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    Tuesday, October 18, 2011

    Aaron Yeger Interview on The Time Machine

    Director Aaron Yeger was a guest on The Time Machine today. Aaron is in town for the United States film premiere of his documentary "A People Uncounted" at the Hawaii International Film Festival. It debuted last Friday evening and will have another screening on this Wednesday at 4PM at Honolulu's Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18 Theatres & IMAX. This year’s festival includes 212 films from 43 countries.

    The feature documentary with Nuance Pictures and Urbinder Documentaries is about the genocide of the Romani people during the Holocaust and their continuing marginalization and persecution in present day. This year at the Hawaii International Film Festival, the documentary has been nominated for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award for Documentary Feature. The Roma have endured centuries of intolerance and persecution in Europe, most notably during the Holocaust, when an estimated 500,000 or more were murdered. "A People Uncounted" documents their culturally rich yet often difficult lives, and demonstrates how their present state has been deeply shaped by the tragedies of the past.

    This is the first feature-length film for director Aaron Yeger, producers Marc Swenker and Tom Rasky, and executive producer Lenny Binder. The film grew from a conversation between Rasky and Binder, both children of Holocaust survivors and their mutual friend, award-winning Romani musician Robi Botos, who went on to score the film. The film is edited by A.C.E. award-winning documentary filmmaker Kurt Engfehr (Fahrenheit 911, Bowling for Columbine).

    Filmed in 11 countries and featuring dozens of Roma—including Holocaust survivors, historians, activists and musicians—A People Uncounted brings the Romani history to life through the rich interplay of their poetry, music, and compelling first-hand accounts. As ethnic intolerance flares up once again across Europe, "A People Uncounted" sheds light on this unique culture while placing the Romani story within the larger context of the world’s legacy of racism and genocide.

    Aaron Yeger also discussed his upcoming projects including the role of co-director with Marc Swenker for "Chasing the King", a feature documentary about Chuck Berry and a quest for the real King of Rock and Roll, as well as a producer of "Fantastico!" a feature documentary about the rise of new Canadian fashion icon Bruno Ierullo.

    Aaron Yeger graduated from Ryerson University's School of Image Arts with a specialization in Film Production, where he received a number of awards including the Norman Jewison Filmmaker Award, the Harvey Hart Award for Directing, the J. L. Beaton Award for academic distinction, and two Universal Studios Scholarships in Filmmaking. The Time Machine Crew were honored to have a film maker of Aaron's caliber on the broadcast.

    New music heard on this Maui afternoon FM broadcast features artists Sarina Paris, Mike Viola and Rachael Yamagata.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with Aaron Yeger

    Video Below: Movie Preview For The Documentary "A People Uncounted"

    Official Website for Aaron Yeger

    Official Website for "A People Uncounted"

    "A People Uncounted" on Facebook

    Hawaii International Film Festival

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