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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    See It and Scream

    Summer is full of barbeques all around America and Hawaii is no exception. We love to gather, "grind ono food" (for you non-island readers...tranlate that to "eating a delicious meal") and "talk story" for hours. Below is a message for Julie who gave up our typical Maui "get together" to go to Disneyland instead.

    Hey Julie,

    I hope you guys are enjoying your trip. We sure missed you and the family last night. We’ll make sure to get together again.

    Just to get you up to par for our next gathering, we have to tell you about the new game we invented last night. It’s called, "See it and scream"! Yes, thank goodness the children were busy in the house and we definitely didn’t want them participating or witnessing what occurred. Now don’t get too carried away with the title since it took a while for the game to evolve. The men were in a jovial mood and liquids were flowing in abundance! The women, of course were more sedate although that could be because you weren’t there (referring to Alphred’s wedding, haha).

    Anyway, the game starts with Sean showing everybody something. I don’t know why he did it since his isn’t that big or so I thought. But, I guess with alcohol, strange things tend to happen. So, he gets the guys all riled up and Ernie jumps in and grabs his spear and starts holding it and jabbing it at things. It’s one of those frozen moments in time and you know that this picture will be with you for life even if you get Alzheimers. Gee, I don’t ever remember being involved in a party like this one even when I was in college. What a wild bunch you all are! Though maybe you have done these kinds of “activities” before. . .

    Well, Ernie, being the bravest put up a good show. He concentrated and jiggled his spear and out pops this hairy ________! Roxanne is screaming, standing on the chair, trying to get a better look. Erica is standing on tip-toes, although I‘m sure it’s nothing new, and Jenny is running away. As we all encouraged Ernie, he continued to “dance” and watch the thing between his legs. But, it happened so fast that I had to replay the scene in mind several times to be sure I saw what I saw. Gads, for me, it was pretty funny since it’s not every day I get a chance to see exhibitions like these! Hey, it was free!

    Finally, after all the commotion died down, everybody settled and we started the game again. This time Erica and Roxanne noticed that Sean was. . .well, Roxanne was back on top of the chair again with high pitched sounds emanating from her and Erica was pointing and out pops a _______ ! Holy cow!

    Meanwhile, Michael was sitting with his feet up on a chair and not moving at all. And Phil was slowly approaching the spectacle though not fully participating yet. Too bad we didn’t have total participation because that would have been the “crowning” moment! Ha!

    The show was so good, I’m bummed that we weren’t able to get any pictures. But hey, black or gray hairy things are fun! See it and scream! Very aptly named.

    I’m sure that the next time we meet, this story will come up and I just wanted you to be up to speed when we play again. Just be ready! Oh, and by the way, if you fill-in the blanks with the word rat, the story will make sense.

    Posted by Cassie


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