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    Sunday, August 13, 2006

    John Hoskinson

    John Hoskinson has graced our playlists for two years and his album "Miscellaneous Heathen" is a must have for any fan of jangly melodic rock. Yes, his song "I Hope I Die Before You Do" is still in heavy rotation like it's a brand spanking new record, but it's new to anyone who has never heard it before. John's album is pure pop bliss. We had a chance to have him on the air and you can listen to his entire interview online. It's not in stereo like our own streaming site for The Time Machine but John Hoskinson has made it available at his official site for download at 50 minutes with Lo-Fi mono audio. We don't know how much longer it will be available so check it out while you can.

    John Hoskinson's Official Website -

    John Hoskinson on MySpace Music


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