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    Tuesday, September 12, 2006


    Singer-songwriter Alice Peacock drops by in a sleepy and nostalgic mood...

    Okay...crazy thunderstorm swept through here last night...I got about 2 hours sleep total which is tough for me. I'm an 8 hour a night gal! My 100 pound German Shepherd was pacing, trying to jump on the bed, panting and overall fretting during the thunder and lightening that shook the windows and made the bedroom bright enough to read in, respectively. Anyway I give my dog this homeopathic flower essence called "Rescue Remedy" which seems to help alleviate his anxiousness for a while...but this storm went on for hours and at some point I gave up on my beauty sleep!

    I used to love storms as a kid - tornado warnings with the excitement of impending possible disaster brought a sort of drama to an otherwise quiet Midwestern childhood. I loved the experience of getting our blankets and battery operated radio, gathering the family pets and going down into the basement to wait it out. My parents would sing songs and tell stories and I always felt completely safe! I loved the bruise colored sky preceding a tornado...thankfully, we were never hit but I loved the coziness of it all. I looked forward to blizzards that forced people to have to ski down the street to get groceries (if the stores were even open!). All the kids in the neighborhood would tunnel caves into the huge mountains of snow deposited by the showplows at the end of the streets while our mothers looked on anxiously. People would talk to each other and help shovel each other's cars out. There's something about extreme weather that brings everyone together.

    I would've enjoyed the storm last night, probably even slept through it, but instead, I was in the role of comforter and was needed to help someone else feel safe. I'm tired today but I don't mind.

    Posted by Alice Peacock

    Alice has been filling up our playlists since the turn of the century with wonderful songs from her self titled 2002 release. Alice has just released her latest collection of songs on an album titled "Who I Am". The album is available at all music outlets and online.

    Listen to Alice Peacock's music at her official website -

    You can also check out Alice Peacock at MySpace Music


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