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    Monday, October 23, 2006

    Chris Isaak Performed in Hawaii

    Over the weekend; actor, rocker and crooner Chris Isaak rocked on the islands of Maui (Friday evening) and Oahu (Saturday night). This was the second time around for The Time Machine Crew to kick back and be entertained by one of the most charismatic rock performers today. Chris was a guest on The Time Machine in the past (including a wonderful Christmas radio special before the turn of the century) and he had us in stitches on the air just as he did this past weekend from stage.

    The audience was in high heaven from the get-go and what island crowd doesn't appreciate an artist like Chris performing "Sweet Leilani".

    Before playing music, he worked a variety of jobs.

    “I have done farm work, throwing hay, loading sacks at the port, a bunch of roofing work, drove delivery, even worked in a funeral home –got out of there fast,” he said. “My mom would get calls from farmers that used to hire me years after I was making records. They would call and offer me work, throwing hay. I always thought that meant they thought I was a good worker, but my brother said, they probably just heard me sing and figured I needed a job.”

    Giving us the perspective from Oahu, Kathy with a "K", shares her wonderment:

    On Saturday night, I had the fine pleasure of making good on a concert I absently, regrettably blew off back in 1999: Chris Issak. Ah, I was in nirvana last night, he and his five piece band were great. You know, he's got a fine voice though I am reminded just how pure it is when it's just him and his acoustic guitar, quietly stepping up the scales and back down again. Oh, and that blue suit. And the mirrored suit for the hana hou.

    One of the songs he did was one he "borrowed" while visiting Molokai and when he said "Blue Darling", my heart pulsed as that is my fave Kapena song. Isaak and his band also did covers of Cheap Trick (I Want You to Want Me) and Roy Orbison. The hits "Wicked Game" and "Somebody's Crying" were featured about thirty to forty minutes into his one hour and forty-five minute set (at least that was what I clocked by the time I got to my car, after the house lights came on) with "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing" close to the end. It was an even mix of everyone's favorite, whether you are just a radio listener or you've got the i-pod busting at the seams, it was throughly enjoyable.

    Isaak is Mr. Personality, which makes him translate so well with fans and on his cable show. Sexy, smart, witty...frickin' guy has men wanting to trade shop talk about music and what'not and the ladies are all Ah-Gah over his swagger and rumoured endowment of the arts (wink, wink...I don't know, a co-worker mentioned this to me and I believe I blushed...).

    Michael McCartney

    Monday, October 23, 2006 at 10:15 AM

    I caught him on Friday night here on Maui and it was my second time to see him in concert. Unlike you, I didn't pass up that show back in '99. *LOL

    As mentioned earlier Chris is an incredibly charismatic performer. I took a friend with me as my date couldn't make it at the last moment (that's another story but she saw him back in '99 with me - :) - so we're covered). He was ready to be bored out of his mind but as soon as Chris jumped off the stage after the first song...he was hooked. He only knew the song "Wicked Game" and no matter how many flicks I told him that I knew he saw that Chris acted in, he couldn't even place his face. He's been telling everyone the past two days that he is a "new Chris Isaak fan". It was so funny watching my friend look around at the entire venue packed with a sold out crowd and stating, "This guy must be famous. Look at all of these people." Yeah...he doesn't get out much...

    I should also add that I don't get out much either. :)

    Kathy w/a K

    Monday, October 23, 2006 at 10:22 AM

    ...when I had the rare chance to peep Miles Davis at the Waikiki Shell, what was it...1990? 1989? My friends and I were lying on our backs staring at the night sky on the lawn and I kept sitting up, looking across the crowd. I didn't realize how fortunate I was to be listening to him, looking at his back as that's the way Miles played to his audience. It was one of those shows where it was like Woodstock, you know, people said they were there but were they? Really? I gained further appreciation of his music and sometimes that's where an artist is really best heard: live and in person.

    I believe this is why I love going to concerts and local gigs, when I can. The energy of the audience as well as the performer(s)...when they still love what they do and you can tell they know they are lucky to have fans that support them. What a great life, tough on the road yet it's hell-a better than being chained to a desk in an office with fake air and no windows.


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