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    Sunday, January 09, 2011

    Greg Laswell Covers Rachael Yamagata's "Worn Me Down" for The Voice Project

    The Time Machine Crew were wondering for the last seven years who would tackle the artistic works of songsmith Rachael Yamagata. A strong singer-songwriter in his right, Greg Laswell, a friend of Rachael's did a wonderful performance of "Worn Me Down" for The Voice Project last September. Below is the video from the website and the words of introduction from The Voice Project:

    Always that sense of excitement at the door, something new waiting just beyond. Greg buzzed us in and we met him halfway up the stairs to his sweet rooftop studio in Brooklyn. We were really excited to hear he was going to covering Rachael who was actually at Nikki and Oli's wedding when we first showed the video of the ladies in Gulu singing Suitcase to Joe Purdy. And to tie it all in even more, Oli actually played cello on the original album release of "Worn Me Down" from Rachael (Oli, we're coming for you too soon, you better have a song ready). Greg's soulful version seems to echo what he says right before, a quiet expression of admiration and love for the song and for his old friend.

    Thanks to Greg, Nicole Martin and to Kristen Daly for shooting this one.

    Official Website for The Voice Project

    Official Website for Greg Laswell

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