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    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Syd Barrett: Some Thoughts

    Syd Barrett was a gentle soul who played his guitar like a soul who'd circled the spheres for centuries: exploring, learning, knowing, teaching. Then he was done. Syd created sounds that had never been heard before or since. His words were a great reflection of his innocence and curiosity in this World. He lived as a complete individual who influence thousands of lives. Syd Barrett became an icon of the 20th century through his imagination and use of drugs (LSD) as Poe, Van Gogh and Monk before him: abstract genius' on individual planes of existence and thought, totally original and impossible to emulate successfully. Syd Barrett was an "absolute original artist", the greatest thing an artist can ever lay claim to. I pray that he knew this in his lifetime and enjoyed some satisfaction from it. Syd Barrett has been missed for a long, long time, but he was never gone. Why should he be gone now? I don't miss Syd any more now than I did before. Some people can never go away. Syd is one.

    Nelson Bragg

    Posted by Nelson Bragg

    Nelson is a fine musician and singer-songwriter who has had the chance to contribute to the sounds of; Brian Wilson, The Mockers, Carolyn Edwards, Jeff Merchant, The Mello Cads, The Tyde, The Quarter After, The Now People, Cloud Eleven, Cosmo Topper, Kevin Kane, Stew and Andrew Gold. In addition to music, Nelson also paints. You can sample his music on Nelson Bragg's Music Profile on MySpace Music


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