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    Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Mary Hopkin - "Goodbye"

    We had our website freeze up on us over the weekend which caused a great deal of data being lost. We know that we will never remember everything that was posted on this site. We're only human and for most of the time can't remember something from five minutes ago. Tongue firmly planted in cheek, we say goodbye to those postings and links that meant something when initially placed on "The Time Machine", with Mary Hopkin performing (okay...lip synching) her Paul McCartney composed and produced "Goodbye".

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    "Are you with me?" - Courtney Jaye's Update

    Singer-songwriter Courtney Jaye drops by in an exhausted mood during the busy holiday season.


    It has been a while but I just wanted to write and give you the scoop on what is happening in my world these days...basically, I have been on the go since October and it has been a quite an experience...I was living on some friends land, on an Indian reservation in northern California for a few weeks...I then found myself working in Nashville, Tennessee, catching up with all of my dear friends / artists / musicians down south, and working my tail off on a bunch of new material...and then we threw in a quick trip to Grant's pass oregon(where our dog got skunked...NOT a pleasant experience AT ALL!), and I am happy to say that I am back in Los Angeles for a few weeks until I head down to Miami, and then Nashville to start the year off and to live for a few months...I know, I know...I can't keep my own life stright, let alone expect anyone else to be able to keep up with me...I am missing Hawaii terribly, and do not know when I will be returning, which makes me even more sad...
    BUT, the good news is that we finally uploaded the song "are you with me?" to i-Tunes, and it should be for sale in about a week, so please check back and I will keep ya'll posted...I have been getting alot of people asking where they can get the song and we figured that we would sell it exclusively on i-Tunes...

    I am LOVING the new Mindy Smith record "Long Island Shores", and Lily Allen is killing me right now as well...and as always, around this time of year, I dig into my Tift Merritt collection and re-live her "Tambourine" record all over is a beautiful and sweet record, perfect for anyone who is deeply in love...

    Other than that, I am healthy and happy at the moment, looking forward to the all take care of yourselves and each other out there...


    Posted by Courtney Jaye

    The Time Machine

    Wednesday, November 29, 2006 at 3:06 PM

    So far I've been fortunate enough not to have dealt with a skunk...then again some of my friends can clear a room...=)

    Missy Higgens and Lily Allen are nice albums. It's funny that you would post this just as I was spending the afternoon driving around listening to "Tambourine" from Tift Merritt. Do you know that almost everytime we play a song off that album on the air that someone calls the request line to inquire about that Sheryl Crow tune they never heard before? It's interesting what people hear. It's also interesting that the record label didn't jump all over her album with promotion when some of the audience was hearing Sheryl Crow instead of Tift Merritt. If someone hasn't run across a copy of Tift's "Tambourine"...they should seek it out. It's that good. Every song is a gem but my faves at the moment are "Still Pretending", "Wait It Out", "Good Hearted Man" and "Stray Paper".

    The islands miss you and wish you a Mele Kalikimaka.

    Courtney's music has had a home on our playlists and in our hearts since her debut release. Be sure to pick up a copy of her first album, "Traveling Light" and keep an eye peeled out for CJ's upcoming release. In addition to "Are You With Me?", available at iTunes, you can get a sampling of what she's been up to lately (including both "Til It Bleeds" and "The Sweetest Tune" which are getting some positive response from our radio listeners on the studio lines) at her brand spanking new website and also Courtney Jaye's MySpace Music Profile

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006

    Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters meet Fat Boy Slim in JC Penny Christmas Holiday TV Spot

    The Time Machine loves playing every mash-up that we can get our hands on when we're not wasting late night hours creating our own. The television keeps stopping us dead in our tracks for the past week since JC Penny launched their Christmas television ad. Their ad agency commissioned a mash-up of "Here Comes Santa Claus" performed by Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters with "Wonderful Night" from Fat Boy Slim. Got our feet a-tappin'!

    Let's hope that public demand goes bonkers for this and that it results in it being available for anyone to listen to. It is our understanding that it was produced as a sixty second musical piece but the television advertisement is only thirty seconds long. We are curious about the remaining thirty seconds.

    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Sandy West Memorial Tribute Concert December 9th, 2006

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Muddflaps' Chris Doohan and his "Planet of the Apes" encounter.

    The Time Machine

    "Planet Of The Apes" has always been at the top of the list as one of the finest films of the sixties (if not for all time) for the staff of "The Time Machine". When screenwriters Rod Serling and Michael Wilson got together to change ("adapt" seems to be a word that doesn't apply in this circumstance) Pierre Boulle's novel, who would have imagined that such a motion picture would unfold. It wasn't just the powerhouse acting from; Maurice Evans, Kim Hunter, Roddy McDowall, James Whitmore, Linda Harrison, James Daly and Charleton Heston that made this film so memorable from a great script but all of the elements; the director, Jerry Goldsmith's haunting score, art direction, cinematography and of course...the one aspect of film making that could have made this film box office poison - John Chambers incredible make-up. That Oscar winning make-up forever sits inside the minds of Baby Boomers and Brady Boomers.

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    Sure there were films like Andy Hardy and later James Bond that were so successful that sequels were a cash cow. The popularity of "Planet Of The Apes" spawned sequels long before Hollywood made it a habitual habit. They use the term "franchise" now but back then audiences couldn't get enough. Five films and two television series later (What? Two series? Yes. Primetime on CBS and animated on Saturday morning.), not to mention Tim Burton's version (with Tim Roth, Mark Wahlberg, Paul Giamatti, Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Lisa Marie, Kris Kristofferson, Estella Warren, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and a cameo from Charleton Heston), Chris Doohan from the band
    Muddflaps (and his earlier band Urban Circus), shares a childhood memory that any girl or boy in that time frame would have loved to have happened in their youth. Okay...maybe it's just the staff of "The Time Machine" that envy Chris Doohan's wonderful take it away Chris:

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    Here's another story from when I was about 15 years old. I was good friends with the Dryer family who lived down the block from me, and I hung out with the youngest daughter, Dee Dee and her brother, Moosie. Some of you may remember Moosie as the kid in the tree house on the show "Laugh-In". I think his segment was called "Moosie Dryers' Kid news for kids". Danny Bonaduce moved in to their house for a short time after his parents divorce, and that's how we became friends. Anyway, Mrs. Dryer was a Hollywood agent, so there were celebrities stopping by all the time. One night, during one of the many poker games that she hosted at her home, we got a big surprise. The doorbell rang, and in walked two apes that spoke in an English accent...Yes, you read that correctly. Actually, it was Roddy McDowell and Kim Hunter in their Planet of the Apes costumes. They had just left the set after a long day of shooting and decided to keep their masks on for the shoot the following morning. That way, they didn't have to spend hours in the make up chair the next day.

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    They were there for a while, when Roddy said that he was starving, and he asked if we would all like to go out for dinner. We all (Moosie, Danny, Dee Dee and the Ape couple) drove over to Dupars restaurant on the corner of Sepulveda and Victory Blvd in the heart of Van Nuys. We walked in to the restaurant and of course, every eye was on us. We were at the table for less then 1 minute when the first person came up to ask for an autograph (that was the first of many). To make it easier and faster, we passed napkins around the table for everyone to sign. Actually, I was the only one at the table who wasn't a celebrity, but I signed too.

    Finally, it was time to order food. We decided to get the only food in the restaurant that Roddy and Kim could eat. Can you guess?? No, you're wrong, it's French fries. Because of the protruding, ape like mouth, they would stick the fry in, and ¾ of it would come out. It may be one of those "you had to be there" moments, but it was very funny to all of us at the table. Anyway, after dinner, they went with us to the 7-11 store near our house and then drove us home. They walked me to my front door and scared my sister to death. She still talks about it to this day.

    The strange part about this whole thing was that I spent the evening with two big stars (big in the 70's) and never once saw their faces.

    Posted by Chris Doohan

    Check out the music of Chris Doohan's band Muddflaps:


    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    November 21st, 2006

    I still remember an episode of the game show "What's My Line" when Roddy McDowall came on as a contestant dressed up in costume and full make-up as Cornelius. Apparently none of my friends saw this show and think to this day that I'm making it up. That's how sacred this subject matter is. By the one on the "What's My Line" panel guessed that it was Roddy. Fools.

    The Time Machine

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    If you really need to shows you what's on your favorite artist's iPod.

    John Jurgensen wrote an article that appeared last weekend in the Wall Street Journal about how you can find out what tunes your favorite musician is listening to. A fave of "The Time Machine", Jolie Holland, displays her musical enjoyment for; Townes Van Zandt, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Catherine Irwin, Jimmy Rogers, Shane MacGowan, Willie Nelson and Roger Miller

    How to find out what's on your favorite rocker's iPod
    November 11, 2006

    As a fan of indie-rock band Death Cab for Cutie, Justin Koeppen has bought all of the group's albums and pored over the lyrics written by front man Ben Gibbard. Now, Mr. Koeppen has a new way to access Mr. Gibbard's music -- a Web site that tracks the contents of the singer's iPod. "He has quality taste," says Mr. Koeppen., a site that links its users by displaying the digital music stored on their computers, has gotten a boost from an influx of rock luminaries. Members of bands such as Nada Surf, Gomez and Deerhoof -- popular acts among bloggers, rock critics and college radio stations -- aren't only promoting their own music on MOG but using the site's software to reveal whose music they have in rotation at home. For Mr. Gibbard, that includes '80s synth-poppers the Pet Shop Boys and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson.

    For the five-month-old MOG, which is still in its "beta" testing mode, persuading respected musicians to give the world a glimpse of their personal playlists is part of a larger strategy to compete with other online music communities. The expanding field is dominated by MySpace, which has become a ubiquitous marketing tool in the music industry. Rival sites are trying to court users by focusing on narrow music genres or offering clever features.

    On MOG, which says about 18,000 people have joined so far, new members download software that scans their computer's hard drive for music files and then displays that inventory on their personal MOG page. The software tallies the tunes members play most frequently. Users can't stream or download the music on their fellow members' computers.

    Along with this voyeuristic tool, MOG is using well-known names as bait. Its nine-person staff includes a full-time "chief evangelist" whose main job is persuading artists to sign up. "There's a good chance they're going to bring along their installed fan base," says David Hyman, MOG's founder and chief executive.

    The strategy has its flaws. Because MOG doesn't pay its famous members to participate, Mr. Hyman says, they aren't obligated to update their pages. For example, singer Michelle Shocked last logged on Sept. 25.

    HOW TO FIND IT: Go to and click on "Artist MOGs."

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    Adam Marsland and His Bangles Blog

    Rocker Adam Marsland drops by in a reflective mood.

    I've got that fall feeling lately -- that beautiful melancholy that makes you look back and forward simultaneously, being aware of what's gone by and bringing the desire to accomplish more.

    OK, some people call that a depression. But I prefer to think of it as inspiration.

    So why am I obsessively watching Bangles videos on youtube?

    The Time Machine

    It's not because I think they're a good band -- I do, but they're only on my all-time favorites list if you limit it to the '80s. I'm not particularly obsessive about girl bands either. And when I went to see them play at the House of Blues earlier this year, I enjoyed myself but wasn't blown away (and though I'm glad Abby Travis got the bass gig with them, I missed seeing Michael Steele, who I always thought was kinda hot. Although Debbie Peterson has aged awfully well...she could almost be the poster girl for MILF). Actually, their strength as a live band was their weakness -- they sounded for all the world like a scrappy garage band from the South Bay, for better or for worse. Which, once upon a time, they were.

    The Time Machine

    So I've been thinking about what the Bangles represent to me and why I'm watching all these videos and realize that in a funny way they sum up a sense of a time lost that I was just prescient enough to be aware of at the time but completely missed. The early LA music scene that the Bangles sprung out of has always fascinated me, from the first time I saw "Valley Girl" as a teenager in upstate New York and marveled at that cool band that were playing at the seedy bar -- a band that ten years later I'd be opening for just down the street, the Plimsouls. It always seemed like it must have been such a magic time, and the music was incredible. Later, I was to encounter and become friends with many of the architects and fans of that scene...Joe Nolte of the Last (who supposedly had a bit of a fling with Susanna Hoffs), Michael Quercio, Gwynne Khanne, Paul Collins, Kim Shattuck, not to mention people like Gwynne Garfinkle and B. Belinda who saw the whole thing... I even was casually friends with onetime Bangles bassist Annette Zalinskas for awhile. So in some ways, from the oral history and from playing around and with all these people, and also from taking part in the Poptopia movement which was something of an early '80s revival, it feels like I could have been there. But I wasn't. I was a kid, in upstate New York...granted, I was pretty young then, but I had a hip older brother who was a musician, and if I'd been more of a partier, I could have at least been down in New York watching the east coast new wave bands happen. But I wasn't.

    The Time Machine

    I have a VHS tape of the Bangs (later Bangles) playing with the Salvation Army (later the 3 O'Clock), bashing away at some little dive in Huntington Beach and I really do relate to it. Watch the earliest videos on youtube of the band playing local music see how scruffy and authentically retro they were...Susanna Hoffs was a total ragmuffin, and a real spaz to boot, completely different from her later persona. Short, poofy early '60s hair, teardrop guitars, scarves...not for nothing was this scene called the Pasiley Underground.

    The Time Machine

    If the early Bangles represent an era that I couldn't possibly have been a part of, the later, glossy, major label Bangles represent an era that I just missed, caught a glimpse of but could not be a part of because I was too young and too confused about who I was. And come to think of it that line in "My Kickass Life" about "looking stupid in front of my heroes" refers in my mind mostly to a time, before I learned how to behave like something other than a fan boy, when I accosted Vicki Peterson at Club Lingerie and asked her what her favorite Beach Boys album was (although asking Peter Case if he wrote "World Shut Your Mouth" is a close second in the making an ass out of yourself sweepstakes).

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    When I arrived in L.A. I was just out of high school and I witnessed the tail end of the staggering L.A. hair band movement. Back in New York, the Bangles had been one of the few tolerable bands on hit radio, and since I had yet to be exposed to anything recent that was really good (lucky me, I lived in the only part of the northeast that didn't have a good college radio station), the Bangles served as a bridge between the world of art and commerce. The Bangles themselves were in a similar situation -- forced by the suits to doll up in full '80s garb, dominated in the studio by outside songwriters, producers and session musicians -- in the completely unorganic environment of the '80s record industry, the fact that the Bangles managed to negotiate this divide and in fact make some classic records AND hold on to some of their dignity is remarkable. That's because, as is obvious both from their early work and from Hoffs' recent album with Matthew Sweet, they never lost track of what their roots were. But for a time, it must have been hard to remember with all the big hair and '80s pageantry. But it can't be denied they also summed up that era of glitz as well. So I relate to this version of lost L.A. -- one I caught a glimpse of as a new arrival before it vanished -- in a more bittersweet way, because this time, I really was there, if only for a few moments.

    The Time Machine

    And then, the Bangles were gone...and I finally found Raji's, and Vicki Peterson's and Pete Holsapple's new project, the Continental Drifters (one of the inspirations for the Chaos Band), with people like Darian and Probyn hanging out in the audience, and at long last I found the place I should be. Of course, it took quite a few years after that to find the kind of social skills to actually take my place in that world and not just be an odd interloper -- to, like Susanna Hoffs did 10 years before, go from the scruffy spaz to the glamor persona to just being me and doing my thing.

    The Time Machine

    So I guess I relate to the Bangles -- but not just to how they looked, or what they represent to my own personal timeline, but to how the best of their music reached back into the past and pulled something out moving, poignant and aching. Ludlow 6:18 was my best album, and it was all about that fall sense of loss...but the Bangles had already done it. "Dover Beach" -- wow. Or how about "The Real World," a fierce guitar pop tune with Susanna Hoffs showing real grit -- who knew she could sing like that? Or "Hazy Shade of Winter", which completely stomped Simon and Garfunkel's original into the ground? Or "Hero Takes A Fall" with that incredible major-to-major 7th chorus and Vicki Peterson's wonderfully dissonant guitar solo (no question she played that one!). Hell, on their final album (until their recent comeback), they even looked back on their own lost L.A. with the "Glitter Years," which told tales of Rodney's English Disco, Kim Fowley, and the kind of streetsmart, pubescent feminism that defined that era of L.A.

    The Time Machine

    So, yeah, it's fall. There are a lot of things that we've experienced, first and second hand, that it makes us happy to think about and reflect on, and to be sad about that they're no longer there. And sometimes it feels good to feel a little sad. The Bangles taught me that.

    The Time Machine

    Official Website for The Bangles

    The Time Machine

    Posted by Adam Marsland

    Adam was a great guest on "The Time Machine" a few months back. You can hear this talented singer-songwriter rock out in the form of Adam Marsland and His Chaos Band during his interview with Michael McCartney all this week at The Best and The Worst of The Time Machine online at Live365.

    Official Website for Adam Marsland

    The Time Machine

    The Time Machine

    Friday, November 10, 2006 at 5:48 PM

    As one of our most played artists (what radio programmers refer to as "core artists"), their music has filled our lives for the last 25 years with much joy and appreciation. Their last album "Doll Revolution" and the latest from Sue and Matthew continues that tradition.

    Monday, November 06, 2006

    Sabrina Taylor's brush with Rude Behavior at the Happiest Place on Earth

    Singer-songwriter Sabrina Taylor had an interesting experience this past Friday that she decided to share with you and other regular readers of this website and the listening audience of "The Time Machine".

    SO I was at DisneyLand Friday. I went ALL DAY with my friend Jackie and her family - it was her nieces' 6th birthday! It was great. That is SUCH an amazing park. I actually went on a few roller-coasters, which I am usually scared of - but it was fun:D

    ANYHOW! It was about 8:30 PM, really dark and I was in line for the "car driving" ride, I was with Jillian (the 6 year old), her mom and cousin and other cousin. We had been in line for about 30 minutes and it was about to be our turn to get in line for a car, when all of the sudden 3 grown women,(one was carrying a louis vuitton bag) and 3 small children and 1 13 year old, decided to CUT in line in front of us. SO, me being me, I decided to say out loud "No, no, no, no, no, that's not cool!" It didn't affect them, they kept going.

    We were all really pissed because we had just waited for 30 minutes for this ride. So we decided to tell the person who was in charge of the ride - they had a few words with the women, who DENIED it, and they allowed them to proceed on the ride.

    WELL, after we got off the ride, the women just happened to be in front of us on the way OUT and decided to talk shit, kept looking back at US and then called US stupid for NOT doing what they did! So I said, " Well I don't think what you did is good parenting, teaching your kids to cheat is a GREAT gift to pass on". Anyway - WE ALL ALMOST GOT INTO A FIGHT. One of the girls (with the LV bag) pushed Jillian's mom and got RIGHT in my face. I had a ball cap on and all I was seeing was my head banging her with my cap. *LOL

    Point being, if they had been a few teenagers, it wouldn't have been a big deal but the fact that they were GROWN women with YOUNG kids, it was a big deal to me. That is NO way to behave in front of children or ANYONE. That just teaches them to cheat, lie and sneak to get what you want, and that is why most kids today are spoiled brats, because their parents teach them that it's OK to do what ever it takes to get what you want!

    Anyhow, sorry for this being SO long. I just wanted to share that experience with you.

    And look, I have snuck into movies & concerts, but I would NEVER do it with a child OR I would NEVER CUT in front of someone in a line where I know they have been waiting a while.

    Ok, I'm interested in hearing your comments about this one :D

    xx Sabrina

    Posted by Sabrina Taylor

    "Can't Go Home" by Sabrina Taylor has been heavily played this past year on "The Time Machine" and Sabrina was a wonderful guest on the radio show. With her new release coming out we hope to have this talented artist return to the program.

    Official Website for Sabrina Taylor

    Sabrina Taylor on MySpace Music

    Saturday, November 04, 2006

    Brian Wilson with Al Jardine at Royce Hall

    Brian at Royce Hall, Los Angeles
    November 1, 2006
    With Special Guest Al Jardine

    Players: Brian’s regular touring band including
    Darian and Gary Griffin

    From the moment Brian and band gathered on stage
    left to perform their acoustic set, it was just
    the start of a musical night to remember. During
    “You’re Welcome” with the dimmed blue stage lights,
    the band reassembled in their places and when
    Al Jardine made his way to the stage, the loud
    applause for founding Beach Boy Al Jardine was quite
    appreciative of Brian’s partner for these 5 decades.
    Al looking quite handsome in his white suit,
    launched into the first tune of the electric set,
    “Then I Kissed Her”. Just hearing that voice and
    seeing Al singing and performing to Brian’s left gave
    me goosebumps! Throughout the entire song, the people
    in this beautiful sold out concert hall knew this
    was a special place to be. When Al finished “Then
    I Kissed Her”he appeared to soak up all the applause
    and appreciate how important it was to be playing
    with Brian again. As the band continued with
    “Breakaway”, I looked around and noticed how everyone
    in the audience was grooving to Brian and Al performing
    together again.

    Brian vocals sounded better than anytime during the
    last 30 years I’ve seen him perform. He reached notes
    that I thought was no longer possible from him. He
    appeared much more at ease with performing than any other
    time during the 7 years. He sat behind a live keyboard and
    several times before the band would start a song, he would
    play a few notes of the song.

    There are several songs worth noting:

    "California Saga": California Brian did the “On My
    Way To Sunny California”line before Al took over
    his ode to the Central California Coast. Jeffrey
    Foskett added a nice banjo. Al’s smooth delivery
    and outstanding voice delivered this one to the
    fans’ delight:

    "Sail On Sailor" – What a groove on that tune. I
    noticed most of the people in the center section
    moving their bodies and especially their heads to
    this one...that would include Christopher Cross and
    Alan Boyd, too. Brian’s classic tune from 1973’s "Holland"
    sounded great with a strong vocal by Brian.

    "Marcella" – Scott Bennett played some really hot guitar
    licks and Al was right there watching and playing along.
    This one REALLY rocked the house.

    "Breakaway" – Always loved this song performed by Brian
    but with the addition of Al’s vocals, the missing piece
    has been found.

    Pet Sounds’ songs observations:

    Brian did most leads but I fully expected Al to take the
    leads or trade leads with Brian on several tunes including;
    "You Still Believe In Me", "I’m Waiting For The Day" and
    "Sloop John B.". Al did sing some verses to a few of the tunes
    but mostly it was Brian and Brian sounded great.

    "God Only Knows" – Brian sang it with much emotion
    and the audience gave Brian a much deserved standing
    ovation. Probyn Gregory’s French Horn sound added
    to the beauty of this song.


    When the band played "Help Me Rhonda", it appeared Al and Brian
    wasn’t sure which one would take the lead. Of course, Al
    launched into the signature song from 1965. The house lights
    came up so everyone could be seen standing, singing and
    clapping along. I don’t think anyone wasn’t standing, singing
    and clapping in the house...Al looked around and seemed to
    enjoy the moment.

    When Love and Mercy's last note finished, Brian and band
    gathered for a well deserved bow and it was Brian reaching
    out to Al to hold hands and bow together with the rest of
    the band. Seeing them standing next to each other holding
    hands and bowing was simply a touching moment.

    Non - Concert observations

    Soundcheck: they sounded especially great on "Breakaway"

    Merchandise for sale: Pet Sounds 40th anniversary
    t-shirts $40 and Brian Wilson dolls($75 unsigned and
    $150 signed by Brian). The dolls are quite nice and
    Mark London told me that Brian really likes it. I liked it
    so much I got one. The sales of the dolls were very brisk.
    CASH ONLY. That seemed odd to me. How many people
    carry $150 - $200 in cash to a concert? Mark London
    designed the tee-shirts and dolls. These shirts were
    literally just off a truck from the factory.
    No programs, mugs, or anything else for sale...

    Seen backstage before the show; Christopher Cross,
    Carnie Wilson, Mary Ann Jardine, Matt Jardine, Mark
    London, Justyn Wilson, Jonah Wilson, David Leaf, Alan
    Boyd, Trisha Campo, Rich Sloan, and Elliott Kendall.

    Backstage after the show: Brian and Al looked so
    relaxed and pleased with the entire night. I know I was…

    Les in San Francisco

    Posted by Les Chan

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    "Grey's Anatomy" with Anya Marina and The Time Machine's Matt Burger

    Not only is "Miss Halfway" from Anya Marina featured on the second soundtrack for "Grey's Anatomy" available in stores and online but The Time Machine's own MATT BURGER is on tonight's episode called "Staring At The Sun..." on the ABC network.

    Matt got the gig fairly quickly and he's excited about doing background work. Look for the scene at the bar across the street from the hospital in the hit television series. Matt is in a scene near the leads Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. He won't be hard to miss.

    Matt also got to work on "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" this week but we don't have the airdate at this time. Let's hope that NBC sticks with this smart written and well acted show since the ratings haven't been kind for the network time slot.

    Matt Burger

    The Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack: Volume 2 (featuring the title track from "Miss Halfway")is out now! Buy here on The Time Machine Music Store or on iTunes. You can also purchase the CD from your favorite record store or online at Amazon.

    Anya Marina's Official Website

    Anya Marina at MySpace Music