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    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

    Lucy Schwartz Continues To Wow Music Lovers

    Singer-songwriter Lucy Schwartz was a musical guest on The Time Machine. Her music has been a part of our playlists for years since her debut album "Winter In June" was released. In addition to her recently released EP "Help Me! Help Me!", Lucy has had her music featured in numerous television programs and motion pictures. Lucy recently performed on "The Tonight Show" a few weeks ago and is slated for Lilith Fair in Ridgefield, Washington on July 2nd along with Sheryl Crow, A Fine Frenzy and Sarah McLachlan. Her sophomore album "Life In Letters" is scheduled to be released this August. Just out this week is the soundtrack to "Shrek Forever" which features a duet with Lucy Schwartz and Landon Pigg titled "Darling I Do". Here is their music video:

    Lucy Schwartz and Landon Pigg perform "Darling I Do" on "The Tonight Show":

    Here's Lucy's latest song that is currently in heavy rotation on The Time Machine - "Help Me! Help Me!":

    The final music video from Lucy Schwartz is a song that was the first musical gem that The Time Machine had in the number one spot week after week for a number of months back in 2006 when Lucy Schwartz was simply known to our radio audience as Lucy. Here is "I Don't Know A Thing":

    Lucy Schwartz on MySpace Music

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