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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Courtney Jaye from Asheville to Nashville...

    Singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye, frequent radio guest of The Time Machine, stops by for an update while her upcoming album is in the mixing stage.

    Hello kids,

    How the hell are ya? I haven't written in ages, so I figured I would blog.

    Blogging now...well life finds me sitting on my friend Joe Pisapia's (or better known as the 4th and final and hottest member of Guster;) couch. We are in his attic studio, he is mixing my new record, I can't listen to my voice for another second so I have my headphones on as I crank out some jams...Iron and Wine, Skeeter Davis, Midlake...(STILL, after many, many months), Band Of Horses, and most importantly (and I MUST give a million, trillion thanks to Mr. Neal Casal for turning me onto this woman) Miss Karen Dalton. Oh God this record is %&*$ing insane and has changed my life. NC has turned me onto some pretty amazing english folk music from the 60's in the past few months, and Karen Dalton takes the cake. I think she's not alive anymore and was hooked on drugs and actually died right AFTER she kicked some knarly heroin habit or something like that. I could be spreading rumors right now, but I think that is what he said...could you imagine that? Dying right AFTER you kick drugs. Whoa, what a way to go. well r.i.p. Miss Dalton and thank you for making beautiful music...ok, next topic...

    Mixing my new record. Oh goodness I am pretty damn over the moon right about now. I can't even begin to explain it but it's all about some tropical-country vibe...and I will say that this record is NOT going to get played on radio and that's precisely the way that I want it. Music on the radio is rather boring to me anymore (with the exception of some people who are still playing the things that THEY want to play) and after my experience with Island Records, I have a complete and total aversion to that I got into my own world and made a record that sounds like it would only be played on the radio in Hawaii back in 1963...

    In other news, I have been drinking way too much coffee and smoking waaaaay too many American Spirit rollies this week, it's criminal. Criminal I say. I switched to some cider today after I met Thad Cockrell for a coffee and I'm still all jacked up.

    Hmmm, ok well my life has been pretty mellow otherwise...loving being home with all of my nashville peeps. Halloween was cool. I was a 70's football coach which basically was an excuse for me to wear a striped izod shirt, big socks and hat, carry a clipboard and whistle, and go around the party ordering hot guys to "drop and give me 20". Loved it. The pictures are hysterical and my faith in Halloween was restored. Last year at this time I was living in a teepee up in Northern California miles away from oh my, what a difference a year makes...

    Got to see Ryan Adams and the boys a few weeks ago. Great show. Saw the Band Of Horses boys in Atlanta a few weeks ago as well. Love, love, love those rascals. Oh yeah, also saw the Felix Brothers last weekend too. They were killer. The 3 Crow Bar in East Nash was packed and the lead singer felt the need to take his shirt off...hmmm, I guess I am just not attracted to musicians like I used to be but I don't understand why a guy feels the need to take his shirt off to play a show?? I mean, I guess I just prefer the drenched-in-sweat-t-shirt-thing...I don't know, I can't put my finger on it, but something just bugged me about it...

    Hmmm, what else?? I could go on about the new Whole Foods Market that just opened a few miles from my crib but you know your life is boring when you get excited about the grand opening of a Whole Foods and actually blog about it...I won't put you all through such torture...

    I'm reading a great book called "Legends of the Chelsea Hotel"...a book about all of the %*&#ing crazy bohemians and artists that have inhabited the Chelsea Hotel in NYC over the years...

    Enough about that, ok, I gotzed ta roll and listen to this mix, but ya'll take care of yourselves out there. Be good to one another and be safe - don't drink and drive.


    Posted by Courtney Jaye

    The Time Machine

    Love Karen Dalton and can't wait to pick up a copy of "Legends of the Chelsea Hotel". Have you read "Love Is A Mix Tape"? A heart felt tear jerker. You'll love it.

    You know that we are one of those fortunate radio stations that get to play music the way that we want to and pretending that we're back on 1963 Hawaii's airwaves is something that we look forward to with your new album.

    Courtney's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Traveling Light" and keep an eye peeled out for CJ's upcoming release "Bamboo Moon" and cross your fingers for a future Silverwings release. We've been playing "Are You With Me?" quite a bit this year and it's available at iTunes. You can also get a sampling of what she's been up to lately (including both "Til It Bleeds" and "The Sweetest Tune" which are getting some positive response from our radio listeners on the studio lines) at her website and also Courtney Jaye's MySpace Music Profile

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