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    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Sabrina Taylor's brush with Rude Behavior at the Happiest Place on Earth

    Singer-songwriter Sabrina Taylor had an interesting experience this past Friday that she decided to share with you and other regular readers of this website and the listening audience of "The Time Machine".

    SO I was at DisneyLand Friday. I went ALL DAY with my friend Jackie and her family - it was her nieces' 6th birthday! It was great. That is SUCH an amazing park. I actually went on a few roller-coasters, which I am usually scared of - but it was fun:D

    ANYHOW! It was about 8:30 PM, really dark and I was in line for the "car driving" ride, I was with Jillian (the 6 year old), her mom and cousin and other cousin. We had been in line for about 30 minutes and it was about to be our turn to get in line for a car, when all of the sudden 3 grown women,(one was carrying a louis vuitton bag) and 3 small children and 1 13 year old, decided to CUT in line in front of us. SO, me being me, I decided to say out loud "No, no, no, no, no, that's not cool!" It didn't affect them, they kept going.

    We were all really pissed because we had just waited for 30 minutes for this ride. So we decided to tell the person who was in charge of the ride - they had a few words with the women, who DENIED it, and they allowed them to proceed on the ride.

    WELL, after we got off the ride, the women just happened to be in front of us on the way OUT and decided to talk shit, kept looking back at US and then called US stupid for NOT doing what they did! So I said, " Well I don't think what you did is good parenting, teaching your kids to cheat is a GREAT gift to pass on". Anyway - WE ALL ALMOST GOT INTO A FIGHT. One of the girls (with the LV bag) pushed Jillian's mom and got RIGHT in my face. I had a ball cap on and all I was seeing was my head banging her with my cap. *LOL

    Point being, if they had been a few teenagers, it wouldn't have been a big deal but the fact that they were GROWN women with YOUNG kids, it was a big deal to me. That is NO way to behave in front of children or ANYONE. That just teaches them to cheat, lie and sneak to get what you want, and that is why most kids today are spoiled brats, because their parents teach them that it's OK to do what ever it takes to get what you want!

    Anyhow, sorry for this being SO long. I just wanted to share that experience with you.

    And look, I have snuck into movies & concerts, but I would NEVER do it with a child OR I would NEVER CUT in front of someone in a line where I know they have been waiting a while.

    Ok, I'm interested in hearing your comments about this one :D

    xx Sabrina

    Posted by Sabrina Taylor

    "Can't Go Home" by Sabrina Taylor has been heavily played this past year on "The Time Machine" and Sabrina was a wonderful guest on the radio show. With her new release coming out we hope to have this talented artist return to the program.

    Official Website for Sabrina Taylor

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