above and below photographs: Irina Voronina with Monique Chachere and Michael McCartney

    Click here for Irina Voronina's website

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