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    Wednesday, September 29, 2010

    James Patrick Phelan Interview

    Just another day in paradise on the FM dial with radio hosts Summer Blue, Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney spinning tunes, old and new. Rocker James Patrick Phelan was a guest on The Time Machine last week. James has an EP titled "The Melody Tapes Part 1". The songs were recorded at Robbie Rist's Valley Hollah Studios in Woodland Hills, California. Robbie produced and engineered the music for the EP and there are another batch of songs on the way for "The Melody Tapes Part 2". James gave The Time Machine a chance at playing the songs the past few weeks on the air. James played rhythm guitar on the tracks featured on the broadcast along with Brian Forsythe (from KIX and Rhinobucket) on guitars, Roger Joseph Manning (Beck, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Moog Cookbook and TV Eyes) on keyboards and Moog synthesizers and Robbie Rist on six and twelve string basses plus drums. "The Melody Tapes Part 1" featuring the single "The Day After You" is available on iTunes (United States, Japan, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom), Rhapsody and Shockhound in December.

    This Maui afternoon FM aircheck with Summer, Daphne and Michael have the trio not only playing new material from James Patrick Phelan, but they also featured brand new songs from Robbie and Seth (the duo of Robbie Rist and Seth Gordon currently gigging around the country as the "Robbie and Seth Beg Forgiveness Tour"), the latest R. Stevie Moore production with Beth Sorrentino covering Curt Boettcher's song "I'm Not Living Here" (that both his band The Ballroom recorded in 1967 [not released until decades later] and released by Sagittarius in 1968), Stratocruiser, The Rubinoos, Jason Falkner, Smash Palace, Nushu, Palmdale, Farrah, Jeremy Messersmith and Paramore. Other artists heard on this broadcast include; Throwback Suburbia, Billy Joel, Mike Viola, Roy Orbison, James Carter Cathcart, Pete Best Band, Josie & The Pussycats, The Smith Bros., Carole King and the foursome of Joey Curatolo, Amy Miles, Chris Anderson and Charles Gansa with "Love Take Me Down (To The Streets).

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