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    Friday, February 19, 2010

    Eytan Mirsky Interview on The Time Machine

    Rocker and singer-songwriter Eytan Mirsky was a guest on The Time Machine. Eytan's been a part of our playlists the last ten years and it was fantastic to have him as a return guest on the broadcast to discuss his last release "Everyone's Having Fun Tonight!" along with some of his earlier music including his songs featured in motion pictures like "American Splendor", "The Tao Of Steve" and "Happiness". Eytan's gifted musical talent has worked it's magic into other films like "Palindromes", "The Company" and "Desert Blue".

    Other artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM broadcast include; Alex Bach, Marshall Crenshaw, J. Geils Band, Michael Stipe, Nick Heyward, Ben Folds, The Lemonheads, Adam Marsland, The Donnas, Elvis Costello, The Cowsills, Beach Boys, Beatles, Semisonic, Bangles and The Sweet.

    Photograph below: The Time Machine radio show host Michael McCartney and singer-songwriter Eytan Mirsky

    Click here to listen or download the interview with Eytan Mirsky

    Eytan Mirsky's album "Everyone's Having Fun Tonight!" on CD Baby

    Eytan Mirsky on MySpace Music

    Below: Fan music video for Eytan Mirsky's "Record Collection"

    Below: Fan music video for Eytan Mirsky's "(I Just Wanna Be) Your Steve McQueen"

    Below: Fan music video for Eytan Mirsky's "This Song"

    Below: Fan music video for Eytan Mirsky's "The Only Present I Want This Year"

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    Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Rick Hromadka of Maple Mars and Amy Holland Interview on The Time Machine

    Radio hosts Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney were thrilled to have two talented artists with their own unique styles grace the broadcast last week. Singer-songwriter Amy Holland was a guest on The Time Machine. She stopped by the studio to discuss her latest album "The Journey To Miracle River". We were excited that Amy was also our guest DJ and shared songs from other artists with the radio audience. Rocker and singer-singwriter, Rick Hromadka from the band Maple Mars, returned to The Time Machine to talk about the forthcoming album "Galaxyland" from Maple Mars to be released next month. Three new songs from the album were featured on the Maui afternoon FM broadcast including a cover of Mark Radice's 1971 song "New Day".

    New music from Weezer and Courtney Jaye are also heard on PART ONE of this afternoon FM aircheck along with other artists including; The Smith Bros., Lisa Loeb, Rupert Holmes, Bobby Gaylor and Elton John.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck for Part One of Rick Hromadaka of Maple Mars and Amy Holland on The Time Machine

    PART TWO continues with singer-songwriter Amy Holland. In addition to her latest batch of songs, she also talks about music from her first two albums. Amy also cuts loose as guest DJ and spins songs from Joni Mitchell, Patrick Simmons, Gail Swanson & Michael McDonald, Henry Kapono, Fleetwood Mac, Gail Swanson & Willie Nelson, The Doobie Brothers and Aretha Franklin.

    Click here to listen or download the radio aircheck for Part Two of Amy Holland's interview on The Time Machine

    Official Website for Amy Holland

    Amy Holland on MySpace Music

    Maple Mars on MySpace Music

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    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Another Maui Valentine - Sweet Feelin'

    Hosts Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney conclude the final segment of the Valentine radio special on The Time Machine. In the previous posted podcast, we pointed out that music journalist Steve Thorn from The San Diego Troubadour commented, "It appears this is the 'Get a Room' edition of The Time Machine." We couldn't be prouder even though we toned it down for the final part of the afternoon FM broadcast just in case kids asked too many questions of their parents.

    Music from artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM radio broadcast include; Bruce McCulloch (from The Kids In The Hall), Liz Phair, The Shangri-Las, Bobby Gaylor, Jennifer Warnes, Todd Rundgren, Extreme, Shakin' Stevens & Bonnie Tyler, The Beatles, Alicia Keys & Michael McCartney, Rhett Miller, April March, Queen, The Rubinoos, Electric Light Orchestra, Beach Boys, Peter McCann, The Doobie Brothers, Kristin Chenoweth, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Fanny, Avril Lavigne and Andrew Gold.

    Click here to listen or download Part Two of the Valentine Radio Special from The Time Machine

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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    A Valentine From Maui - It's A Quarter After One, I'm All Alone and I Need You Now

    The Time Machine radio show hosts Daphne Matsumoto and Michael McCartney spun songs over the Hawaiian airwaves for Valentine's Day. Music journalist Steve Thorn from The San Diego Troubadour commented, "It appears this is the 'Get a Room' edition of The Time Machine." This may be our favorite quote of the year so far. It may have been the sound clips of dialogue from "Eyes Wide Shut" and "Say Anything" that pushed the show over the line but it's funny comments like this that make The Time Machine Crew appreciate being heard online all around the globe.

    A brand new song from Rachael Yamagata with Semisonic's Dan Wilson was featured on the program. Music from other artists heard on this Maui afternoon FM radio broadcast include; Cloud Cult, The Beatles, Jane Wiedlin, Lee Cataluna and Tony Gillis, Blondie, Seal, Pilot, Jill Sobule, Daniel Johnston, Bangles, Gwen Stefani and Brian Setzer, Aerosmith, Charlotte Sometimes, Roxette, Shai, The Pretenders, Michael Bublé, The Partridge Family, The Cardigans, Bon Jovi, Mike Nichols and Elaine May, Lady Antebellum, Golden Earring, Pilot, Raspberries, Aimee Mann, Led Zeppelin, Rilo Kiley and Shanice .

    Click here to listen or download the Valentine Radio Special from The Time Machine

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    Monday, February 15, 2010

    More Maui Valentines

    Hosts Summer Blue and Michael McCartney continue playing songs for Valentine's Day over the Hawaiian airwaves on the FM dial.

    Music from artists heard on this Maui afternoon radio broadcast include; Clout, Jennifer Paige, Hawks, Jack Johnson, The Tubes, Fanny, Phil Leeds, Jag Star, Wings, The Rev-Lons, Bread, Jennifer Warnes, Rick Springfield, Belinda Carlise with George Harrison, Queen, Foreigner, The Osmonds, Jackie DeShannon, The Beach Boys, The Cowsills, The Beatles, Annette Funicello, The Raspberries and The Shirelles.

    Click here to listen or download "More Maui Valentines" from The Time Machine

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    Sunday, February 14, 2010

    A Maui Valentine
's Valentine's Day again...which means that the hosts of The Time Machine have once again decided to have some musical fun. Summer Blue and Michael McCartney, with the help of producer Jenny Leong, have given you a soundtrack to get you ready for that fateful evening of romance or heartbreak depending upon your situation.

    Artists featured on this afternoon radio aircheck include; Sinceros, Pilot, The Elvis Brothers, Butch Walker, Cori Yarckin, The Police, Big Star, Feist, The Rutles, Stephen Bishop, ABBA, Blondie, The Partridge Family, Vonda Shepard, The Babys, Paul McCartney, America and The Beatles.

    Also featured are duets from; Rhett Miller & Rachael Yamagata, Angela Correa & John C. Reilly, Ben Lee & Mandy Moore and Dean Friedman with Michele Lamb.

    Click here to listen or download "A Maui Valentine" from The Time Machine

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    Friday, February 12, 2010

    Rachael Yamagata Wonders, "Valentine's Day, Why Do I Hate Thee So...?"

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata drops by with her perspective of this coming Valentine's Day this weekend.

    It’s funny to me that as you get older birthdays become a lesser deal and yet Valentine’s day seems to get larger on the check in map of life. Blah I say. Blah. Two days away and if you haven’t yet ordered the flowers or made the dinner reservations, you’d best get on it now. This, yet again, is no concern of mine.

    I do still believe in love whooooole heartedly and so, true to form, I’m writing this for anyone who might be in a similar state (dreading the big day and wishing it weren’t such a symbol of whatever it symbolizes), to offer a bit of comfort – a gung ho with your bad self even if you aren’t getting the chocolates or any kind of soul mate declaration this year. Do not begrudge the ones who have this, rather get inspired that your due is on the way.

    And if you’re not in the mood, let me tell you about my past V days and we can commiserate together. I once was told by a boyfriend that it was a stupid holiday. No candy was served. I once got a book from another about a mass murderer with a happy valentine’s day inscription on the inside page. It was a good book. It wasn’t the best day to get it. Many a past time I’ve been serving sushi to the happy couples and gotten good pity tips so I’m thankful for that - *note – tip your server well, or karma will get you later.

    This Valentine’s day I’m considering buying all the trinkets of love in the drugstore, all the Feb magazines with pink covers and gift suggestions, the flowers, the candy, the cards…. and burning them in a lovely ritual in the fireplace (safety first people). Perhaps a toast to the forthcoming romantic life in store for me would be a more positive thing, a gratitude journal started on such a day (ala Oprah) could be cathartic, a round table dinner with my cats might be nice… If you’re on the east coast, you’re snowed in and things are awfully cozy. Perfect if you are single or together really. And there are slews of things to be grateful for considering the state of world affairs.. I could go into that, but it would defeat the self absorbed nature/ humour of this blog, so I’ll hold off...but, you know what I mean.

    Lately, I’ve been absorbed in movies and dvd series.. Sometimes you need a little kick of storytelling to start you off. I’m obsessed with "Six Feet Under" and think my love experiences are mirroring Claire’s. I’ve removed "Grey Gardens" from my house after watching it 4 times and thinking that I’m relating far too much. But what I’ve found helpful, for any questioning their enthusiasm for love, is to alternate the love stories with action movies and "end of the world" scenarios. Something about this seems to give the full spectrum of emotions that you might be feeling and hey – it’s working for me. Suggested titles are:

    - "The Way We Were" – get it out of the way. It’s a must. Cry your eyes out and know that I’m right there with you – still wondering if I was named after their love child…

    - "Domino" – a good follow up. She’s a bad ass. She don’t need no love and she looks awesome in leather and can kick the crap out of anyone.

    - "Kill Bill" – I know, two action movies in a row, but you’ll need it after "The Way We Were" and this one will make you want to take self defense classes and work your way into a yellow leotard

    - "Grey Gardens" – yeah yeah.. just don’t watch it 4 times. Great movie though. Drew Barrymore will inspire you. You’ll think of her mogul drive and stellar role and want to pick yourself up and takeover the world.

    - "Something’s Got To Give" – get some swank hamptons back into your consciousness after the above. Plus it plugs into the guy falls for younger girl and yet ends up meeting his match and falling for her (thank god).

    - "JAWS" - just because ok? It always makes me feel better.

    - "Once" – channel your passions and frustration. Make beautiful music and be content in the love stories that aren’t realized.. could lead to an Oscar you know.

    - "I Am Legend" - fuck self pity and get back to saving the your vegetables and kill some vampires.

    - "Two For The Road" – maybe fighting all the time means you’re meant to be?

    - "Star Trek" – cuz it’s badass. I know – I was never a trekkie, but it’s great. Save some planets.

    - "Under The Tuscan Sun" – get back to saving yourself. She goes through the ringer and still gets love and a house in Italy. Happy happy.

    - "The Secret" – stay with me here. It’s fluttery gooey, but hey – it’s Valentine’s day and all inspiration is welcome. Visuals not so great so you have permission to clean while it plays.

    - "2012" – what if.. who knows/There’s something coming/ I don’t know/ what it is/ but I know (did you get the reference?) it’s gonna be….potentially catastrophic.. so use your time well…

    - "The Goonies" – time to rediscover your childlike ambitions. Remember there are treasures everywhere just waiting to be found – adventures to be had! Whoo hooo….

    And then start "LOST"’ll be so intrigued and confused that all previous thoughts of lost love, love gone wrong, love to be etc etc will fade away into the web of disappearing islands and potentially parallel universes…

    Or just burn the chocolates. I’ll be thinking of you.



    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and her recent sophomore double album release, "Elephants...Teeth Sinking Into Heart". Rachael is currently topping our airplay chart with her song with Semisonic's Dan Wilson, "You Take My Troubles Away". You can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately at her website

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