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    Monday, September 11, 2006

    KGRL Awaits Your Listening Pleasure

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    We've had a link to KGRL on our website and thought that maybe we should point it out to you if you hadn't noticed the link on past visits to The Time Machine.

    Don't tell the boss but while we were busy playing you songs on the air today, we were blasting the "super secret audition speakers" in the studio listening to KGRL's very own Mysty play some of the finest music over the course of five hours.

    KGRL is a non-profit non-commercial internet radio station that plays an ALL female artist mixed-genre with easy-listening, flower-powered hits from past to present. KGRL is listener supported and that means KGRL is free of annoying advertisements.

    The station started on May 7, 2006 as a test broadcast that eventually led to a full broadcast several days after the acquisition of license and royalty coverage. KGRL is currently signed up with Loudcity for the license which makes them a 100% legal internet streaming radio station. That's a good thing.

    So really, what does KGRL mean? KGRL is not an acronym but just a name for a radio station that represents the feminine side of music. Think of it like saying "k-girl" but one that pertains to the type of music and not to limit or define exclusivity for female listeners. Sometimes even the most hardcore males needs a breather from the heaviness of what they always listen to and the staff of KGRL are there to provide the best alternative without sucking on mainstream pop radio.

    The songs played fall in a wide variety of genre, mostly alternative, jazz, pop, folk, rock, trip-hop, classic, and even japanese pop. Artists range from popular mainstream to obscure ones. So if you've enjoyed The Time Machine all of these years and wondered what we would sound like if we were to remove the male vocals and our beloved early sixties girl groups from our playlists, then KGRL is exactly what you are looking for.

    Be sure to check the LOOK section, or more specifically the Artists Currently Streamed section - it's just right below the current featured Flower-Powered Artist of the Month, for a list of all the artists they have in their repertoire. The list presents clickable reference links to the artists for detail/information convenience much like our own links on the side of our website. Very handy to have that info on such a wonderful sounding online radio station.

    All of The Time Machine's faves have been honored with KGRL's Flower-Powered Artist of the Month; Solveig Sandnes, Shine, Puffy AmiYumi and Courtney Jaye. This month features Kay Hanley with not only an in-depth interview (transcribed and audio) but also fantastic video performances taped this past July. The songs that you can view of Kay singing in concert include; "Video", "Think Bad Thoughts", "Fall", "Cellars By Starlight", "Galapagos", "It Hurts", "Awake" and "Te Amo".

    Check it out by clicking on the banner at top of this article.


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