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    Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    A Prairie Home Companion!

    Singer-songwriter Alice Peacock drops by in a nostalgic mood... I just got booked on A Prairie Home Companion this Saturday! Let me tell you how cool this is...when I was kid growing up in Minnesota we didn't have a TV so radio was king! Saturday nights were sacred as that's when A Prairie Home Companion was on. The rule was no one could talk during Garrison Keiller's monologue about Lake Woebegon, MN and the characters of that mythical small town. The monologues, often humorous, had a thread of a lesson through them that left you feeling warm and cozy (at least I felt warm and cozy)! Maybe my fondness for the show harkens back to my childhood and a family gathered around the radio, maybe it's because of it's stories and the music of "my tribe" - the Midwest and the people in it. I was introduced to wonderful folk singer/songwriters like Greg Brown and bluegrass greats like Ralph Stanley. I'm sure that the music played on the show influenced who I am today as a musician!

    When I moved away from home and throughout my travels as a grown-up I would tune in to A Prairie Home Companion for a dose of that warm, cozy, familiar feeling. Sometimes it comes on the radio incidentally while touring out on the road and I too make those around me stop talking during the monologue :-)

    Posted by Alice Peacock

    Alice has been filling up our playlists since the turn of the century with wonderful songs from her self titled 2002 release. Alice has just released her latest collection of songs on an album titled "Who I Am".

    Listen to Alice Peacock's music at her official website -

    You can also check out Alice Peacock at MySpace Music


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