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    Monday, October 30, 2006

    Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo Perform On Maui

    They were married here on Maui back in 1982 when Pat Benatar's vocals and Neil Geraldo's rock arrangements dominated the airwaves of both TOP 40 and Rock radio stations. They have lived in Hana here on Maui for quite some time (their youngest daughter is named Hana). These two facts have made for a concert performance for the Valley Isle that was a long time coming.

    Hard to believe but these iconic artists have never performed for a Maui audience with their incredible songbook. They've been guests on The Time Machine in the past but Tuesday evening on October 3rd was musical history as far as the Maui audience was concerned. The audience was already giving the rocking couple a standing ovation as they came onstage. No music from stage, just pure appreciation for finally bringing their musical chops to an audience craving rock and roll sorely missing from today's musical landscape.

    It appeared that a good portion of their neighbors from Hana town showed up in the concert venue which most Maui residents sometimes refer to as "the other side of the world" and rarely make a trip to that remote area of Maui.

    Before rambling on about the sheer joy of hearing songs like; "True Love", "We Belong", "Hit Me With Your Best Shot", "Shadows Of The Night" and "Love Is A Battlefied", The Time Machine's own Laureen Ampong keeps it simple about the performance:

    It was awesome! Pat Benatar’s voice is definitely incredible. The rich tone to her voice is amazing after all these years. The musicianship of the band is fantastic!

    Truly a worthwhile experience! Thanks!

    Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo

    Earlier this year, Neil was part of team Liquid Sunshine, who finished second in their division in the Hana Relay which is a 52 mile course from the Kahului Airport to the Hana Ball Park, that includes 617 curves and over 56 bridges. Liquid Sunshine finished in 6 hours 26 minutes 29 seconds, cutting an hour off of last year's time.


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