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    Thursday, June 30, 2016

    Steve Craig Returns To The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Steve Craig returned to The Time Machine. The Maui based artist is currently off island recording his upcoming album and Steve took a break along with his fellow musician Dave Brow to discuss the process behind his forthcoming album and share his inspiration behind his latest song "Earth and Sky".

    New music from The Monkees is also featured on this Maui afternoon FM radio aircheck.

    Click here to listen or download the radio interview with Steve Craig

    Official Website for Steve Craig

    Steve Craig on Facebook

    Tuesday, June 28, 2016

    Steve Eggers of The Nines Returns To The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Steve Eggers of The Nines returned to The Time Machine to share a new song "When Our Love Was In Bloom" from the upcoming album by the band. Radio host Michael McCartney put Steve on the spot over the airwaves and challenged him to either write a song for the forthcoming album titled "Under The Maui Moon" or title the album "Under A Maui Moon". The Time Machine Crew won't hold Steve Eggers to alter his artistic integrity, but it would be cool, wouldn't it? Steve discussed the influential seventies band Klaatu.

    Other artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM radio aircheck include new music from Look Park (Chris Collingwood) and a classic song from Klaatu.

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    Saturday, June 25, 2016

    Ken Sharp Returns To The Time Machine With New Mourning

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Ken Sharp returned to The Time Machine with his brand new album "New Mourning". Ken shared his thoughts and inspirations about his latest songs on this wonderful release that Ken produced with Fernando Perdomo. The record showcases musical contributions from Rick Springfield, guitarist Wally Stocker of The Babys, bassist Prescott Niles of The Knack and keyboardist Jimmy Waldo of New England alongside the team of Fernando Perdomo and gifted musicians Rob Bonfiglio (Wanderlust, The Skies Of America and Wilson Phillips) and Ritchie Rubini (The Caulfields). Ken has been an artist played on The Time Machine for two decades and this fourth album from this gifted musician is an incredible set of tunes that will continue to garner airplay for years to come. The Time Machine Crew was excited to have Ken back on the broadcast.

    “With his new CD, Ken continues to explore the essence of power pop, this time, with a harder edge, and some fine guitar and vocal work from Rick Springfield. He's also found a new depth and confidence in his lyric writing, his voice and his production on this new recording. It's his best work yet!" -Eric Carmen

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with rocker and singer-songwriter Ken Sharp

    Official Website for Ken Sharp

    Ken Sharp's "New Mourning" on Bandcamp

    Tuesday, June 21, 2016

    Seth Gabrel Interview on The Time Machine

    "America’s Got Talent" star Seth Grabel is here in Hawaii for four weekends to create "Magic on Maui". With the first weekend of shows winning over the Maui audience, Seth Grabel was a guest this week on The Time Machine to discuss with radio host Michael McCartney the premiere of “Magic on Maui” which is a new show featuring the world-renowned magician. He began at Lahaina’s Maui Theatre stage this past Saturday, June 18th and can only be seen for the next three weekends through July 10th at the Maui Theatre. “Magic on Maui” was created especially for Hawai'i. Direct from Las Vegas, Seth brings his skills as a magician, acrobat and comedian to Maui, taking his acclaimed “next generation magic” and adding a Hawaiian twist.

    “Magic on Maui” offers entertainment for the whole family with variety, magic and comedy.

    Seth Grabel is best known for his mind-blowing performances on blockbuster NBC series, “America’s Got Talent,” where he stunned star judges Piers Morgan, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne, and quickly become a fan favorite among TV viewers. A highly sought-after entertainer for Hollywood parties and events, he has performed for celebrities such as Johnny Knoxville, Hugh Hefner and many others.

    Seth has been also been featured on NBC, E!, ABC, BRAVO TV’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” and many other networks.

    Tickets start at $49 for adults and $24.50 for children under 12. Special VIP meet-and-greet packages are available.

    Call the Maui Theatre Box Office at (808) 856-7900 or book online at

    Maui Theatre is located at 878 Front Street in Lahaina.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with magician Seth Grabel

    Official Website for Seth Grabel

    Tuesday, June 14, 2016

    Clark Little Interview On The Time Machine

    A pioneer of surfing at the Waimea Bay shorebreak on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Clark Little, was a recent guest on The Time Machine Radio Show to discuss the Peter King directed documentary "Shorebreak" of which Clark is the subject matter. The film was released this June around the country. The award winning photographer in 2007 discovered his ability and passion to capture the extraordinary beauty of the shorebreak when his wife wanted a picture of the ocean to decorate the bedroom wall. With the confidence of an experienced surfer, Clark went out and bought a waterproof camera setup, jumped in the ocean, and started snapping away, recording the beauty and power of Hawaiian waves. "Clark’s view" is a unique and often dangerous perspective of waves from the inside out, captured in photos for all to enjoy from the safety of dry land.

    n a short time, Clark has gained worldwide recognition for his North Shore shorebreak wave photography with exhibitions in Japan, Canada, Brazil, Spain and throughout the US along with appearances on television shows including CBS Evening News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Inside Edition, Discovery Channel, ABC World News Now, France 2, NHK and Asahi TV programs in Japan.

    Clark’s work has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum, Alden B. Dow Museum, Science Museum of Virginia, Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona (Spain), Parco Logos Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), Gallery X (Tokyo, Japan), Heritage Maritime Canada (Montreal, Canada), The Four Seasons and The Ritz-Carlton Resorts, and published in National Geographic, New York Times, LIFE, Nikon World, Paris Match, Outdoor Japan, Sierra, Geo, Nature’s Best Photography, Rangefinder, Surfer’s Journal among others. Commercial clients include Apple, Nike, Nikon, Facebook, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toyota, Anheuser Busch, Starbucks Coffee, Whole Foods Markets, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, and others. Clark Little awarded the Oceans Photography Award at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, Washington DC (May 2011).

    In November 2009, Clark published his 182-page debut art book, "The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little". In January 2011, Clark opened the Clark Little Gallery Haleiwa in his hometown of Haleiwa, Hawaii just down the road from many of the North Shore beaches featured in his photography. Then in February 2014, Clark published his second book "Shorebreak", a 160-page coffee table book featuring wave and ocean photography from the North Shore of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, California, Japan and French Polynesia. In 2014, Clark also published a book in Japan "Waves of North Shore" (Parco Publishing).

    Now the brand new documentary film "Shorebreak" is amazing audiences around the nation and Clark shares his thoughts behind the artistic expression he's enjoyed over the years and what it was like working with film director Peter King on the documentary.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with magician Seth Grabel

    Official Website for Clark Little Photography

    Friday, June 03, 2016

    DJ Blast Interview: Purple Reign - Celebration of a Revolutionary

    DJ Blast returned to The Time Machine to share with radio host Michael McCartney the details behind the event "PURPLE REIGN - Celebration of a Revolutionary" taking place this Saturday night, June 4th, at Charley's Restaurant & Saloon in Paia. DJ Blast and Michael discuss the legacy of Prince's music and the impact it had on both of them.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck interview with DJ Blast

    Official Website for DJ Blast at Chilltown Productions