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    Thursday, February 14, 2013

    Brian Ray and Orianthi Panagaris Interviews On The Time Machine

    Are you ready for a rockin' Valentine's Day? Rockers and singer-songwriters Brian Ray and Orianthi Panagaris were recent musical guests on The Time Machine. Brian returned to the radio show to give not only the Maui radio audience a chance to listen to "Sucker For Love" by The Bayonets, but it was also a world broadcast debut from the duo made up of Oliver Leiber and Brian Ray. In addition to Brian's own solo work, over a decade as musical arranger for Etta James and as Paul McCartney's guitarist for over ten years (That's right, Rock fans, Brian has been playing with Paul longer than any member of Wings...let that piece of music trivia soak in.), Brian teamed up with Oliver to release a new digital single every seven weeks from The Bayonets. Brian and Oliver also enlisted the help of their musical outlaw pals Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello), Adam McDougall (Black Crowes), Scott Shriner (Weezer), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) and Lucrecia López Sanz (Nube 9). Orianthi's incredible guitar playing was once again featured on her latest single "Frozen" that's been featured in heavy rotation on The Time Machine the past month. Orianthi shared her inspiration for the song and discussed her upcoming album "Heaven In This Hell". The Time Machine Crew were excited that Ori was able to be on the broadcast between her latest gig as a member of Alice Cooper's band (two world tours so far) and her third album produced by the talented Dave Stewart to be released on March 12th. Radio host Michael McCartney had the volume cranked up to full blast in the air studio and was enjoying the pure pop bliss of both guitarists and their craft. Both gifted artists made the radio show sizzle with rock.

    The Time Machine

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with Brian Ray and Orianthi

    Below: Official music video for "Sucker For Love" from The Bayonets

    Below: A tribute to Les Paul for the Miami Dolphins/Houston Texans Halftime Show featuring Rick Nielson, Orianthi and Brian Ray who produced and arranged the performance along with 100 kids on guitars for Gibson Foundation's Music In Schools program.

    Below: Orianthi performing performing "Frozen" on Fox 11

    Below: Official music video for "Now Or Never" from Orianthi

    Below: Official music video for "According To You" by Orianthi

    Below: Official music video for "Shut Up & Kiss Me" by Orianthi

    Below: Official music video for "Courage" from Orianthi featuring Lacey

    Below: Official music video for "Highly Strung" from Orianthi featuring Steve Vai

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    The Bayonets on Twitter

    Official Website for Brian Ray

    Official Website for Orianthi

    Orianthi on Twitter

    Orianthi on Facebook

    Official Website for Dave Stewart


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