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    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Adam Waltemire Interview on The Time Machine

    In August of 2010, radio host Adam Waltemire, released an album to coincide with his radio show's concert tour, that had already taken place on the East coast and was making a concert debut on the West coast. The Southern California tour at Huntington Beach and the Orange County Fair was also a celebration of the CD release of "Pop Garden Radio Presents: The Rock on the Road Tour – Season 1". Some of The Time Machine Crew were able to attend the live performances including Matthew Burger, Summer Blue, Michael McCartney, Jenny Leong and Marc Alvarado.

    Below Photograph: Pop Garden Radio host Adam Waltemire with The Time Machine's radio host Michael McCartney

    The Time Machine

    In a rare moment on The Time Machine, the album tracks are played in order as Adam Waltemire discusses the artists and their musical contributions to the compilation. Here's the list in listening order on the album and broadcast:

    The Successful Failures – Armadillo Boy
    D Henry Fenton – Sweet Virginia
    Michael Slawter – Kissed My Kind
    Popdudes – Joe Sincere
    Stratocruiser – Slush
    Dave Stephens – Josephine
    Nushu – Your Girl
    Walter Clevenger & the Dairy Kings – You Got Off Easy
    Seth Swirsky – Summer in Her Hair
    Sparkle*Jets UK – Fantastic Pantsuit
    Adam Marsland – Learning the Ropes
    The Smith Bros – Tremelo
    The Anderson Council – Love Bomb
    Dennis Holseybrook – Keep it Up
    Maple Mars – Welcomed Here
    easybake – What Won’t Wake Us
    Vegas With Randolph – The Better Part
    Todd Dillingham – Paintings
    Jeffrey Glenn - Spreadsheet Queen

    The Time Machine

    Other artists featured on this Maui afternoon FM radio aircheck include Mike Viola, Paul McCartney and brand new music from The Bangles that's been our number one song for over a month with The Cars trying to take over the top spot. New songs from Ben Harper and Katy Perry are also heard on the broadcast.

    Click here to listen or download the interview with Adam Waltemire on The Time Machine

    *Be sure to check out the weekly broadcast on WMEL in Florida or online as a live broadcast or download the show as a podcast.

    Official Website for Pop Garden Radio

    The Time Machine

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