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    Saturday, February 28, 2015

    Vicki Peterson Interview on The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Vicki Peterson was a musical guest on The Time Machine. The founding member of The Bangles shared her thoughts behind the latest release of the band's early work "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Bangles!". In addition to the band's early rarities, Vicki also discussed the inspiration behind some of songs from The Bangles, as well as music that she contributed to as a member of The Continental Drifters. Before joining The Continental Drifters, Vicki teamed up with Susan Cowsill to form the duo The Psycho Sisters and the year 2014 saw both "Up On The Chair, Beatrice" by The Psycho Sisters" and "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Bangles!" from The Bangles get released to music fans around the globe. The Time Machine's radio audience was treated to a long lasting song in rotation on the broadcast for a few decades, "Heather Says" by The Cowsills, get airplay with a brand new recording performed by The Psycho Sisters. Radio host Michael McCartney and The Time Machine Crew were excited to share the new version over the FM dial.

    Above Photograph: Rocker Vicki Peterson and The Time Machine's Executive Producer Jenny Leong

    Below Photograph: Singer-songwriter Vicki Peterson and The Time Machine's host Michael McCartney flash the Hawaiian "shaka sign"

    Other artists featured on this Maui afternoon FM broadcast include Timmy Sean's latest song of the week for his Timmy Sean Tuesdays for all of 2015 along with music from Kick The Kangaroo.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with Vicki Peterson

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    The Psycho Sisters Social Club on Facebook

    Official Website for Susan Cowsill

    Official Website for The Continental Drifters

    Vicki Peterson on Twitter


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