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    Monday, December 24, 2012

    Kissing Santa On Christmas Eve

    It was another radio marathon for The Time Machine Crew on Christmas Eve with Summer Blue sitting in producer Jenny Leong's seat, making sure that Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney were never without Christmas music while behind their microphones. Special thanks goes out to KPMW's Ryan Piros and KEAO's Kathy Collins for unleashing The Time Machine Crew to let their Christmas Ya-Ya's out for the Maui audiences. The amount of radio airtime given to Daphne, Summer and Michael for two days of non stop yuletide musical fun is unprecedented on Maui radio and both Ryan and Kathy will find some nifty treats in their stockings this year.

    Speaking of treats, the Christmas broadcast tradition of being catered by former disc jockey Deron Furukawa and upside down kitty lover Kit Zulueta, continued with baking love from the kitchen to keep the air talent in a hyper and cheerful mood. DJ Kai and announcer Ali's brownies were deeply missed, as was producer Jenny's seasonal smoothies, but this year saw the debut of treats from the kitchen of Enchanted Weddings of Maui's own Lisa Villiarimo. Onolicious kudos go out to Deron, Kit and Lisa.

    Special radio appearances on this Christmas Eve include Kate Goldby & Zac Anthony from The Wellingtons, Mike Viola, Rob Bonfiglio, Rachael Yamagata, Andrea Perry, Albert Brooks, Schuyler Fisk, Danny Wilkerson from The Pengwins, Laurie Biagini, Mike Nicholson from Stratocruiser, Cirrone, Neil Sedaka, Pamela Polland & Doc Roberts, Michael Oliver and Adam Waltermire introducing Chris Finlayson's performance of the Wham! seasonal classic "Last Christmas".

    This portion of the Christmas Eve FM broadcast featured on this podcast is titled "Kissing Santa On Christmas Eve" which is named after a brand new song from singer-songwriter Kelly Jones. Her holiday tune made it's world broadcast debut in November and become one of the most played songs this Christmas season on The Time Machine. Other brand new Christmas songs were featured from The Mockers, Kurt Baker, Paul McCartney, FM Radio, Lisa Loeb, Graham Colton and Vegas With Randolph. Other artists heard on this Maui Christmas Eve FM aircheck include Andrew Gold, Marcy Levy Detroit, Liz Phair, The Sonic Executive Sessions, Rachel Sweet, Christmas Spirit, Mike Nichols & Elaine May, Wilson Phillips, Meiko, Stephen Colbert, Mandy Moore, Gabriella Cilmi, Melanie Fontana, Taryn Manning & Butch Walker, Maxi Dunn, Sarah Stanley & Sam Park, The Hollyberries (Kip Brown), Rachael Teo, Eytan Mirsky, Sheva Solomon and The Time Machine Christmas Crew.

    Click here to listen or download the Christmas Eve FM broadcast with Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney

    A special "shout out" goes to our beloved Irina Voronina who has always been there for The Time Machine Radio Crew. Some new kitty collars will be in her stocking this Christmas for her furry companions.


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