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    Saturday, December 30, 2006

    Happy Kwanza!

    As the holiday season remains in high gear, singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata conquers her fears.

    No more suffering!

    Hey folks. Happy Happy Holidays! This is the feel good blog to even out the weepy one before it! I hope everyone is wearing the weight of loose ends well and getting ready for some quality family, friends, relaxation, reflection and all that time.

    I've gone and done something impulsive and have planted myself in the Dominican Republic for a month. I've a couple of Spanish phrase books, my record mixes, and a lot of free time. I have decided I'm one lucky *$#@tard and I'm going to soak it in for every mom at home with three kids out there. I will do you justice and appreciate this time I swear! It took a minute for the staff to comprehend that I journeyed here solo, but I'm settling in and should be tending bar by the end of my stay.

    ….(time passes)…. I've now been here for 10 days I think? Have been riding horses almost everyday through mountains, forests and on the beach...The guides here don't care so much for your safety – or rather, don't think of it, so it's pretty much duck when there is a tree, hold on when you are on the beach (horsey go byebye) and pray if there's a car. Yes, I've since ridden on roads, paths and sea so far – fallen into the sea (don't drink and ride). Have often ventured out alone with guide so he takes me to the back roads and we end up on someone's front porch drinking cervesa and watching chicken fights.

    I've stepped on one sea urchin so far, but didn't notice till days later when my foot started hurting and then discovered a bunch of friggin quills in my heel... Alas, it did not stop me from walking 4 miles to Sosua today – where the best beaches are – to find some new friends and go swimming.

    They warn you of the drivers here. Really it's not so bad if you've ever driven in NYC, but they do pass on the left and the right, and cars are weaving in and out with trucks and motorcycles. I walked against traffic and figured I'd be alright, but had to duck into bushes everytime a moto passed. It's wonderful for one's self esteem, for I do believe I was honked at at least a dozen times and maybe 8 motorists pulled over to offer a ride. I prefer not to think it had anything to do with the fact that my tube top support was not as supportive as I had hoped. The great thing about clearly being American is that when they stop I can just feign language confusion and say things like "no puedo, ma gracias" and "necisito perche yo grande" as in "I must walk cuz I'm fat" – there's no ability on my part to say "well, I'm not fat, I just want to be in shape cuz touring takes so much out of you and really I prefer to walk and no I'm not a whore because of my clothing" etc. You just say a couple of verbs, smile and go on your way.

    I've taken many steps to overcome fears on this trip. If you are a reader of my blogs, you know of my whole "eating alone" thing...Well, I'm not only eating alone, but doing everything else one does alone as well. And I'm loving it...Very empowering. However, there are the dogs...I run this little path near the place I'm staying and for some reason I tend to pick up dogs...los perros...there are strays everywhere. Seriously though, I run and come back with four of them. It's happened three times now. They just come with me and by the time I return the staff has to shoo them away lest they follow me to my room. Go figure the way the subconscious life mirrors outside reality.

    I've also taken to the ocean quite well. My childhood paranoia with sharks is dissipating. I swam a mile and a half out with two new friends and did not have a panic attack. There is something about swimming with others that gives you a brilliant sense of assurance that they will most definitely be eaten before you; leaving you just enough time to swim away.

    Spanish is going well – I've only announced myself pregnant once and I somehow said "Eat me" to the bartender, but he was kind enough to explain that I wasn't quite saying "you are like me" in the best way possible. The staff here are kind and helpful and make the best fish a girl could wish for. I held a chicken today as well and got a nice photo, but I fear it holds the same fate as the fish. Hypocrite I remain.

    So it's been a beautifully untraditional holiday I must say. I recommend it to anyone. The whole biz of discovering who you are on your own in a new place – it's worth it to find out if you can get the time and find a way. I relish the discovery that I seem a book reading, dog followed, inarticulate, pregnant, horseback riding, shark evading drunk. Onwards and upwards for the new year.

    Much love!

    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006 at 11:34

    I thought of you today when I was swimming offshore about a half mile (I cheated...I had swim fins...they keep me out in the ocean longer...longer for the sun to use the ocean on your back as a magnifying lens...sunburn...ouch). I'm proud of you for fighting your fear of sharks. I looked at my friends snorkeling on each side of me feeling that barrier of safety of being in the middle like an oreo cookie. All my life I've lived here but still have skin so white that I will always be called "shark bait" upon hitting the ocean. *lol

    "There is something about swimming with others that gives you a brilliant sense of assurance that they will most definitely be eaten before you; leaving you just enough time to swim away".

    This is why I was in the middle. :)

    Thanks for the laughter and find a tube top that fits!

    Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and keep an eye peeled out for Rachael's upcoming release. You can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately at her website



    October 23, 2005 8:00 PM

    Kickin' back? Good times....


    October 23, 2005 11:26 PM

    Summer!! I saw you at the Gwen Stefani show in Sacramento tonight!! Or you definitely have a twin!?!


    February 1, 2006 4:34 AM

    That's enough... I'm moving ist to Hawaii as of... NOW....

    Summer Blue

    November 18, 2006 10:08 PM

    That was a fun time - we should do that again.

    Friday, December 29, 2006

    Air Talents JOE KING and RICK DEES

    KGRL's List Of Influential CDs Of 2006

    The Time Machine staff often find themselves listening to other radio stations online when not on the air (and sometimes in the broadcast studio between songs or commercial breaks while on the air but don't let management find out). One of our presets is KGRL.

    Despite what people may think, as DJs, The Time Machine Crew are really not fans of our own voices. This one fact is one of the reasons we find ourselves listening to similar sounding playlists on other stations. We've spoken highly of this station before and are blessed with the presence of the esteemed Mysty from KGRL. We greatly admire her dedication and amazing music sweeps that knock us out everytime. As it is the end of the year, Mysty is sharing with you KGRL's list of the most influential CDs of 2006.

    Female Fronted

    1. Nerina Pallot - Fires & Dear Frustrated Superstar (Re-release) - It's a shame the US folks haven't caught up with the music of Nerina Pallot. Both CDs are phenomenal and both were re-released this year by 14th Floor Records. I guess I just use this as an excuse to list them again under my 2006 list. It's worth the import.

    2. The Bird And The Bee - Again And Again And Again.... - The Bird and the Bee is a collaborative effort between Greg Kurstin & Inara George. Inara's soothing and soulful voice breathes life in their 60s albeit modernized sound. I can't wait for their full-length this January.

    3. Charlotte Martin - Stromata - CharMar has been around for quite a while now. With Stromata she verges on a new direction of music, electronic. It's amazing how she incorporated electronic music into complexly structured songs, and not the other way around.

    4. Leigh Nash - Blue On Blue - My cravings for a new Sixpence None The Richer CD has been satisfied! Blue On Blue is a wonderful CD albeit it lacks the raw band sound Sixpence None The Richer had.

    5. Susan Cagle - The Subway Recordings - Very surprising first effort from Susan Cagle. It's interesting how her first full-length is presented, live and recorded in a Subway (yes, complete with all the Crowd/Train noises in the background) - gotta give HUGE props to that.

    6. Courtney Jaye - 'Til It Bleeds EP - We just posted our revamped page for Courtney with our review of her recently released EP, 'Til It Bleeds. Courtney is one of the few pop singer/songwriters that sounds the same or even better live. 'Til It Bleeds EP is a vibrant representation of CJ's stellar song-writing skill verging on the upbeat "happy" tones in contrast to the more melancholic Traveling Light.

    7. Leah Andreone - Unlabeled EP - Acoustic and Raw... A taste of what's to come from Leah Andreone in 2007 - It just left me wanting for more.

    8. Holly Brook - Like Blood Like Honey - Another impressive first effort in the list. The CD is full of wonderfully crafted ballads. Holly is a great performer too...

    9. Kate Havnevik - Melankton – This CD features electronic stuff akin to Immi's music. Great stuff! The song Grace, which unfortunately did not make this CD was featured in Grey's Anatomy and generated a lot of new fans for Kate.

    10. The Veronicas - The Secret Life Of... - Surprisingly good effort from the Aussie Pop Twins. The record is filled to the brim with beautiful pop ballads and rockers.

    11. Krystal Meyers - Dying For A Heart - Christian Pop/Rock music at its best. I'm just reminded of Sixpence None The Richer - being that they were in the same genre.

    12. Betty Curse - Here Lies Betty Curse - I proclaim Betty as the new Goth Pop Icon. She definitely made Goth fun to listen to.

    13. Dirtie Blonde - Dirtie Blonde - Nothing dirtie about them, but I'm impressed by the solid offering they have with their first full-length. Full-band raw rock ballads fill up the CD.

    14. Plumb - Chaotic Resolve - Another of the Christian Rock music at its finest. Tiffany Arbuckle Lee's latest offering is a well-varied mix of slow and upbeat tunes. If you've liked her previous efforts, you're likely to love this one.

    15. Lily Allen - Alright Still - Upbeat tunes that are witty, quirky, and lively... All delivered in a feverishly heavy UK accent - not that I'm complaining :).

    16. Regina Spektor - Begin To Hope - You gotta give proper ReSpek for Regina for putting out an amazing collection of materials in this record… a Great Anti-Folk CD.

    17. The Submarines - Declare A New State! - Blake Hazard's voice just reminds me a lot of Nina Persson... I mostly enjoy the songs sung by Blake… awesome CD nonetheless.

    18. Veruca Salt - IV - I have to say, this Nina-less Veruca offering is quite great. I'll even go on to say that this is my favorite Veruca Salt record of all - a LOT of great melodies and hard rocking tunes.

    19. Evanescence - The Open Door - I'm not much of a fan of their CD "Fallen" but this one is really good... really good that it makes my influencial CD list of 2006. The slow ballads are perfect (Good Enough) and the rock songs are really rocking (Weight Of The World/Sweet Sacrifice).

    20. The Wreckers - Stand Still, Look Pretty - Michelle Branch and Jessica Harp duo offers a good collection of well-written, edgy and rootsy compositions with this CD.

    21. Sarah Slean - Orphan Music - The CD contains live performances by Sarah Slean, orchestra version of some of her old songs and a couple of new tracks. I really enjoy the orchestra version of "Weight" but "Somebody's Arms" and "Mary" live versions are the highlights of this CD.



    1. Dream Theater - Score - There's nothing I can say to justify the greatness of this band. Live recording of new songs off of their recent Octavarium CD are in this CD. There isn't a lot of metal bands out there that can incorporate Orchestra in a live show but they did a great job in this show. Even better is the DVD version where you can just stare and marvel at how they flawlessly execute complex songs with ease.

    2. Muse - Black Holes And Revelations - It's just as good as Absolution and Origin of Symmetry. Matthew Bellamy and the boys did it again. Everyone just gets to wonder again how the trio will perform the new songs live. It's just as amazing though less complex than Dream Theater songs.

    3. Dramagods - Love - I've been a fan of Nuno Bettencourt ever since the band Extreme. Great collection of songs with a bit of technical stuff graciously included, which i am thankful for... I miss the wonderful Nuno Bettencourt solos.

    4. John Mayer - Continuum - Very raw and vintage sounding. A must have for those who like John Mayer.

    5. Harem Scarem - Human Nature - A CD that closely resembles their opus, Mood Swings. Its fun to listen to them re-create the 90s era with an updated modern sounds. If you're a fan of Melodic Rock then look no further, they're the masters of the genre.

    6. Paul Gilbert - Get Out Of My Yard - Fabulous highly technical instrumental guitar CD.

    7. Butch Walker - Rise & Fall of Butch Walker & The Let's-Go-Out-Tonites - Gotta love Butch! I fell in love with his music way back since Marv 3. I'm not that much impressed with this CD but it's still worthy of being included in this list.

    8. Incubus - Light Grenades - Just try not to think of them as a band who made the CDs S.C.I.E.N.C.E. and Enjoy Incubus and you'll appreciate the new CD. It's nothing like their old sound but it's still worth a listen.

    Posted by Mysty

    KGRL - 100% Sugar-Free Flower-Powered Radio

    Multi-Stream Servers:


    Before the morning show or's all about the waves.

    Matt Burger and Jenny Leong

    The Time Machine's air talents Matt Burger and Jenny Leong.

    Jenny is our producer and keeps us all well behaved. As mentioned before, we were thrilled that Matt got to appear on a recent episode of "Grey's Anatomy". Look for him on the rerun where the male doctors go on a camping trip. Matt is the bartender at the bar across from the hospital in the closing scene of that episode. Matt also appeared on NBC's "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" a few weeks ago in the episode where Howie Mandel played himself guest hosting the fictional SNL like show. Both of these television series are the finest that TV has to offer, so don't miss out, regardless of Matt's appearances. On a related subject, actor Matthew Perry was dining out with friends at Bubba Gumps in Lahaina two nights ago. This is Matthew's second trip for a Maui Christmas. That's about the closest this website will come to being a tabloid and gossip column.

    Summer Blue

    November 18, 2006 10:28 PM

    Ahhhh Jenny is sooo pretty :)

    Thursday, December 28, 2006

    When you're sad you're sad, but it ain't that bad...

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata sits at the bar in a pensive mood.

    At what point is enough really enough? If the fight of flight instinct is real, and if you really do forgo pain when you are well, trying to rescue something…well, what happens if you can't get yourself out of the state? What happens if you are clinging to your innocence / hope / bright eyed and bushy tailed enthusiasm for something so strongly that you are repressing all the damage done? Love people... I'm talking love. (I'm such a sap by the way, but who cares?)

    What happens if you excuse cruelty – genuine cruel gestures with some fathom of understanding and forgiveness because if they indeed registered as cruel nonsensical gestures it might just be too much to take? You just keep lifting the car off the fallen child to save the life in jeopardy. Bruises, scrapes, gashes, cuts – none of it is felt at the time or even matter. Only one goal. Save the child.

    Dammit. What if you can't get out of save mode? Because it's not about saving him, but rather saving your own light / naiveté / heart – whatever you want to call it. My question is – how much damage can one sustain in fight of flight mode before one, well, falls apart…and without even registering it?

    Fuck. Cary Bradshaw. Who / what /when / and why was she created? I've seen maybe 2 ½ episodes ever and as far as I can tell there she is reflecting on life, love, sex and of course - the city. Have I just become another tourist on a bus of NYC haunts looking for Mr. Big? No I tell you! I have not! I am not she. I know this because I'm not making millions for any episode I throw and I still don't look that good in hot pants. I never will.

    But really folks… I'm sitting in some French restaurant. At a bar. In NYC. Alone. There's French music playing. Hear me? French fuckin music playing for my fuckin mood (lord – I hope you don't let your children read my blogs…) – French fuckin music for my second glass of wine and I have one business meeting to go. My car is parked somewhere close when I ditched it in some failed attempt at finding my way through these streets and I know the attendant is going to yell yell yell when 3 hours turns into overnight, but hey – that's what happens.

    I don't know where this blog is going really. There's something about someone dining alone in a restaurant. I never do it. Hence, sitting at the bar. The stigma? It's not bad at all! I mean it's empowering to dine alone. I go to movies alone. I go on walks alone. I travel alone. Heck, I even have sex alone. What is my hang up with restaurants? Just watched "Sixth Sense" again and Bruce's wife dines alone at the anniversary restaurant (well, she's not really alone – I mean, dead Bruce is sitting right across from her the whole time...and she does have a script. So it's not like she's dining alone without assistance.).

    I almost lit a cigarette. Indoors in a New York bistro. Lol. I'm so sheltered.

    Lady next to me is delightful. She's offered me her olives. Man next to her – a traveler, no doubt, asked if I was her daughter. I'm not sure who was more uncomfortable. Especially since I happen to be decked out in black dress, heels and raccoon makeup. Any gal young enough to be her daughter is a lady of the evening in training.

    Clearly, I'm friggin sad tonight. Not Mariah Carey breakdown sad, but Cary Bradshaw just before Mr. Big shows up almost at the end sad. I'm set for my mister. And he'd better be big.

    P.S. – blog entry sponsored by house cabernet at whatever French bistro is on the corner of something and something in the East Village.


    P.P.S. – the people next to me have just had the following exchange:

    "Are you happy?"

    "Well, I think it's a lot easier to be alone."

    "I may agree."

    "The lifestyle is just a lot less complicated."

    Fuck! I want to interject! Really badly. With all my hope / innocence and newly regenerated enthusiasm. It's all Michael J. Fox Back to the Future mom and dad kiss so he gets his fading hand back and downstroke electric guitar boom I'm back kind of a chord!

    Wait.. What's this?

    YEP. Just got it.
    She's offering a train ride.
    He's considering.

    They are leaving together.

    Mom and the tourist.


    "Sleepless in Seattle" songs have just started on the jukebox.

    I'm still here. Alone. But I've got olives.


    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Friday, December 15, 2006 at 9:40 AM

    I know where you are coming from and it does hurt. Then again, I hit movies all the time by myself, which is fine when you're in the dark and absorbed by what's on screen. It's the dining alone part that is often a hit and miss of observation (And in some cases...just plain evesdropping...but what can you do? The people are often just two feet away with voices louder than an airplane engine.). Hawaii...New York City...same deal. It doesn't matter where you are and what emotional state that you're in. Drop some strangers around you and everything is amplified. It doesn't help that the music in the background adds to the feelings inside. Or then again does it? It's often said that music is therapy for the soul. I know that when I found myself in various eateries in NYC, it was easier to handle the "alone time" in music filled places to eat versus no sounds at all (not counting the taxis honking their horns to avoid hitting pedestrians or police sirens off to another domestic).

    Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and keep an eye peeled out for Rachael's upcoming release. Her music has been featured in both feature films and television. The Time Machine is currently spinning her versions of The Beatles "Here Comes The Sun" and The Hollies "Jesus Was A Cross Maker" penned by Judee Sills and also covered by Warren Zevon on his 1995 "Mutineer". See what she's been up to lately at her website

    Air Talents DA WORM and HIRAM "The Boogie Boy" WATANABE

    Just another typical candid shot of Hiram "The Boogie Boy" Watanabe making the sideways peace sign behind Da Worm dealing with a request, "macking" another DJ stalker or simply ordering another pizza.

    "The Beginning" from Alice Peacock

    Singer-songwriter Alice Peacock drops by with a musical surprise.

    For everyone who has requested this song over the last few months, "The Beginning" is now in my music player complete with lyrics. I wrote this song for the TV show "What I Like About You" after my new album was finished so it is not currently on any recording. If you would like to purchase a digital copy, you can buy it as a bonus track when you download "Who I Am" from Itunes.



    Posted by Alice Peacock

    Alice has been filling up our playlists since the turn of the century with wonderful songs from her self titled 2002 release. Alice has recently released her latest collection of songs on an album titled "Who I Am".

    Listen to Alice Peacock's music at her official website -

    You can also check out Alice Peacock's "The Beginning" at MySpace Music

    Gerald Ford

    Not unexpected but still another passing of time when another former President of the United States leaves this Earth. Gerald Ford landed in the presidential seat at an awkward time in American and international politics. Historians will forever be covering the moment before and after his time in office but his short term as an American President should not be overlooked.

    This photograph from 1975 shows President Ford discussing the American withdrawal from Vietnam with his National Security Council. Above Ford is a portrait of Teddy Roosevelt.

    The photo below from 1991 is a rare gathering of the then last five American Presidents from left to right; George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

    James Brown

    There are no words to describe the impact that James Brown had on the world of music. All one needs to do is to listen...

    All one needs to do is seek out a live performance caught on film or video...

    So many recordings to choose from that clearly represent him as an American icon. James had his flaws like all of us but when he hit the studio or the stage, it was musical emotion of the highest order, meant to move you.

    "Everybody's got soul! Everybody doesn't have the same culture to draw from, but everybody's got soul." - James Brown 1933 - 2006

    Wednesday, December 27, 2006

    Rachael Yamagata - Hawaii or Bust...

    Singer-songwriter Rachael Yamagata chimes in with a taste of island life.

    Waikiki. On beach. One day of total jet lag and I'm finally experiencing the outdoors rather than my hotel bed. I woke at 3:30 am this morning and made a pot of coffee, sat on my balcony and planned my day. Until, of course, I realized it was 3:30am and got back into bed.

    Kids are brave. I'm watching several right now...swimming at DUSK. In THREE feet of water. We all know what that means.

    My heart goes out in particular to the little girl behind me building a sandcastle by herself, who also happens to have a pet stuffed elephant (see next record...well, someday that is) that she keeps dragging through the sand. She's just stepped on her sandcastle and punched her elephant for no doubt, getting out of line. She's surely had a dating past similar to mine, for I know exactly how she feels..,even at the tender age of five.

    Shit. I've been spotted by the parents. I have to stop taking pictures of said little girl now. Jesus. They've just let HER go into the water. At DUSK. THREE feet. Damn if I have to be on fin duty.

    I'm here for work actually. I am one lucky son of a $..%*@. I was trying to figure out a way to stay. Don't you ever just want to drift into another space for awhile? Not talk to anyone; rediscover who you are without your friends, family, work, obligations etc.? Haven't quite mastered the art of living as I go. I like extremes too the wrong word....drawn to.. perhaps? It's all got to be a clean slate / all or nothing/ must start on a Monday etc. I really admire those who can, well, juggle. If I stayed here I could just regroup and watch elephants playing in the sand for a bit...

    Tomorrow is horsebackriding. The trail goes through the land of Jurassic Park, Lost and 50 First Dates. I'm so going to pretend I'm Drew Barrymore stranded on an island being chased by a TRex. This, assuming they let me cantor...fingers crossed for a gallop.

    The last time I rode horses was just before being pseudo molested by an 80 year old rancher. I say...psuedo...because he was, well, 80 and he just went in for a kiss which I awkwardly deflected before returning to cleaning out the stable. Why I didn't just run then and there I have no idea. Cornered by this ridiculous sense of duty again, to remove horse shit. Kept working several more hours before returning home to process my experience and never return again. Sort of like the fin watching I'm doing now. Minus the creepiness. Well, I guess I'm the creepy one...taking pictures of little girls and all. day..

    On balcony. It's day. Have been up since 5 am. Waiting for horse riding adventure to begin. Saw Don Ho last night. When in Rome...He made me laugh. In fact, he told quite a few jokes about getting old, being drunk, hating...Tiny Bubbles...etc. I felt a strange affinity for his show and have now decided to never tell another joke or get drunk or perform songs I'm sick of again. All this in hopes that I don't follow the road of two shows a night for tourists and, no offense, many of the past-your-bedtime / can-I-help-you-with-your-cane persuasion. I didn't mind the deer-in-headlight children called on stage to divulge their name, age, and how they were doing in school sideshow. I'd like to call up random audience members myself and ask them things like their name, age, drink of choice and sexual preference and make a sort of family experience out of it as well. But the...entertainment... factor of the whole shabang...Well, it got me down. I'd rather be dark and brooding (which I've ruined and undermined now anyway by talking about it rather than just doing it) Ah, laughter. Tears. It's all riding the same line. Anyway, my original point was just to say I saw a legend and I'm glad I went cuz now I have a pic of me and Don Ho for my dad. day..again..

    Back on balcony. 7:35am. Got to canter. Got to canter right up to Godzilla's footprint on road Drew drove in "50 First Dates". Loved it. We got our own private tour because the shuttle bus left us behind at hotel pick up point...Free limo ride was provided. Sweet. Went for teppan yaki / sushi dinner. We are officially tourists...Today is beach day...I will overcome my fear of sharks and get into the water. I will. I'm going to do it. I'm going to find that five year old girl and we are going to go together.

    So that's my account of Hawaii. You wanted to know. If you are still reading this you deserve an award. If this is my last transmission please know that I love you all dearly and thank you for such an enjoyable ride in life. P.S. ... in case I do get eaten by sharks tell everyone I had a premonition about it. P.P.S ...this blog is in no way meant to offend old people, Don Ho fans, those molested by ranchers, or any relative of a shark attact victim.


    Posted by Rachael Yamagata

    The Time Machine

    Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at 10:03 AM

    Brooding or still make me laugh.


    Go ahead and take the dip. It's the land sharks that you have to be worried about...

    Rachael's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Happenstance" and keep an eye peeled out for Rachael's upcoming release. You can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately at her website

    Sunday, December 24, 2006

    Klaatu Christmas

    It's Christmas Eve and what better gift could there be for fans of Sci-Fi rock and roll and just great pop music in general? Bullseye Records launched the official Klaatu MySpace site for the band that everyone thought was the Beatles (NOT TRUE! NOT TRUE!).

    Check out the rare audio clips from their new boxed set, the teaser clip for the upcoming animated "Calling Occupants" video and the photo gallery has shots from the reunion last year...and MORE!

    Klaatu on MySpace Music.

    "The Time Machine" has received many emails and comments over the years from Klaatu fans about our interview which we were so fortunate to have take place. We may have kept band member Terry Draper on the phone for two plus hours. You would too if you had a chance to talk with one of the most elusive bands from the seventies and early eighties.

    "We are your friend..."

    Friday, December 15, 2006

    Ben Kikuyama Art Show

    "House Written Dog"
    acrylic, charcoal, found objects, foam core on paper
    31.5" x 39.5" x 2"

    As it approaches Christmas, we wanted to be sure to invite you to Ben Kikuyama's Art Show at the Napua Gallery at the Grand Wailea Resort this coming Thursday, December 21st, 6PM to 9PM.

    If you're visiting Maui this holiday season or a long time island resident, this is an art show that you do not want to miss. You can find a direct link to Ben's masterful artwork at our Art Link section further down this page to right. You can't miss it.

    We hope you can make it! Free valet when we validate your ticket!

    If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact Sylvia by the toll free phone number below or email her at:

    Napua Gallery - Grand Wailea Resort
    3860 Wailea Alanui Road
    Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 96753
    Ph: 1-800-800-6554

    Sunday, December 10, 2006

    Joni Mitchell is My Lover!

    Singer-songwriter Lydia Gray drops in today in a creative mood:

    One thing that describes me perfectly...

    A few years ago when I was still in high school - I was driving a few friends to lunch during school. I turned on my new CD "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell and one of my close friends then said, "Who is this crap? Turn that horrible man off!" I was appalled. Joni Mitchell a man? You don't know who Joni Mitchell is?! WHAT?!

    That right there decribed the difference in me and other people my age...
    I didn't and still rarely feel like I could or can really connect with people my age.

    I appreciate old souls. Maybe it would be conceited of me to consider myself an old soul??? but in reality - I feel like I really am. I love the old style, I love old musicians, black and whites, Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant. That's real talent, style and music.

    What is America doing to fail its youth like this? Nobody knows who Joni Mitchell is or Cat Stevens or Carly Simon? Okay something needs to be done.

    Mid-life crisis in the music industry and in the brainwashed youth of America. If that's you - please don't be everybody else. It's lame. Get some real taste- other than what the radio and media tell you to like. There is stuff with substance out there.

    Music is the key to a major part of my happiness. I love sad music. Depressing music. Emotionally trying music.

    The past 4 days I have been moved to tears while listening to Joni Mitchell's "River" and have become utterly obessed with it. I have two verisons (both which I must say are so amazing) Joni's and Sarah McLachlan's.

    Check it out either on Joni's album "Blue" or Sarah's new Xmas album.

    I am happy to report my exercising is going extremely well. Both Gym and Voice (today I took off from voice) but have for 10 days straight practiced. Tomorrow I am going on my 6th gym visit. I'll have abs by Dec. 1st:) I promise you that.
    Oh, I promise!!!

    Anyways, I hope you're doing well - Let me know how you are:)

    Have a great week!

    Much love,

    Posted by Lydia Gray

    Lydia's songs have been on our playlist the past year and you should check out her latest songs like the tasty musical treat "Can't Face Your Tears" at the links below:

    Lydia Gray's Official Website -

    Lydia Gray on MySpace Music

    Lydia Gray at Pure Volume

    The Time Machine

    December 10th, 2006

    I don't know what it is about "River" and it's power as a song. It takes me to a place in much the same way as Beth Nielsen Chapman's "Years" does from her self titled 1990 debut album...only not as lyric specific as Beth.

    Robert Downey, Jr.'s rendition of Joni Mitchell's "River" is an unbelievable performance. It almost sounds like Bob Seger in a mellow and strictly piano based record. That version along with the recent addition of Rachael Yamagata's wonderful take on that song have been getting quite a bit of spins during the past Christmas seasons. Joni Mitchell's 1971 song has always been a great song and judging by the recent slate of artists from James Taylor to Sarah McLachlan to Barry Manilow to Madeleine Peyroux to Linda Ronstadt also covering that just may be a Christmas standard in the years to come. It's interesting to note that considering how far back that the song goes in Joni Mitchell's career that only recently other artists have taken a stab at it. There were the occasional versions from talented artists every few years or so since Joni's original like Rosanne Cash, Holy Cole, and Heart but Robert Downey, Jr. may have been the first to sweep in the new century of recordings. We may have to thank television writer David E. Kelly for that because he wrote the performance for Downey's character to sing on "Ally McBeal".

    "Light My Way" - New Holiday Song From The Bangles

    This weekend saw the release of a new Christmas song from The Bangles now available at iTunes. The Time Machine has had a field day playing "Light My Way" since the song first came available early Saturday morning.

    The record is one that comes on the heels of the album release of "All Together Now: Beatles Stuff For Kids Of All Ages". The album garnering airplay on "The Time Machine" features not only The Bangles covering "Good Day Sunshine" but also Rachael Yamagata with a faithful rendition of George Harrison's "Here Comes The Sun", Marshall Crenshaw doing "Love Me Do" and Jason Lytle of Grandaddy performing "All You Need Is Love". Like "Light My Way" being only available at iTunes, "All Together Now" is an exclusive for the time being at all Barnes and Noble stores around the country, in addition to the company's website.

    This the first release for Little Monster Records, the V2 Records children's music imprint and was produced by Kevin Salem. The album features covers of Beatles favorites performed by real kids and their grown-up friends listed earlier in addition to Steve Conte from The New York Dolls. The backing band is drummer Rich Pagano from Fab Faux, keyboardist Rob Arthur, bassist John Conte from Leo's Mom, and producer Kevin Salem on guitar. Tom "Bones" Malone (Blues Brothers, "Saturday Night Live" and Joss Stone) plays horns on several songs. The kids are Bianca Covello, Ripley Danner, Kelsie Johnan and Kasey Stelter. Triplets Lily, Michael and Abigail Sivitz-Gellman also join in on a couple songs. The album comes packaged with a book of poems for parents to share with their toddlers, Beatle facts for the whole family, and drawings made by real kids. It is available exclusively at Barnes and Noble.

    Little Monster Records Website

    Sample songs from "All Together Now" at MySpace Music

    Official Website for The Bangles

    It's the season to be jolly with new music from The Bangles and photos to share from Christmas present and Christmas past.

    KPMW WILD 105.5 FM Embraces GOOGLE Radio Ad Sales Network Launched in Beta Across U.S. Markets

    Some of the KPMW WILD 105.5 FM staff celebrate their new association with Google.

    Google Radio's Customer Support and Tech Guru Mark Parrish along with his wife Jennifer, enjoy an evening out after a long week of hard work of installing Google's broadcast software and equipment at Maui's WILD 105.5 FM. Enjoying the festivities of an installation job well done are WILD's own (Clockwise from the top); Ryan, Jennifer, Mark, Michael , DJ Skinny Guy, Kai, Jay J and Mareva.

    As reported in FMQB

    Google has announced that its radio advertising system development has completed, and the company has begun testing out the new service. In a statement, the Web searching giant revealed it is is now beta testing the system that was created by combining the service purchased from dMarc Broadcasting early this year with its own AdWords.

    "We're happy to announce that the integration is now complete and we've recently begun a U.S. beta test of Google Audio Ads with a small group of AdWords advertisers," Google said in a statement. Ryan Steelberg, head of radio operations for Google and co-founder of dMarc, spoke to CNet about the beta test. He said that that Google Audio Ads is currently working with over 730 stations in over 260 markets, including XM.

    "We've been rewriting the entire dMarc protocol and system in Google technology," Steelberg said. "The core is on Google technology." The new system will allow advertisers access to real-time reports on ads and change settings, in addition to listening to the spot after it has aired.

    The following article reported by staff writer Elinor Mills is from CNet

    Google Tunes Into Radio Ads

    Google is allowing some of its existing online marketers to use its automated advertising system to broadcast ads on radio stations around the United States, the company said on Thursday.

    The beta test of Google Audio Ads is the result of the integration of technology from Google's acquisition of radio advertising company dMarc Broadcasting nearly a year ago.

    The test is limited to just over 20 Google AdWords customers and more than 730 stations, including XM Satellite radio, said Ryan Steelberg, head of radio operations for Google and a co-founder of dMarc.

    The radio ads are running in more than 260 metropolitan markets, covering about 87 percent of the country, he said.

    "We've been rewriting the entire dMarc protocol and system in Google technology," Steelberg said. "The core is on Google technology."

    AdWords customers selected to participate in the beta will see a new "audio ads" tag when they log into the AdWords system. Similar to the AdWords auction-based system for online ads, advertisers can bid on air spots and target their ads by geography, station type, listener demographics and time of day.

    The system allows advertisers to see real-time reports on the ads and change settings, like geographical target or time of day, as well as hear the ad after it has played.

    Typically, the more targeted an ad campaign the higher the rates, according to Steelberg.

    He could not say when the test will be open to the public.

    Google is also testing a program that will link up inexperienced radio marketers with professionals who can help them create a radio ad. Google Audio Ads beta tester Richard Swezey, executive vice president of Santa Monica, Calif.-based, said he is using that program, which Google called an "ad creative marketplace," to get help in creating a radio ad to sell portable recliner pillows.

    "Within 12 hours of submitting the bid, we got back a completed ad based on relatively scant information," he said. "For a first shot, we were blown away by it."

    The minimum price for a bid is $100 and his bid was $300, Swezey said.

    Google also has a reservation-type system that uses a direct sales force and services traditional radio agencies and ad buyers, he said.

    Google has been trying to expand its lucrative online advertising system to other markets. The company last year quietly ran a limited test in some magazines and last month announced a test involving 50 newspapers.

    The Donnas - "You Make It Hot"

    Here's a simple hand held video of The Donnas performing "You Make It Hot" shot at Slims on April 26th, 2005.

    The Donnas have been a staple of "The Time Machine" playlist for years and they never fail to entertain with each new album release.

    The Donnas Official Website