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    Thursday, March 13, 2008

    Kurt Jo Featured In Maxim Magazine and Maxim Radio with "DeVore and Diana"

    Our very own Kurt Jo has been making quite a splash since last fall when he was approached...okay...woken up from a deep sleep on a subway train in the Big Apple. In addition to his his daily musical duties on the air with us in Hawaii, DJ Kurt Jo has been spinning music around NYC and enjoying his additional career as a model with Ugly New York. He's had quite a number of photo shoots and appearences on the television screen including "Nightline" and "Rachel Ray". Kurt's latest triumph can be seen in this month's issue of MAXIM Magazine. You can't miss it on the magazine racks as Avril Lavigne is on the cover. Be sure to pick up a copy.

    Kurt was on "DeVore and Diana" today. Their daily show is heard all over the country on Maxim Radio via SIRIUS Satellite weeknights from 7PM to 11PM EST. Hosts Diana Falzone and former Maxim editor John DeVore had a fun time on the broadcast with their guests. Ugly NY founder Simon Rogers was on the air with Kurt as well as model Brigette Hagerman

    Above Photo: Kurt with Mareva and Michael from The Time Machine

    Click here for Simon Rogers with Kurt Jo and Brigette Hagerman being interviewed on the "DeVore and Diana" program heard on Maxim Radio

    Click here for Maxim Radio at SIRIUS Satellite Radio

    Click here for hosts John DeVore and Diana Falzone

    Click here for the official website for John DeVore and Diana Falzone

    Click here for Maxim Online

    Click here for UGLY NY Talent

    Above Photo: Kurt with Michael and Summer from The Time Machine

    Below Photo: Our favorite photograph with Mareva and Kurt

    Official Website for DJ Kurt Jo

    and you can check out

    Kurt Jo on MySpace Music

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    Rachael Yamagata at Hotel Cafe March 18th, 2008 and Video with Bumpus - "Rock Steady" (2000)

    A frequest musical guest on The Time Machine, singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata, chimes in with her latest concert gig at The Hotel Cafe this March 18th:

    Hello lalaians (peeps who live in L.A.). Rachael here. Rachael who? I know I know. I feel the same way...

    I could change my name, couldn't I? start fresh? Do the one name thing - Yamagata... or just Yama since there is some band out there already named Yamagata? (bastards... I mean, they weren't birthed by my father...I mean, I hope not)...or maybe just "GATA"... doesn't that mean cat in spanish? That would work, with my whole meow thing and all. Course, then folks would think I was Spanish, but I look Native American and of course am Japanese...German...Italian. might confuse. Or might be good for reaching across borders...

    Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing a bulletin for some shows coming up in L.A. - that was the original point to all of this. So, I'm playing two shows at our favorite haunt - Hotel Cafe on Tuesday, March 18th. Both on the same night - the early show and then the late show. One will come before the other. Pleeeaasssee join us as we try to remember what it feels like to play in front of live humans. We'll play old songs, other old songs I'm trying to pass off as new songs, and new songs of course. We can compare scars of the past two(has it been two ???)years, drink wine, speculate on LOST, rant about how good Heidi and Britney, Nicole and Christina all look after having multiple children and I'm still in pudge stage! And for the men, we'll give band members a mic and they can talk sports or something in between "God, she's depressing" numbers of mine...

    Love you all. Miss you wanna kiss you can't wait to see you.


    Tickets on sale!

    Please click on the following link to purchase:

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata has been our most played artist on the radio since her EP release back in 2003. Some of her earlier material were on the air before 2003 and including her stint with Bumpus has made her one of our core artists who keeps delievering one wonderful recorded performance after another. Her approach to songs from other artists like Joni Mitchell , George Harrison and Judy Sill have kept her five year stronghold in place on our radio dial. Add in her work with other artists as varied as; Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, Toots & The Maytalls, Ben Lee, Rhett Miller, Bill Deasey, Ray LaMontagne, Chris Holmes, Jason Mraz, Bright Eyes and Mandy appears that she will continue to be on our playlists for years to come.

    We present to you a live performance from the summer of 2000 when she was still a band member of Bumpus performing "Rock Steady" at Rock Around the Block in Chicago.

    This street festival took place on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. A big mahalo goes out to StarEvents for letting us pass this onto you. The event is produced and managed by StarEvents - Chicago's Favorite Event Company. StarEvents, founded in 1996, produces over a dozen of the best festivals in the country. Rock Around the Block features three stages of awesome talent and takes place every July. To find out more info check out:

    Their mission is to build communities for a better tomorrow. Remember - Enjoy life now!

    Her debut release "Happenstance" produced by John Alagia kept pulling in our listeners and locking her status as "most played artist" right up until the end of 2007. Perfect timing for us because her sophomore release (also produced by John Alagia) is scheduled to come out later this year. We have no doubt that Rachael will continue her streak based on the upcoming songs that we've heard. Until a song like "Faster" dominates our charts next year, we offer this recent radio aircheck of another Maui afternoon where this gifted singer-songwriter dropped in for an interview on The Time Machine with host Michael McCartney. Rachael shared her musical inspirations and insights for our radio audience.

    Click here for Rachael Yamagata on The Time Machine

    Official Website for Rachael Yamagata

    and you can check out

    Rachael Yamagata on MySpace Music

    An added bonus if you'd like to listen to Rachael's segment from The Time Machine Christmas Show The Time Machine radio show - click here.

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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Lily Wilson Interview On The Time Machine

    Singer-songwriter Lily Wilson returned as a guest on The Time Machine this past week. She performed songs live on the air with bassist and producer Mark Browne. Some of the songs performed were songs that we've been playing the past couple of years on The Time Machine from her last two albums "Lily Wilson" and "Stargazer". She even unveiled a new song from her upcoming album "The Right Time" live for our radio audience.





    She also brought along some studio tracks making their world broadcast debut online and on the FM dial.





    It's always a treat for us to have both of these artists perform together in The Time Machine studios. Lily Wilson is an artist you must seek out to see whenever she comes to your town for a concert performance. Mark Browne is a producer and as a bass player has performed live and recorded with the following artists:

    Melissa Etheridge
    Paula Cole
    Emmylou Harris
    Philip Sayce
    Chrissie Hynde
    Sarah McLachlan
    Lily Wilson
    k.d. lang
    George Michael
    Patty Griffin
    Sheryl Crow
    Beth Thornley
    Neil Finn
    Joan Osborne
    The Dixie Chicks
    Billy Idol
    Dolly Parton
    Lindsay Buckingham
    Mark Goldenberg
    Gloria Estefan
    Chaka Khan
    Rufus Wainright
    Donna Delory
    Mary J. Blige
    Garth Brooks
    Cindy Lauper
    Destiny's Child
    Pat Benatar
    Simple Minds
    Ann and Nancy Wilson
    and Vonda Sheppard

    Click here for Lily Wilson's performance on The Time Machine

    You can also listen to Lily Wilson's previous guest spot on The Time Machine when she was a guest DJ selecting songs for airplay in addition to playing a few songs live in the studio.

    Click here for Lily Wilson's interview and guest DJ stint on The Time Machine from 2006

    Official Website for Lily Wilson

    and you can check out

    Lily Wilson on MySpace Music

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    Tuesday, March 04, 2008

    Marianne Keith's Music Video For "Kiss Me In The Rain"

    One of the most played songs the past few months on "The Time Machine" radio show is "Kiss Me In The Rain" by Marianne Keith. The album "Beautiful Distraction" has filled the FM dial on Maui with some wonderful songs including the title track. Marianne graced our radio airwaves with a live performance and was guest DJ picking some choice songs for the audience. Marianne has given us the go ahead to share this awesome new music video of her song with you. It was directed and edited by Hannah Lux Davis with Brett Pawlak as Director Of Photography. Enjoy!

    Her album "Beautiful Distraction" is available at most online music stores. Check out the Official website for Marianne Keith.

    You can also listen to other songs from Marianne Keith on MySpace Music.

    If you'd like to listen to Marianne's live radio performance and interview along with her being guest DJ on The Time Machine radio show - click here.

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    Sunday, March 02, 2008

    Sheri Miller Interview On The Time Machine

    Singer-songwriter Sheri Miller was our featured guest artist last week on The Time Machine. Sheri shared her thoughts on her EP "Mantra" and discussed her musical influences. Her song "Waste My Breath" has been getting quite a bit of airplay on our playlists. All of the songs are extremely strong and well crafted.

    Click here for Sheri Miller on The Time Machine

    Official Website for Sheri Miller

    and you can check out

    Sheri Miller on MySpace Music

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