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    Nushu's Lisa Mychols and Tom Richards from The Waking Hours welcome you to The Time Machine

    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Pizza and Maui Radio Aircheck

    Radio show hosts Summer Blue and Michael McCartney work up an appetite while spinning music on the FM dial. While management keeps the air conditioner cranked up to Arctic like temperatures to keep the broadcast equipment from overheating, the disc jockeys keep their long sleeves on to keep from freezing. Beach goers hit the Maui shorelines unaware that the DJs on the Hawaiian airwaves are wearing the complete opposite of swimsuits and slippers. Immediately following the program, Summer and Michael run from the air studio to the nearest pizza place to warm up after being locked up for hours on the air. From the photograph above, you can see that they are still thawing out at the pizzeria eatery.

    An interview with Pennan Brae can be heard on this program along with the band's new song "Anyways". The Time Machine continues to feature new music from Mandy Moore's upcoming album, "Amanda Leigh", to be released on May 26th. "Bug" resulted from the singer-songwriter having a hankering to close her album with something acoustic and simple. Mandy had the desire to actualize a song in the vein of Harry Nilsson or Randy Newman and "Pocket Philosopher" is a bit light hearted and goofy but also resonates with the excitement of meeting someone new and wanting to stop time so you could figure them out a little more. The album produced by frequent musical guest on The Time Machine, Mike Viola, can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

    New songs also featured on this afternoon FM broadcast can be heard from Mink, Paul Carrack (with Timothy B. Schmit and Don Henley), The Handuffs, The Smith Bros. and Jordan Zevon.

    Producer Jenny Leong, Pop Garden Radio's Adam Waltemire and Suitcase Full Of Dimes' Ed Lynn added to the on air musical fun with songs from The Hudson Brothers, Jill Sobule, Rick Derringer, Lisa Mychols, The Oohs, Jude Cole, Sweet, Badfinger, The Rolling Stones, Electric Light Orchestra, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and David Bowie.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck for Pennan Brae, Summer Blue, Ed Lynn, Michael McCartney and Adam Waltemire on The Time Machine

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