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    Saturday, July 15, 2006

    Guest Artist: Singer-Songwriter Jim Boggia on The Time Machine

    Every once in a while, due to strange hours and scheduling with an artist, we find ourselves at The Time Machine actually recording an interview like a reporter would for a newspaper article (except that we toss in music for good measure). Singer-songwriter Jim Boggia sent the word out about just such a thing via his website about the interview that will air this afternoon. Take it away, Jim...

    Hey Everyone,


    The friendly and knowledgeable Michael McCartney of Hawaiian radio station KEAO asked if I'd agree to do a phone interview with him for a segment on his show, The Time Machine. Sure, I said. We agreed on doing it in a few days time at midnight EDT - there being a big time difference between Hawaii and Philly, y'understand.

    I've been enjoying wine quite a bit lately. Trader Joe's has opened up in Manhattan and the quality / price ratio can't be matched by the government-controlled state stores here in PA. So, flaunting how many laws I'm not quite sure, it's been great to be able to pick up a case and bring it back and have a nice bottle of wine in the evening.

    I'd like to mention that midnight is kinda a weird time to do, what we call in this industry, a "phoner" and I, like many folks approaching senility, occasionally forget a small detail here or there, like, oh - - I don't know - - say a phone call I'm supposed to get at midnight on a particular night.

    So, it may not surprise you to learn that I will be as interested as you (perhaps more) to hear what it is I might have said to Mike when he called.

    We can both find out this Saturday (7.15.06) at 9p EDT (6p PDT and 3p whatever they call the timezone in Hawaii). You can stream it here:

    Apparently, there's 70 minutes of music and conversation. 70 minutes.

    I probably shouldn't have told you any of this.



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